1948 Franklin Half Dollar Value

Today minimum 1948 Franklin half dollar value is $6.75 for a coin the hobby refers to as "average circulated" condition, one whose appearance is noticeably worn from use.

Your coin should be viewed carefully however. Often examples of the 1948 half dollar are worth more if the wear to the surface is very slight. Minor touches of wear confined only the high points indicates above average condition, and these are beginning to take on a premium as a collectible.

Please note; differences in condition are subtle and sometime hard to detect, a few moments studying the "grading images" below highlights the deciding details. The value chart does indicate higher value for the better condition half dollars, however the requirements are strict.

Unquestionably, the uncirculated condition; also referred to as "mint state" is the premier, in-demand and highest 1948 Franklin half dollar value. Pictured is an outstanding example, one set aside long ago and well preserved. Never seeing use and remaining as-minted; value is easily $10.15 with room to go higher.

1948 Franklin Half Dollar Value

  Condition of Coin
Date Average
Extremely Fine
1948 $6.75 $6.75 $8.28 $10.15
1948 D $6.75 $6.75 $8.28 $10.15
1948 Franklin Half Dollar Value Updated 2/20/2017
Mintmark Location 1948 Franklin Half Dollar

Popularity of Franklin half dollars is beginning to increase, and along with it an interest in the different mints that struck these coins. Two mints, Philadelphia, the main mint and the branch mint in Denver struck all 1948 half dollars.

Look on the reverse just above the Liberty bell, if a "D" is visible the Denver mint produced the coin. If no mintmark is present your coin is from the Philadelphia mint.

Condition is Key to 1948 Franklin Half Dollar Value

Condition of your coin is "the" deciding factor in value. 1948 halves are popular with collectors and as the first year of the design are a great type coin representing the series. Because of this collectors desire very nice examples.

Additionally, 1948 halves are known for a crisp, sharp well defined strike. Details of the design really standout this year.

Compare your coin to these grading images of the Franklin half, determined if it's worth a premium to collectors.

1948 Franklin Half Dollar Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated:  No trace of wear to the surface is the definition of an "uncirculated" coin. In this grade your coin still has mint luster (the look of new) over the entire surface. Any wear to a coin removes this delicate brilliance, leaving a dull grey appearance. Holding by the edges, rotate the coin under a light and the luster "rotates" around the coin, if the luster is complete your 1948 half dollar value is in the premium collector range.

1948 FRanklin Half Dollar About Uncirculated Condition

About Uncirculated:   Once the high points of the design begin to wear a coin is graded as "about uncirculated" condition. To fit in this grade your coin should have most of the original mint luster remaining, and the wear must be light. The cheek of Franklin just below the eye typically shows the first signs of wear. Also confirm only light wear present on the shoulder, it shows as a dulling to the shine without much removal of metal.

1948 Franklin Half Dollar Circulated Condition

Average Circulated:  Any 1948 Franklin half with more than just the slightest indications of wear to the surface is valued as a bullion coin. However your coin is 90% silver and even though it misses as a collectible it's still valued at $6.75 each. The coins pictured are a good representation of average circulated Franklins. Your judgment clearly shows these coins are nowhere near the quality of uncirculated halves.

The Rare Gems | 1948 Franklin Half Dollar Value

Rare 1948 Franklin Half Dollar

Occasionally, more appropriately, rarely does any coin survive in the stunning gem condition as the Franklin half pictured. Viewed by specialist at PCGS; one of the top two grading services; they concluded this coins was a gem MS67. A grading designation reserved only for a class of coin close to perfection.

Avidly sought by serious collectors these elite condition Franklin half dollars command values far above the typical uncirculated coin. Our subject coin was auctioned by David Lawrence Rare Coins, final bid, $170. What sets this coin so far apart from the rest to achieve this value?

Rarity of 1948 Franklin halves in gem condition, combined with exceptional eye appeal contribute to this coins desirability as a collectible. Its value is also enhanced by the almost total lack of marks to the surface, in fact a high power magnifying glass is needed to find the faint contact blemishes.

With the number of specialist collectors increasing and perusing ultra-gem condition examples; coins such as these are rising ever higher in value.

Your 1948 Franklin half dollar value rides two forces, as a collectible if in high condition and backed up by silver prices if in bullion quality.

Franklin Half Dollar Value | The Collectible Silver

It's true most of the circulated Franklin half dollar value is directly tied to silver. However, there are a small but growing number of rare dates and mints worth a rising premium. All the dates of issue are listed in the value chart on the page. Discover how much your silver halves are worth.

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Half dollars are very widely collected, spanning several series and a huge range in values. Charts listing the Bust, Seated design, the Barber series show all are highly valued. Continue with Walking Liberty and Franklin half dollars. Of special importance is the condition of your coins, see grading images for each series and value your coins in detail.

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