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1956 Franklin Half Dollar Value

Because of high silver content, your 1956 Franklin half dollar value is currently $8.49 each.

1956 Franklin Half Dollar

All Franklin half dollars are 90% silver; and it's the current price of the metal forming this strong underlying value. Known as a coin's bullion value, no added collector premium is part of this price. It is the condition of your coin that is important to finding higher value.

1956 is a year that Franklins are divided into two main value groups.

  • First, if your coin is worn, it is valued as a bullion piece.
  • Second, if uncirculated (like brand new) collector interest and value increases.

Your coin is one of only a few in the hobby whose value is so clearly divided. Either your coin is uncirculated (not worn) and worth a certain value - or your coin is worn and worth bullion value with no distinction as to the amount of wear.

Pictured is a lustrous uncirculated 1956 Franklin half dollar, value is added because of eye appeal, no wear and collector demand. However it's not hard to imagine that within this quality to have varying degrees of preservation. Some coins are bound to be nicer, brighter, less marked than others. One such rare gem condition 1956 Franklin is imaged and valued below.

One note: Mint marks, usually an important part of the value equation is not the case in 1956, all half dollars are from the Philadelphia mint. Allowing you to concentrate on condition to discover its worth.

1956 Franklin Half Dollar Value
 Condition of Coin
  1956 Franklin Half Dollar Value Updated 7/26/2021
1956 $8.49 $8.49 $8.49 $12.03

Judging the Uncirculated Grade

Interestingly the value of any worn 1956 Franklin half dollar is just one price, no matter the amount of wear. From very worn to just slightly worn they are all currently $8.49 each.

Usually with a classic silver coin series collectors value each circulated grade level higher than the next. 1956 halves are one of the exceptions. Silver value alone has set the price high enough to obscure these differences.

Once you reach the uncirculated collector grade the influence of silver, as a value, begins to diminish. The coin is now in demand, more for its quality of preservation, than its silver content.

There is however differences in value within the uncirculated grade, sometimes substantial. To illustrate, look closely at the two halves pictured, the top coin is vibrant and less marked. By contrast the bottom coin is uneven in luster and marks are detracting from appearance. Gem uncirculated 1956 Franklin half dollar value is above $100 the other choice uncirculated half $50.

Rare 1956 Franklin Half Dollar

Find Higher 1956 Half Dollar Value in the Uncirculated Grade

Grading the condition of your 1956 Franklin half dollar finds it true value. Your coin is either worn and worth bullion value or Uncirculated and valued higher as a collector coin. Judge carefully comparing the "about circulated" example to the "uncirculated" image.

1956 Franklin Half Dollar Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: Franklin half dollars in this grade enjoy a collector premium. To reach this price level it must not have any wear to the coin. Original mint luster covers the entire surface without any breaks, defining the "uncirculated" grade. Use this uncirculated image with the about uncirculated coin to help distinguish the difference. The delicate nature of mint luster causes it to wear quickly. High points of Franklin's hair behind the ear and his chin are commonly used by collectors inspecting for wear.

FRanklin Half Dollar About Uncirculated Condition

About Uncirculated: With a little time and comparing a few examples the subtle differences in texture on a coin's surface indicating wear become easy to detect. It's the slight amount of wear on the "about uncirculated" half dollar pictured that places it in this grade. Important because any wear does drop the coin out of the collectible value range.

Mint luster is removed quickly as a coin is used. It is this change in the brilliance that is the deciding factor for this grade. Light wear is evident on the high areas as the arrows indicate. Grey color replaces the bright white of luster and if you have a magnifying glass the texture of the metal when worn is smooth. Tilt your coin while under a light to increase the effect of this slight color change. In contrast, luster has a certain "grain" giving it a sparkle.

Franklin Half Dollar Circulated Condition

Average Circulated: Pictured are coins displaying wear covering their entire surface. Roundness of Franklin's eye brow has flattened as well as his cheek. Color of the coins is now a silver grey and without and glimmer of mint luster. On the reverse all parts are worn. The Liberty bell is especially reduced from wear; small details such as the lettering are completely missing. 1956 Franklin half dollar value in this grade tracks the up and down movements of silver.

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