Quarter Values Rising

Quarter values for some of your old coins may surprise you. High silver prices make every silver quarter minted 1964 and before worth at least $3.05 each.

Uncirculated Bust, Seated Liberty, Barber, Standing Liberty and Washington Quarter

That is just the starting value. Many rare dates, mint marks and varieties are found throughout the different quarter series.

Washington quarter values from the 1930's can fetch $15. The older Standing Liberty series is very popular with collectors. Many dates are scarce and in demand for $20 or $30 each. If you have any old silver quarters in well preserved condition the value quickly rises to $30 or more.

Even older, the Barber series has similar high demand coins. In the eye pleasing "Fine" condition many dates are worth $15 to $25 or more.

Further back in time are the Seated Liberty and earlier still the Bust Quarters. Now, every coin is worth $19 to $20 or more. Yes, these are very valuable. Dealers and collectors avidly seek rare dates and high grade examples. At auction, certain rare quarter values reach thousands of dollars.

Match your coins to the pictures below and follow the links. Each series is covered in detail with...

  • How to grade your coins. Images to compare your coins and assign a grade.
  • Values are listed for each series, all dates and mint marks.
  • How to identify rare varieties, where to find and easily locate mint marks.

Early Bust Quarter | Classic and Rare

With a starting price of $60 and quickly rising into the thousands. All are rare and collectible. Avidly sought by dealers to meet the demand of collectors. Compare your coins to the grading images and value charts.

Seated Liberty Quarter | Always Popular

A long running series with many rare dates and varieties. Because of the large differences in value, grading is important. Discover how much they are worth, compare your old quarters to the grading images and value chart listing all the dates and mint marks.

High Barber Quarter Demand

Collectors are adding to their collections and increasing the demand. Your old quarter is worth much more today. From $5.01 each to many hundreds for the rare dates and mint marks. Check your coins using the grading images and coin values chart.

Standing Liberty Quarter Values | Strong Demand

Everyone agrees it is a beautiful coin. Easily one of the most popular coins to collect. Discover the value that strong demand has placed on your coins. Grading images to evaluate their condition and price chart listing all dates, mint marks and varieties.

Silver Washington Quarters Value | Rising

Their value is tied closely to the price of silver. However, a few rare dates and mint marks stand out, if found in high condition. Compare you coins to the grading images and separate then by condition. Follow your coin's value on the silver charts, and check for rare dates and mint marks.

Values and Condition

The condition of your old quarters is equality important. For example, a Barber quarter is easy to identify. Rare dates and mint marks are obvious when listed. However, the third factor, condition, has an equal impact on value but is more subtle and difficult to determine.

In your group of coins you are more likely to find a valuable high grade coin than a rare date. All series include a section on how to grade your quarters.

Minimum Quarter Value Chart

The charts summarize the minimum values for the common date coins found in each series. Notice the rapid rise as the grade improves.

Quarter Values of the Most Common Dates in the Series

  Condition of Coin
Date Good - G Fine - F Extremely Fine
Draped Bust
$441 $846 $2,530 $5,820
Capped Bust
$62 $97 $297 $1,750
Seated Liberty
$19 $25 $67 $270
$5.01 $16 $45 $130
Standing Liberty
$3.73 $4.74 $25 $100
Silver Washington
$3.05 $3.05 $3.05 $3.30
Quarters Value Updated 4/20/2015

Why does a coin become valuable as a collectible? The answer: It depends on certain - Dates - Mintmarks - Rare Varieties - and the hardest to get right... Condition.

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