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Old Nickel Values are Rising

Old nickel values are benefiting from renewed collector demand. The new higher values for all the nickel series are covered here.

Uncirculated Shield Nickel, Liberty, Buffalo, Jefferson and Three Cent Nickel

From Three Cent Nickels and Shield Nickels worth a minimum of $11 to $18 each in "Good" condition.

Followed by Liberty Nickels, find any of these in a well preserved condition and you have a $18 to $30 coin. Next...

Everyone's favorite the Buffalo Nickel, where some of the higher old nickel values are found. Even a heavily circulated Buffalo is worth 40 to 50 cents. Discover a 1919-D, 1921-S or a 1926-S Buffalo nickel in your group and the value climbs into the hundreds of dollars for a nice coin.

Check your pocket change, because the current Jefferson Nickel series has a few rare valuable dates and varieties.

Follow the links below to the coin value chart for each nickel series. All dates are listed, mint marks are described with locations. Additionally, each nickel series has "Grading" images to compare your coins and judge their condition. Accurately determining value.

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Three Cent Nickel Values | A Special Coin

Your coins date and how well it is preserved separates the common from the rare. Not widely known, the three cent nickel is a coin specialist favorite. They treasure certain rare dates and all high condition coins.

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Shield Nickel Value | High for the Right Coin

The 1880 is the right coin, worth $1211 or more. Although the 1880 is the leader, many others dates have high values. Next, the condition of your coins is important. Examine closely and compare your coins to the grading images. The values on the chart show large premiums for higher condition coins.

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The Value of V Nickels | Common to Very Rare

A nickel gaining in popularity. Causing all dates and mints to rise in value. For example, all but one date of "V" Nickels in extremely fine condition is at least a $23 coin. The earlier years are worth even more as collectors are discovering them difficult to find. Grade your coins carefully and compare to the old nickel values chart.

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Buffalo Nickel Value | How to Find the Rare Ones

A very popular coin rising in value. Even coins without dates are valued over ten cents. Today, collectors are closely examining their coins looking for dual punched mint marks and over dates. Finding these coins very rare and worth much more than their common counterparts. All dates and mints are listed with the rare varieties and how to find them.

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Jefferson Nickel Values | Gaining Popularity

From the early dates to silver nickels many dates and mint marks standout from the rest in value. Found every day, compare your coins to the value charts. One of the few coins worth searching through your pocket change.

Visit...  Modern Jefferson Nickel Values

Modern Jefferson Nickel Values | Finding Greater than Face Value

Search for these modern Jefferson nickels in uncirculated condition to find added value. Abraded and worn examples are worth face value, compare your coins to the condition images to determine today's price.

Old Nickel Values - Graded and Listed

Certain rare dates and mint marks dramatically affect your coins value. For example, a 1939 Jefferson nickel, although a very old nickel, it is only worth slightly above face value. However, find the "D" mintmark on the reverse and the value jumps to $2.40 or more.

Another example, a buffalo nickel with the date worn away is a 10 cent coin, a partial date is worth 25 cents and a full date is worth 55 cents or more.

You often discover higher value by looking closely at the condition of your coins. It is not often you find rare dates and mint marks, they just don't show up every day. Of all your coins, the ones in the nicest condition are probably the most valuable.

To get an idea of how valuable some of your coins are. The following chart is a short list of old nickel values dealers pay for some of the most common date coins in each nickel type, notice how condition affect the value of your old coins. Full listings of dates and mint marks are found with each nickel series.

A Sampling of Old Nickel Values
 Condition of Coin
  Old Nickel Values Updated 2020
3 Cent Nickel $11 $13 $27 $75
Shield Nickel $17 $22 $50 $70
Liberty Nickel $1.00 $3.00 $23 $55
Buffalo Nickel $0.50 $1.00 $2.00 $19

Follow either the image links or the text links above to old nickel values for each series. They are covered in detail, listing dates, mint marks and varieties. Also included with each series are grading images to match your coins and locate the best value on the charts.

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Finding Rare Nickels

Rare nickels, for example, ones with double mint marks, occasionally "hide" in your box of old coins. Interestingly, some are still found in circulation today. The reason is most require a magnifying glass to discover. In this case the smallest of details makes for a valuable coin.

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