1883 Nickel Value

1883 nickel value covers both Shield nickels and the beginning of the popular Liberty Nickel series.

1883 Nickel Value...  Shield and Liberty Nickels

All nickels of this date must be examined closely, the Shield nickel as to condition, and the Liberty nickel because two distinct varieties exist.

Making this year unique are the many variations. There are Shield and Liberty nickels both dated 1883 and a design modification of the Liberty series within the year. Altogether three distinct nickel designs were minted and today these variations cover a wide range in value.

You have a valuable coin. After the variety is established next is to judge the condition of your coin. Grading images, shown below, help determine an accurate value from the chart.

1883 Nickel Value

  Condition of Coin
Date Good - G Fine - F Extremely Fine
Shield Nickel
1883 $17 $23 $45 $108
Liberty Nickel
1883 Without Cents $6 $7 $10 $24
1883 With Cents $13 $29 $61 $110
1883 Nickel Value Updated 2015
1883 Nickel Without Cents 1883 Nickel With Cents

1883 Nickel Value is Conditional

Your old nickel values often span a wide range depending on condition. The grading descriptions and images indicate major points of the coin design to observe as you evaluate the condition of your old nickel.

1883 Nickel Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: An uncirculated coin shows no signs of wear. The first areas to evidence friction on the Shield Nickel are the Cross and frame of the Shield. With the Liberty Nickel check first the hair above the ear and forehead, wear is indicated by a dulling of the luster.

1883 Nickel Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: In the "extremely fine" grade both series show slight wear. However notice boldness in all design elements. Wear is confined to just the highest parts above the ear on Liberty and the finer details of the frame surrounding the Shield.

Shield and Liberty Nickel in Fine Condition

Fine: At this point a circulated coin has lost most of the finer detail of the design. Even wear covering the entire coin gives a flatness to the appearance. Although major designs are still separated such as leaves on the Shield nickel and some of the hair detail on Liberty.

Shield and Liberty Nickel in Good Condition

Good: Most detail is missing on these coins, Liberty is in outline form as well as major details of the Shield nickel design. The rims have begun to merge with lettering on each example. Both coins are at the low end of 1883 nickel value.

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