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Seated Liberty Quarter Values

Seated Liberty quarter values begin at $19 to $20 each. These values are for the common date coins in extremely worn condition, known as "Good" condition by collectors and dealers.

Uncirculated Seated Liberty Quarter

However, the chances are good your coin is better persevered and possibly a better, rarer date.

Minted for over 50 years, many of the dates and mint marks of the series are rare and highly valuable. Here are just five dates all worth at least $225... 1866, 1867, 1884, 1887 and 1888.

Should any of your quarters have the pulse quickening "CC" mintmark, dealers and collectors are immediately interested.

Also, don't overlook the condition of your coin. The Uncirculated 1873 Seated Liberty quarter pictured, because of its condition, is worth over $690. See the section about "Grading" the condition of your coins below.

Seated Liberty Quarter Values and What Dealers Pay

The following chart shows clearly the wide range of coin values from one date, grade and mintmark. Examine your coins closely, take your time and assess condition carefully to arrive at an accurate value.

Seated Liberty Quarter Values
 Condition of Coin
  Seated Liberty Quarter Values Updated 2020
No Motto Variety 1838-1865
  $22 $36 $70 $327
With Motto Variety 1866-1891
  $23 $26 $54 $222
The Following are a Few Selected Dates
1843 $21 $36 $122 $520
1844 $21 $40 $65 $685
1845 $24 $40 $87 $576
1847 $21 $36 $65 $551
1849 $20 $36 $140 $793
1853 $20 $29 $111 $555
1854 $19 $28 $84 $410
1854 O $26 $36 $107 $980
1855 $20 $31 $67 $446
1856 $19 $28 $59 $363
1856 O $21 $57 $179 $1,031
1857 $18 $27 $56 $322
1857 O $23 $46 $203 $937
1858 $19 $27 $55 $332
1858 O $21 $52 $228 $2,513
1859 $20 $32 $72 $346
1859 O $33 $36 $168 $2,123
1860 $21 $34 $65 $405
1861 $19 $32 $68 $276
1862 $21 $33 $65 $338
1873 $21 $26 $172 $690
1874 $23 $26 $117 $752
1874 S $23 $81 $158 $523
1875 $20 $26 $58 $242
1876 $18 $24 $47 $212
1876 CC $35 $71 $137 $351
1876 S $19 $27 $52 $232
1877 $18 $23 $58 $219
1877 CC $38 $70 $123 $438
1877 S $20 $25 $53 $212
1878 $23 $27 $54 $248
1888 S $22 $28 $54 $247
1891 $19 $26 $56 $206
1891 S $19 $27 $54 $206

The above are wholesale coin values. Computed from dealer's price lists with various mark-up factors figured in. They reflect closely the value you would expect to receive when selling. Variations in value do occur subject to subtle grading points, collector demands and dealer needs.

If your coin is not listed above, it is seldom encountered. For additional reference... CDN publishes an extensive fair market value price guide, covering retail Seated Liberty Quarter Values in detail.

Seated Liberty Quarter Values are Conditional

A lot of the value of a coin is tied to its state of preservation. Seated Liberty quarter values for rare dates and valuable mint marks are one thing, however...

Many of these older quarters are common in the heavily worn "Good" condition. But, the same coin in the more eye pleasing "Extremely Fine" condition is often very rare and valuable. Here is just one example. Find an 1857-O in "Good" condition and it is a $23 coin, if your 1857-O is in "XF" condition the values rises to $203.

Dealers and collectors interested in old quarters treasure nice condition Seated Liberty quarters. And, pay accordingly.

Study your coins and compare them to the grading images below. Examine the gown of Liberty, look for some detail showing and all letters of "Liberty" on the shield. This separates the "Fine" condition coin from the lesser "Good" condition quarter. If all the details on the obverse and reverse are sharp and crisp the coin is in "Extremely Fine" condition, denoted as "XF".

Seated Liberty Quarter Grading

Sometimes the difference from one grade to the next is subtle. Not so with the value of your old quarter, many times the increase in value from one grade to the next is often large. If you believe your coin is of a higher grade and value and not sure, help is available.

Collectors and dealers consider PCGS and NGC as leaders in coin grading services. Seek their advice. They both authenticate and grade your coin. The small fee you pay provides assurance you understand and receive the full value of your coin.

It is also helpful to know grading a coin is not an exact science. It is your opinion, dealers and collectors have their own opinions... and they can all differ slightly.

Check a few rare coin dealers listings, look for those offering Seated Liberty quarters similar to yours. Their listings and prices usually include a notation of the NGC or PCGS assigned grade. Additionally, these coin dealers are potential buyers of your coins.

The Exciting "CC" Mintmark

Seated Liberty Quarter Mintmark Location

Quarters with the "CC" mintmark indicates the coin was produced at the Carson City Mint in Nevada. All are highly prized by collectors. Many are extremely rare. Refer back to the coin values chart for some amazing values. Check to find the "CC" on the reverse just under the eagle.

The other mint marks that contribute to the Seated Liberty quarter values are... "O" for the New Orleans Mint and "S" for the mint in San Francisco and are found in the same location. Good luck in your hunt for these as well.

All of this adds up to making Seated Liberty Quarters a fascinating and rewarding collectable.

Consider your group of coins as the beginning of a coin collection. The start of an enjoyable and rewarding hobby. If that is not for you, one successful approach is to sell all your coins and use the proceeds to buy one nice rare coin. The one you were hoping to find in the box. Pass the thrill of a rare coin on to your children.

Seated Liberty Quarter Values in the Future

One thing is certain, change. The value of your quarters is constantly changing. The trend of the past is for the values to increase. The future is bright for Seated Liberty quarters. Many new collectors take up the hobby every year and seasoned collectors are constantly adding to their collections.

Check back whenever curious or should you decide to sell your coins. Stay current with Seated Liberty quarter values.

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