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The mission of CoinStudy is to provide a method when followed, arrives at a narrow range to the value of old coins.

Today, judging coins and determining their value is a complex part of the coin collecting field. Seasoned hobbyists continually seek insight into the rarity, desirability, and demand affecting their personal interests, usually a specific series of coins.

A founding principle of CoinStudy is to present actionable information helping form knowledgeable decisions about old coins.

For you, assessing a box of old coins; and knowing the potential it can hold, follows a procedure to find an accurate value. Identify and judge these points…

Denomination | Series | Date | Mintmark | Condition

These five essentials to value are found on each coin. Judge them strictly and conservatively.

Daniel A. Harris | Numismatist

Grading Set Lincoln Wheat Cents

Also, I would like to thank SBI, the organization instrumental to the business side of CoinStudy. Having information and then actually getting it to a wide audience is a skill to itself. Here are Highlights to SBI and how it contributed to the development of CoinStudy.

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