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Silver Coin Values

Many of your old US silver coin values are tied closely to the price of silver.

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Today's Silver Value
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Silver dimes, quarters, half dollars and silver dollars are worth many times their face value today. Each coin is heavy with 90% silver and valued accordingly.

As these coins are sold their price is based on their metal content.

Also there are a few surprising coins to search for, silver nickels and certain Kennedy halves. They may have less silver in their alloy, and are less well known, but still highly valuable.

The "Today’s Silver Value" chart updates the changing value of silver every minute. Enter into the field just below the chart the current price and calculate current silver coin values.

The values update below the images and are the current minimum value of your silver coins.

Of Note: Higher collector value is often found in rare dates, scarce mint marked coins and well preserved, nice condition examples.

Pictured below are typical examples of coins valued by their silver content. Starting with this high minimum and rising upwards compare what you have to the images and discover any potentially rare silver coins.

A Silver Nickel with High Values


Silver nickels were minted dating 1942 through 1945 and have a 35% silver content. Nickel was needed for the efforts of WWII and silver was substituted in the production of nickel coinage. With such a high amount of the precious metal, all have become valuable.

Silver nickels were minted dating 1942 through 1945 and have a 35% silver content. Nickel was needed for the efforts of WWII and silver was substituted in the production of nickel coinage. With such a high amount of the precious metal, all have become valuable.

A silver nickel is easily identified by the large "P" "D" or "S" mintmark found on the reverse above the dome of Monticello. Mintmark location is important with the 1942 nickel as silver alloy and non silver coins were minted, only the ones with a large mintmark above the dome are the valuable silver nickel.

As a collectible those in "uncirculated" condition begin to command a value above their silver price. Circulated, worn coins, the image is typical of the condition of these silver nickels, are valued at silver.

Jefferson Nickel Values covers the values of the higher condition silver nickels and how to judge the condition of your coins.

Value of Silver Dimes and More


Silver Mercury dimes represented by the top image are all quickly becoming collectible coins with values in excess of metal content. First minted in 1916 and continuing until 1945 with the majority minted prior to 1940 now worth judging individually for higher values.

Dimes dated 1940 to 1945 in circulated condition, meaning they have wear, are the coins routinely traded and priced based on silver value.

Mercury Dime Values lists dates and mintmarks for each with a section on judging condition, so you can separate those from the minimum silver coin values.

The Roosevelt dime pictured contained silver until the year 1964. Vast quantities were minted and the majority survive today in circulated condition. You can safely price most worn examples by their silver coin values.

Roosevelt Dime Values does highlight a few collectible dates and some because of condition are worth a premium.

Silver Quarter Values


The high minimum silver price and the availability of these coins leave most collectors to assemble sets of "uncirculated" condition Washington quarters. Silver issues are dated 1932 to 1964. The early years are beginning to break away into higher value however.

Of note, any US quarter prior to the Washington series is now a collectible coin and silver coin values do no apply to these rare silver coins.

See Washington Quarters Value to discover if any from your box is priced above its silver content.

The Value of Silver Half Dollars


Three series of half dollars contain coins that normally sell at silver value. The latter years of the Walking Liberty half, when heavily worn. Franklin halves, the center image, finds most trade at this level. The Kennedy half, in 1964 only, is 90% silver and unless "uncirculated" it is worth silver value.

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Value rises and falls depending on date, mintmark and the condition of the coin. A long running series, grading images and value chart points out the rare silver coins. Judge your coins carefully, even in circulated condition many sell above their silver coin values

Franklin Half Dollar Value is dependent on the state of preservation of your coins. With the exception of a few scarce dates and mintmarks collector interest and value has not developed for worn examples.

Kennedy 40% Silver Half Dollars


These 40% Kennedy half dollars appear the same as those minted today, however with their silver content, value is quite surprising.

The years 1965 through 1970 are the halves minted with silver, often overlooked, they are the ones of interest to you. As with most modern era coins, if yours are worn they are valued by their precious metal content and not higher as a collectible.

The Forgotten Silver Kennedy Half Dollars gives the details on these seldom remembered and valuable silver coins.

Bullion Value of Silver Dollars


Collectors have a huge influence on the value of silver dollars. Most Morgan and Peace dollars enjoy a premium above their silver coin values. However within each series are very common dates that do ride the up and down movements of silver.

Each of these dollars is heavy with silver, close to one ounce or (.77344 oz.) exactly. The minimum you should expect for any silver dollar is a value close to, if not above its silver bullion value. Realistically don't stop there, check each coin individually for condition, date and mintmark. The popularity of Morgan and Peace dollars and the demand by collectors is keeping the values of most above silver.

Morgan Silver Dollar Values guides you through all the different years and mints having an impact on price. The condition of your coins is covered in detail with images to judge where on the value chart to accurately find value.

Peace Dollar Values is specific to this series of US coins. Most circulated Peace dollars found today are of common dates with their value tied to silver. Within the series however are certain dates and primarily condition that easily leads to finding a coin worth far above metal value.

Silver Coin Values and Higher

Silver coin values apply to many series of US coins. In certain ones, Washington quarters, Roosevelt dimes, it is used to value many of the coins. With other series, Mercury dimes, Walking Liberty halves, careful selection is necessary to avoid undervaluing some of your old silver coins.

As a rule, any US silver coin minted prior to 1940 should be judged individually. And coins earlier than 1916 are becoming highly collectible the majority are priced above silver coin values.

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