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Franklin Half Dollar Value

Most of your Franklin half dollar value rides the price of silver up or down. At $13.85 per ounce range the minimum value is $4.67 each.

Uncirculated Franklin Half DollarValue

However, "Uncirculated" and certain "About Uncirculated" condition coins have started to break away from this trend.

The uncirculated Franklin half dollar pictured to the right is an example of a coin that dealers and collectors pay a premium to obtain.

If your coin is just slightly worn the number of valuable dates drops to just a few. See more about the condition of your coins and how to "Grade" Franklin halves below.

Franklin Half Dollar Value and What Dealers Pay

The value action is definitely in Uncirculated condition coins. Collectors are the driving force behind values and normally do not collect worn Franklin halves.

Franklin Half Dollar Value
 Condition of Coin
DateAvg. Cir.Extremely
  Franklin Half Dollar Value Updated 3/30/2020
1948 $4.67 $4.67 $5.72 $7.58
1948 D $4.67 $4.67 $5.72 $7.58
1949 $4.67 $5.54 $6.18 $27
1949 D $4.67 $5.54 $21 $39
1949 S $4.67 $6.18 $29 $66
1950 $4.67 $4.67 $5.72 $9.97
1950 D $4.67 $4.67 $5.54 $8.75
1951 $4.67 $4.67 $5.44 $6.61
1951 D $4.67 $4.67 $6.18 $28
1951 S $4.67 $4.67 $5.72 $9.49
1952 $4.67 $4.67 $5.44 $6.61
1952 D $4.67 $4.67 $5.44 $6.61
1952 S $4.67 $5.72 $35 $44
1953 $4.67 $4.67 $6.18 $7.58
1953 D $4.67 $4.67 $5.34 $6.61
1953 S $4.67 $4.67 $6.18 $9.97
1954 $4.67 $4.67 $5.34 $6.41
1954 D $4.67 $4.67 $5.34 $6.41
1954 S $4.67 $4.67 $5.34 $7.58
1955 $4.67 $6.18 $6.18 $8.75
1956 $4.67 $4.67 $4.67 $6.61
1957 $4.67 $4.67 $4.67 $6.41
1957 D $4.67 $4.67 $4.67 $6.41
1958 $4.67 $4.67 $4.67 $6.41
1958 D $4.67 $4.67 $4.67 $6.41
1959 $4.67 $4.67 $4.67 $6.41
1959 D $4.67 $4.67 $4.67 $6.41
1960 $4.67 $4.67 $4.67 $6.41
1960 D $4.67 $4.67 $4.67 $6.41
1961 $4.67 $4.67 $4.67 $6.41
1961 D $4.67 $4.67 $4.67 $6.41
1962 $4.67 $4.67 $4.67 $6.41
1962 D $4.67 $4.67 $4.67 $6.41
1963 $4.67 $4.67 $4.67 $6.41
1963 D $4.67 $4.67 $4.67 $6.41

The above are wholesale Franklin half values. Computed from dealer's price lists with various mark-up factors figured in. They reflect closely the value you would expect to receive when selling.

However do expect variations in value to occur subject to subtle grading points, collector demands and dealer needs. For more background information, see how value listings in the Coin Value Guide are determined.

Franklin Half Dollar Value is Conditional

Collectors and dealers, before they determine value, first examine the condition of each coin and assign a "Grade". The following are descriptions of the grades that are listed on the value chart.

Uncirculated - UNC: Also termed "Mint State", it describes a bright coin, like new with no signs of wear. Mint luster covers the entire surface.

About Uncirculated - AU: Just a hint of wear shows on the high points of the devices. Examine the cheek bone under the eye of Franklin, and on the reverse, the top and bottom rim of the Liberty Bell. If worn these areas are slightly grey in color and lack the shine of mint luster.

Extremely Fine - XF: Light wear is evident over the entire coin. Although, still a pleasing coin with ample detail.

As you grade your Franklin half dollars it is helpful to line them up from the best condition to the worst and compare to the grading image.

Even in Uncirculated condition your half dollar value depends on great eye appeal to draw the attention of a collector and attain a higher price.

Check a few coin dealer listings, look for those offering Franklin halves for sale. Their descriptions indicate what is important to Franklin half dollar value. Additionally, these coin dealers are potential buyers of your coins.

Find the Valuable Mintmarks

Franklin Half Dollar Mintmark Location

Often mintmarked coins are the more valuable. Branch mint production is frequently lower causing your Franklin half dollar value to rise. An example is the 1952-S a $35 coin in AU condition and the 1952 without a mintmark in the same condition is a $5.44 coin.

Two mintmarks where used, "S" for the San Francisco mint and a "D" indicating the Denver Mint. The mint in Philadelphia did not use a mintmark. Find the mint marks on the reverse, just above the Liberty Bell.

Old Half Dollar Values are Developing

Franklin halves are still developing collector value. The supply of circulated and uncirculated coins is usually enough to satisfy the demand. Time however is working in your favor.

As silver rises in value more and more silver halves are thrown into the melting pot. The supply dwindles yearly. Combined with the added collectors and inevitably your Franklin half dollar value rises. What to do now?

Consider your group of coins as the beginning of a coin collection. The start of an enjoyable and rewarding hobby. If that is not for you, one successful approach is to sell all your coins and use the proceeds to buy one nice rare coin. The one you were hoping to find in the box. Pass the thrill of a rare coin on to your children.

Check back whenever curious and definitely before you sell. Staying current with your Franklin half dollar value is worth the effort.

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