1952 Franklin Half Dollar Value

Minimum 1952 Franklin half dollar value is $6.75 however a quick check for the "S" mintmark on the reverse is needed.

A low production year for the San Francisco mint in 1952 results in comparatively fewer "S" mint marked halves available. Today collectors pursue all mints of a given year as part of their sets and since the San Francisco "S" half is the least available a value premium has now developed.

Secondly, along with the higher value for the "S" mint is the importance of condition. Your coin is avidly sought if in the top "uncirculated" grade. Pictured is a nice 1952 Franklin half dollar, highly valued because it combines both the uncirculated grade and the "S" mintmark.

In this order, judge your coin carefully.

  • 1) Date and Mintmark
  • 2) Condition

One note: be conservative and take your time while grading condition, it's easy to over grade these Franklin halves. Below the value chart are images and in-depth descriptions of the grading process.

1952 Franklin Half Dollar Value

  Condition of Coin
Date Average
Extremely Fine
1952 $6.75 $6.75 $7.88 $8.86
1952 D $6.75 $6.75 $7.88 $8.86
1952 S $6.75 $8.28 $28 $46
1952 Franklin Half Dollar Value Updated 2/20/2017
Mintmark Location 1952 Franklin Half Dollar

As you reference the above value chart, 1952 Franklin halves were minted at three different mints. San Francisco is identified by a small "S" the Denver mint by a small "D" and Philadelphia did not use a mintmark. The "S" mint Franklin is the example used; on the reverse just above the Liberty Bell is the location to find mintmarks.

Condition Determines Accurate 1952 Franklin Half Dollar Value

An important part to deciding on value is the condition of a coin. Judging condition and assigning a grade gives the ability to accurately value a coin. Special attention to the Extremely Fine condition is necessary with the 1952 Franklin half. San Francisco examples now carry a premium value in the Extremely Fine grade and are worth even more in the About Uncirculated condition.

1952 Franklin Half Dollar Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated:  For a coin to grade "uncirculated" and at the top of 1952 Franklin half dollar value; no wear is present to its surfaces. Your half should appear as if just minted. Close examination is needed of the cheeks and hair of Franklin. If wear is present the mint luster is replaced by smoothness and the silver color has dulled. On the reverse check the rim of the Liberty Bell, again looking for a smoothness and wear to the surface.

1952 FRanklin Half Dollar About Uncirculated Condition

About Uncirculated:   A coin with very slight wear is termed "about uncirculated." Wear appears on the surface but only in small areas of the highest parts of the design. Although mint luster is missing from the worn areas it is still visible especially among the protected areas of the lettering. Franklin's shoulder and just behind his ear are some of the first to receive wear. On the reverse the beam above the Liberty bell is another area prone to show the first signs of wear.

1952 Franklin Half Dollar Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine:  The extremely fine grade is important to the San Francisco halves dated 1952. A collector value is beginning to develop for ones in this condition. Your coin must be crisp and sharp in appearance. A minor amount of wear is acceptable. Franklin's features; hair, cheek and shoulder are only slightly flattened. On the reverse the Liberty Bell still retains some lettering detail. Also, the double row of lines along and just above the rim are still visible although not complete across.

1952 Franklin Half Dollar Circulated Condition

Average Circulated:  Noticeable wear flattening areas of Franklin's hair is a coin termed "average circulated" condition. This leveling effect is seen best by looking at the hair just behind the ear. On the reverse all central detail of the bell is now worn smooth. The beam above the bell has also lost most of its detail. Your coin may be worn, however Franklin halves are heavy with silver and worth $6.75 each.

Visual Value of a Rare 1952 Franklin Half Dollar

Rare 1952 Franklin Half Dollar

Judging by its value, collectors feel this coin displays just the right mix of "aging" along the rims mixed with its original mint luster. More appropriately, collectors refer to the faint colors as "toning" and it is this framing effect giving the coin a nice quality look.

Adding to the appeal is the lack of marks to the surface. Most 1952 Franklin half dollars suffer from abrasions and contact marks; disrupting the luster and detracting from its beauty. Mint state coins are available today but those that survive with just the faintest of marks to the surface are scarce, highly valued and desirable to collectors.

An auction was a good choice for the seller, value of this 1952 Franklin half dollar was bid to $120.

Your 1952 Franklin half dollar value depends heavily on its condition and the largest dividing line by far is the uncirculated grade. It is worth noting, old time collections are a principle source for these spectacular coins. The coin pictured is likely from one of these collections.

Date by Date Franklin Half Dollar Value

Moving with the price of silver, current minimum Franklin half dollar value is $6.75 . Compare your coins to the value chart; date, mintmark and condition play an added role in value.

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