1926 Dime Value

Your 1926 dime value is $1.72 for a coin that is circulated and shows considerable wear. Specifically, all Mercury dimes minted in Philadelphia, dated before 1940 and heavily worn are priced at this minimum.

Uncirculated 1926 Dime Value

However, your coin is avidly collected today and many of these old Mercury head dimes are worth much more.

If the "S" mintmark is present it immediately raises the value. Collectors assembling sets often include all the different mints producing dimes in a given year. A nice example minted in San Francisco has proven difficult to find.

Also moving values up is the eye appeal of your coin, is it sharply detailed or very worn? Further down the page are images showing coins representing various stages of wear, helping judge how much your 1926 dime is worth.

The image to the right is an uncirculated 1926-D dime, coins minted in Denver are also difficult to find, valued above $120, and the outstanding condition merits such a high price.

1926 Dime Value

  Condition of Coin
Date Good - G Fine - F Extremely Fine
1926 $1.72 $3.19 $3.19 $22
1926 D $1.84 $3.19 $23 $98
1926 S $9.25 $26 $200 $768
1926 Dime Value Updated 8/25/2014

Causing three sets of values and having a real influence in the better preserved coins are mintmarks found on your dime.

1926 Dime S Mintmark Location

The highest value in Uncirculated condition is the "S" mint marked dime minted in San Francisco, find the "S" on the reverse. A "D" in this location indicates the Denver mint, Philadelphia did not use a mintmark.

Grading Determines 1926 Dime Value

Soon after entering circulation the handling of a coin begins the wearing away of its surface. Collectors and dealers examine all coins and determine the extent of this loss of detail. The judging of coins is known as "Grading." Your coins matched against the images decide the condition to reference on the value chart.

1926 Dime Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: Here is a Mercury dime that is in brand new condition. The original surfaces imparted by the mint are still intact. As you view the coin under a single light source luster radiates extending rim to rim. If any wear is present a slight graying effect is seen on the highest elements of the design, most noticeable the cheek and hair above Liberty's eye. An uncirculated coin is avidly sought and at the top of 1926 dime value.

1926 Dime Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: Although this coin has been in circulation, it sill remains very detailed in appearance. Across the surface a small amount of wear is visible. The feathers of the wing above Liberty's ear have worn and lost detail but remain separated. Also a slight flatness to the once rounded cheek is noticeable. On the reverse, all of the vertical lines of the "fasces" are separated. Your coin is a nice collectible condition with a premium 1926 dime value.

Mercury Dime Fine Condition

Fine: The design in the center of the coin has worn smooth with just a slight separation of the hair and wing design. Liberty's forehead and hair curls are no longer separated and the majority of the feathers have leveled into one. On the reverse the once distinct bundle of rods is now worn with few vertical lines remaining.

Mercury Dime Good Condition

Good: A considerable amount of metal has worn away leaving Liberty as an outline in low relief. Faint suggestions of separation are found in both her hair and wing. Confirming a "good" grade is the rim blending into the tops of the lettering and last digit of the date. However, old Mercury head dimes in this condition and the affordable 1926 dime value serve as a starting point to many collections.

1926 Dime Value | $920

Rare 1926 Mercury Dime

A boldly struck dime that brought up all the fine details, the 1926 Mercury dime pictured sold at a David Lawrence Rare Coin Auction to a strong bid of $920.

Attracting bidders was also the bright white luster combined with the nearly total absence of any marks to the surface. Carefully collected soon after minting and well preserved since long ago, rarely does a coin survive so nice.

Fascinating that over 32 million were produced, but today few are still in as minted condition. Your old dimes, the ones with the least amount of wear are highly prized by collectors.

Mercury Dime Values on the Rise
Rare and valuable dates are scattered through out the series. A key element, the condition of your coin, is a major driving force to rare coin values. Compare your coins to the grading images, determine their condition and check the value of your Mercury Head Dimes.

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