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1959 Franklin Half Dollar Value

Today's minimum 1959 Franklin half dollar value is $8.49 each. This is for a coin with noticeable wear, what is referred to as "average circulated" condition.

1959 Franklin Half Dollar

Higher collector value is found in the "uncirculated" grade. A coin that never saw use and is in the same condition it left the mint.

Your 1959 half dollar is worth either a strong bullion silver price or a higher collectible value. The difference is in accurately determining its condition. If put away in a coin album by a collector long ago, many of these old half dollars are enjoying the higher collector demand.

Pictured is a sought after coin, never circulated, still bright with original mint luster. Popularity is growing for the series and Franklin half dollars in higher condition are now realizing high values.

Two important sections to see below...

1) Grading the condition of your old Franklin half dollar

2) Auction highlight of a very rare 1959 half dollar

1959 is a year condition plays a major role.

Two mints struck half dollars in 1959, the Philadelphia and Denver mints. A "D" mintmark on the reverse identifies the Denver mint. These marks are small and just below the E in STATES on the reverse.

Although 1959 Franklin half dollar value is the same for either mint, their mintage totals are far from the same. Twice as many Denver coins were produced. Will a premium develop for the lower mintage Philadelphia half? Perhaps, values have separated with the same situation in older series of half dollars.

1959 Franklin Half Dollar Value
 Condition of Coin
  1959 Franklin Half Dollar Value Updated 7/26/2021
1959 $8.49 $8.49 $8.49 $11.66
1959 D $8.49 $8.49 $8.49 $11.66

Why Value is Well Above Silver Content

Your 1959 Franklin half dollar value is in one of four ranges.

1) Bullion Silver, your half dollar is worn however heavy with precious metal, value well above fifty cents.

2) Uncirculated Condition: No wear to the surface, minimum collector grade.

3) A step up in the collector grade of uncirculated are those considered choice; notable for bright luster and only light marks to the surface.

4) Superb Gems; these are stunning in appearance; few if any marks visible without magnification, unusually bold strikes, and often wonderfully toned.

Often elite condition Franklin halves are only brought to market via a rare coin auction. It is within these settings collectors have an opportunity to add a truly remarkable coin to their collection.

When the half dollar pictured was offered in a David Lawrence auction it drew bidding from collectors intent on finding the best possible example of a 1959 Franklin. Final bid was $138. An unquestioned gem at the top of the value scale.

Rare 1959 Franklin Half Dollar

Grading Condition Finds Accurate 1959 Franklin Half Dollar Value

An essential part to deciding on how much your coin worth is condition. In the hobby judging condition and assigning a grade is done for every coin. Follow the descriptions and compare your coins to the grading images, soon you develop an idea of the grades in the upper values.

1959 Franklin Half Dollar Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: Take your time here, 1959 Franklin half dollar value is highest if in "uncirculated" condition. No wear to the surface defines the uncirculated grade. When first minted all coins display mint luster, this luster radiates in bands when the coin is tilted. Also delicate, luster it is the first to wear and show signs of use. Examine both the lower edge of the Liberty bell and the cheek area below Franklin's eye for any breaks in luster.

Franklin Half Dollar About Uncirculated Condition

About Uncirculated: Once the high points of the design begin to wear a coin is graded as "about uncirculated" condition. Any wear to coin removes it from the collectible value and into the bullion value range. The cheek of Franklin just below the eye typically shows the first signs of wear. Also confirm only light wear present on the shoulder, it shows as a dulling to the shine without much removal of metal. On the revers, the lettering in the center of the Liberty bell is the first to show the dulling from wear.

Franklin Half Dollar Circulated Condition

Average Circulated: In the "average circulated" condition wear has removed all mint luster, your coin is a nice light silver grey. The important aspect of this grade; wear covers the entire surface. The reverse is the easiest to judge, focusing your attention on the center of the Liberty bell the lettering is completely gone, although since you know is was once there it may appear just slightly raised in the area. In worn condition 1959 Franklin half dollar value is tied to silver and currently worth $8.49 .

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Traditionally Franklin half dollar value moves in line with the price of silver. However, a few rare dates and mint marks stand out, if found in high condition. Compare you coins to the grading images and separate then by condition. Follow your coin's value on the silver charts, and check for rare dates and mint marks.

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