1958 Franklin Half Dollar Value

Your 1958 Franklin half dollar value is determined by condition. It is either worth $6.75 as a bullion piece - or - if in high grade, valued as a collectible.

Collector value is reserved for coins in the "uncirculated" grade. It is these quality coins that are in demand by collectors. Judging the condition of the coin is known as "grading" within the hobby. Subtle differences in preservation are often reflected in a noticeable change in value.

By far the greatest demand for 1958 Franklin half dollars is found in eye appealing uncirculated examples. Collectors seek the type of coin pictured. The shine of a new coin is still bright and it is not marred by abrasions.

See the section on grading the condition of your coin below. Value charts list coins according to dates, mintmarks and condition. By following the images and descriptions the difference between your 1958 Franklin half dollar bullion value and collector worth is apparent.

1958 Franklin Half Dollar Value

  Condition of Coin
Date Average
Extremely Fine
1958 $6.75 $6.75 $6.75 $8.59
1958 D $6.75 $6.75 $6.75 $8.59
1958 Franklin Half Dollar Value Updated 2/20/2017
Mintmark Location 1958 Franklin Half Dollar

Mintmarks are used by mints to identify their production. Placed on the reverse of the Franklin half dollar, look just above the Liberty Bell. The Denver mint is represented by a "D" and if no mintmark is present the Philadelphia mint struck the coin.

Although not reflected in the chart by value, there is a huge difference in the number of 1958 Franklin half dollars produced at the two mints. Denver struck nearly 24 million, Philadelphia 4 million. Currently, collectors value each the same. Having to make a choice I would lean towards keeping the Philadelphia coin.

1958 Franklin Half Dollar Value: Bullion vs Collectible

Without a doubt grading the condition of your 1958 Franklin half dollar is the hardest to get right. Even among collectors the subjective aspects are debated. Fortunately, with the 1958 half the area of greatest value difference is between the circulated and uncirculated grade. It is possible by careful study of the surface of your coin to tell the difference. The uncirculated image compared to the about uncirculated images are the ones to focus on.

Additionally as an aid, a very high quality 1958 Franklin half dollar is highlighted below the grading descriptions.

1958 Franklin Half Dollar Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated:  As part of the value process collectors assign "grades" to the condition of coins. Leading in desirability is the "uncirculated" grade. This is a coin with essentially no wear to its surfaces. Does your coin still retain original mint luster, with the look of a new coin? If tilted under a light and slowly rotated mint luster needs to shine in bands across the surface. Any wear to the coin and this luster is missing. Look closely at Franklin's shoulder, collar and chin; these are some of the first areas to wear.

Franklin Half Dollar About Uncirculated Condition

About Uncirculated:   Very slight wear defines the "about uncirculated" grade. This is the specific condition where 1958 Franklin half dollar value breaks away from it underlying silver price. It must be stressed; only very minor amounts of wear is acceptable to qualify for the about uncirculated grade. Judge carefully that wear is confined to just the very tops of Franklin's cheek and along the lower edge of his shoulder. Parts of his hair just behind the ear may also be slightly smooth. It is important that a majority of the mint luster remain.

1958 Franklin Half Dollar Circulated Condition

Average Circulated:  1958 Franklin halves with moderate to heavy wear are termed "average circulated." Today these trade as semi-numismatic (bullion) coins. Their value is closely tied to silver and moves up and down with the metal prices. Noticeable wear covers the entire coin. If the Liberty bell is without any lettering in the center you can be confident as to its condition and value, currently (2/20/2017 ) these are worth $6.75 each.

Elite 1958 Franklin Half Dollar Value | Condition Rarity

Rare 1958 Franklin Half Dollar

In the coin collecting field, study and appreciation of quality are closely tied to value. There is great interest in the number of survivors of a certain condition and how it affects a coin's position in the rarity scale.

In the Franklin half series worn examples of all dates and mints are readily available. Uncirculated coins are also available. However if you desire a coin with stunning luster, a bold strike, and surfaces without any marks, the number of candidates is very small. The challenge of locating one of these superb gems is part of the enjoyment of the hobby.

Pictured is an elite condition 1958 Franklin half dollar, value is not tied to its underlining silver price. Conditionally rare and its ability to enhance a top quality Franklin collection determines price. Offered at a David Lawrence rare coin auction avid collectors bid the price to $135. This coin is certainly one of the finest survivors of the millions minted.

Franklin Half Dollar Value | The Details Listed

It's true most worn and circulated Franklin half dollar value is directly tied to silver. However, there are a small but growing number of rare dates and mints worth a rising premium. All the dates and mints are listed in the value chart. Discover how much your silver halves are worth.

Half Dollar Value Charts of All Series

Follow image links to value charts of all US half dollars. Determine if your old half dollar is worth bullion silver value, currently $6.75 as of 2/20/2017 or a higher collector value. Grading images and descriptions for each series helps judge condition of your coin, one of the key points to value.

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