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It is not how long you have been doing something that is important... it is what you have learned along the way.

1962 Guide Book of US Coins

Although I started collecting... accumulating... coins in the early 1960's it wasn't until selling a few of them I began to see how the coin market worked.

It was exciting finding "keepers" by searching through rolls of coins straight from the bank. Then selling those pennies to the downtown coin dealer for two cents each. I thought... not bad for a 10 year old.

Well, it works the other way also. Buying from the local coin dealer a 1921 Mercury Dime for the retail price of $15 to add to my collection. And later, discovering its wholesale value when ready to sell the coin. I'll bet I was looking down at the pavement as I walked out of the coin shop that day. A "priceless" experience.

Coin values are readily available on the web... although somewhat scattered about. I have combined these wholesale values with my experiences and involvement over the years of buying and selling coins as a hobby and building collections. contains the lessons I have learned along the way. Additionally... I hope you can benefit from my experiences.

Dan Harris

CoinStudy Turns 10 in 2017

Thanks to all who have visited CoinStudy over the last 10 years. It has been a pleasure to bring coin value information to you.

The founding principal of CoinStudy is to present actionable information to help make knowledgeable decisions about old coins. Today, judging coins and determining their value is a complex part of the coin collecting field. Seasoned hobbyists continually seek insight into the rarity, desirability and demand affecting their personal interest, usually a specific series of coins.

For you, assessing a box of old coins; and knowing the potential it can hold, follows a procedure to find an accurate value. Determine and judge these points…

Denomination | Series | Date | Mintmark | Condition

These five essentials to value are found on each coin. Judge them strictly and conservatively.

Secondly I would like to thank SBI, the organization instrumental to the business side of CoinStudy. Having information and then actually getting it to a wide audience is a skill to itself. Here is a Tour and Review of highlights to SBI and how it contributed to the development of CoinStudy.

Again, Thanks to Everyone

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