1934 Peace Silver Dollar Value

An important year to collectors, starting 1934 Peace silver dollar value is $33.31 for any you find of this year.

Uncirculated 1934 Peace Silver Dollar Value

1934 is recognized as a slightly harder date to find in the Peace dollar series. Even in worn condition it is priced at a premium over the common earlier issues. However an accurate and often higher value is discovered by determining which mint struck the coin.

As shown on the value chart a 1934-S (the "S" is a mintmark on the coin indicating the San Francisco mint) is scarce. Mintmarks are found on the reverse, they are rather small but unmistakable when you spot them. Refer to the close-up image showing their location.

Now it is necessary to determine the condition of your coin. Since most of these old coins have become very worn over time, values increase greatly for any in nice condition. As an example, pictured is an "uncirculated" 1934 silver dollar minted at the Philadelphia mint. Highly collectible it never saw use and remains as minted. Bright luster and few abrasions to the surface set it apart from most.

Key to your coin's true worth is judging condition. Take your time and compare it to the images and description in the "grading silver dollars" section further down the page.

1934 Peace Silver Dollar Value

  Condition of Coin
Date Good - G Fine - F Extremely Fine
1934 $33.31 $34.76 $36.79 $99
1934 D $33.31 $34.76 $36.79 $125
1934 S $34.76 $39.47 $102 $1,910
1934 Peace Silver Dollar Value Updated 2/20/2017
Mintmark Location 1934 Peace Silver Dollar

Collectors focus on complete collections requiring a 1934 silver dollar from each of the three mints that produced coins that year. The mints are identified by mintmarks, an "S" for the San Francisco mint, "D" used by the Denver mint and those struck at Philadelphia do not have a mintmark. On the reverse, look along the rim above the tail of the eagle to locate these different marks.

Grading 1934 Peace Silver Dollar Value

Dealers and collectors take care judging the condition of coins. A "grade" is assigned and used to determine values. Examine your 1934 Peace silver dollar and compare to the images and descriptions. Soon it is easy to spot the difference from one grade to the next and you begin to clearly recognize a valued collector quality coin. Now it is possible, by using the chart above, to find an accurate value.

1934 Peace Silver Dollar Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated:  1934 Peace silver dollar value and importantly collector appeal rises well above base metal pricing in this grade. The technical standard is no wear to the surface to reach "uncirculated" condition. Mint luster, a radiating shine, must remain complete across the coin. It is easiest so see when viewed under a light, and tilting the coin side to side. Liberty's cheek, a high point of design, is quick to loose luster from wear causing a dull grey appearance.

1934 Peace Silver Dollar Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine:   As a Peace dollar begins to show light amounts of wear collectors grade the condition as "extremely fine." The hair trailing behind Miss Liberty's neck is one of the high points of the design, wear begins here quickly and creates a flattening appearance of the curls. Extremely fine is an important condition for 1934 dollars, it is the break-away point from bullion pricing.

1934 Peace Silver Dollar Fine Condition

Fine:  First impression of this 'fine" condition is, yes there is wear but not extensive nor unappealing. As you look closely all raised portions are affected by wear, quickly noticeable is the flattened areas of hair and cheek and also above the eye. Focusing your attention now to the tops of the lettering, motto and date, they have a leveled and smooth quality.

Peace Silver Dollar Good Condition

Good:  Wide areas of wear and merging of the hairline with the neck designates your coin as "good" condition. Although in a comparatively low grade, 1934 Peace silver dollar value even in this worn condition confirms its collectability status. On the reverse, the eagle is well outlined, however most feather detail is missing.

Recognizing Full Peace Dollar Value

Rare 1934 Peace Silver Dollar

As you become familiar with your Peace dollars the tendency of "under valuing the rare" and "over valuing the common" is less likely. By carefully judging the condition the coins you have in hand and comparing them to images of those with known grades and values soon a distinct difference begins to show.

Here is an outstanding example to study. At the top end of both condition and value is the "gem" 1934-S silver dollar pictured. Notice the appealing luster, complete and unbroken across the entire coin it confirms this coin is in untouched preservation. Another important element to its grade is the almost total lack of marks and abrasions. Distracting marks are so small they barely appear in the image. Overall the appearance is superior to most Peace dollars of any date.

As to the value of the coin pictured, combining the scarce "S" mintmark, with 1934 a "better" date and its very rare condition it sold a David Lawrence rare coin auction for $2070. Knowing the popularity of the Peace dollar series, recognizing the rarity of the coin and importantly, the owner teaming up with a top auction firm realized a strong price.

Peace Dollar Values | Strong Collector and Silver Bullion Demand

With today's collector admiring these large silver coins, Peace Dollar values are very strong. All have a minimum value of $21.55 with many rare date and mintmark combinations far exceeding the base silver value. Determine how much your old Peace dollars are worth.

Silver Dollars Values | Importance of Condition

Current minimum silver dollar values are $21.55 for any Peace dollar and $21.68 per Morgan dollar. Older Seated Liberty series dollars are very scarce and worth hundreds. Value charts cover these and all dates and mints.

Coin Values Discovery finds... 1934 Peace Silver Dollar Value and...
All old US coin values. Using value charts in combination with grading images to judge condition discovers how much your old coins are worth. Get the best price if selling by knowing the accurate value of all your coins.

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