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2007 US Mint Proof Set Value

Annual offerings of proof sets now include six options. 2007 US Mint proof set value chart covers sets of both clad alloys and silver alloy coins as well as the introduced Presidential Dollar annual set.

Compare and match your set to the images. How much the set is worth includes both the preservation of the coins and complete packaging. Bright and crisp surfaces to coins, completeness to all parts of the set and condition of the boxes and papers.

2007 Proof Set Value
DateDescription Market Value
  Values Updated 2024
2007-s 14-Coin Set $20.40
2007-s 5-Coin Quarter Set $7.20
2007-s Silver 14-Coin Set $51.40
2007-s Silver 5-Coin Quarter Set $36.20
2007-s 4-Coin Presidential Set $6.90
2007-s American Legacy Set $91.00

Note: Value Chart is an average of retail listings.

Inspection of condition is necessary. The coins themselves are the largest part to value, gem condition coins display no discoloration, hazing, or spots to the proof surface.

Completeness to the packaging is also considered part of the set and value.

2007 14-Coin Proof Set and Package

2007 14-Coin Proof Set and Package | Value: $20.40

An extensive proof set was issued by the Mint in 2007. With 14 coins to display it is an impressive set.

An outer white cardboard - open ended - sleeve housed two separated boxes containing the proof set cases. The outer white sleeve is printed in a pale metallic gold with the US Mint Seal over italicized text.

10 proof coins in two plastic cases are contained in one of the inner boxes. Five State Quarters in one plastic case and the cent thorough dollar proofs in another. Both plastic cases feature a blue tone insert with an American Flag graphic. White stars, lettering and the US Mint Seal are printed on the insert. Outer box is a blue shade Statue of Liberty on a white background. A folded Certificate of Authenticity stating alloy compositions is part of the package.

A second box holds a singe plastic case displaying the initial four proof Presidential Dollars minted in 2007 only. The first four Presidents are featured in order of office:

Washington | Adams | Jefferson | Madison

The plastic case is a new innovation to US proof sets. The coins are held in a manner to view the edges of the coins. A colorful US Flag along with the US Constitution in the scene of the insert. A folded Certificate of Authenticity is included.

All coins of the 2007 14-coin proof set are the same alloy metal as business (circulating) coinage.

A side note: Some of the boxes containing the two plastic cases housing the cent through dollar were issued with a label affixed to the box describing the set. Other boxes had the information printed directly on the box.

2007 State Quarter Proof Set and Package

2007 5-Coin State Quarter Proof Set and Package | Value: $7.20

A separate option to purchase the five clad alloy proof State Quarters of 2007 was offered by the US Mint. One plastic case displays quarters celebrating the states entering the Union.

Montana | Washington | Idaho | Wyoming | Utah

These proof coins are a copper-nickel alloy. The proof qualities of the coins are achieved by preparation to a high polish the coin blanks and dies prior to striking.

Plastic case is enhanced by the blue tone color flag graphic inset holding the coins. Printing in white of the stars and text highlights the set.

Holding the set is an outer cardboard box featuring a Bald Eagle and text in shades of blue. 2007 dates the box and the five states are named all in a silver color ink. Completing the set and contents is a Certificate of Authenticity specific to the set describing the proof coins and dating the set.

All nickel-clad proof State Quarter sets are identified by the blue toned theme to the inserts of the cases and outer boxes.

2007 Silver 14-Coin Proof Set and Package

2007 Silver 14-Coin Proof Set and Package | Value: $51.40

A large proof set presented in three plastic cases. Setting the coins and sets apart are the silver coins and introduction of the four Presidential dollars.

In one box are two cases. One case holds the dominations of coins cent through Sacagawea dollar. In the second plastic case are the five silver proof State Quarters of 2007. Cent, nickel and Sacagawea dollar are of the metal alloy as standard coinage.

These two plastic cases are illustrated with the US Flag in shades of red printed on the insert. Identifying the alloy of the coins "Silver Proof Set" is part of the white text printed on the insert within the case. Outer box continues the red color theme with an upper view of the Statue of Liberty and red printing of text.

A third plastic case displays the newly introduced Presidential dollar series. Four manganese-brass clad alloy proof coins celebrating the first four US Presidents are displayed on a graphic of the US Flag and an image of the US Constitution printed on the insert to the case.

A separate cardboard box sized to hold the one plastic case protects the Presidential dollar set. On the reverse of the box are portraits of the four presidents - Washington | Adams | Jefferson | Madison.

Housing the collection of the proof sets is a white - open ended - sleeve. A silver color ink is used in the text and image of the US Mint Seal. 2007 and "Silver Proof Set" identifies the uniqueness of the set.

Each separate box included a Certificate of Authenticity specific to the coins within the box.

A total of seven coins are struck in 90% silver alloy in the 2007 silver proof set. Dime, Half Dollar and the five State Quarter representing a base silver value to the set of $41.25 as of 5/27/2024 .

2007 Silver State Quarter Proof Set and Package

2007 Silver 5-Coin State Quarter Proof Set and Package | Value: $36.20

As part of the popular State Quarters series collectors had an option to purchase these silver proofs as a single set.

One plastic case holds the silver quarters set against an American Flag graphic insert in shades of red. White stars and lettering complete the design displaying the coins. The obverse side (portrait of Washington) of the coins are displayed on a solid red insert. In white is the 50 State Quarters Logo.

An outer box to fit the one case is overall grey on white featuring a Bald Eagle, silver-grey color text identifying the set and the date - 2007. Continuing the silver-grey theme on the reverse of the box is the US map with the states represented by the quarters of 2007 highlighted. Completing the set is a folded Certificate of Authenticity further confirming and identifying the set.

All five quarters are 90% silver, representing a base value of $27.87 as of 5/27/2024 .

All parts of the set and packaging are important to collectors. Inspect to confirm all coins remain in Gem Proof condition. A crisp clear bright finish to the mirror fields of the coins and frosted portrait and lettering is the original finish when first leaving the mint. The coins themselves are first to inspect, secondly the packaging. In the market place original packaging in good shape is part of the value of silver proof sets.

2007 4-Coin Presidential Proof Set and Package

2007 4-Coin Presidential Dollar Proof Set and Package | Value: $6.90

US Mint began the Presidential $1 Coin Program and issued a separate proof set option in 2007. One plastic case of four proof coins portraying the US Presidents in order of serving in office.

Washington | Adams | Jefferson | Madison

Reverse of the coins is a highly detailed upper view of the Statue of Liberty. The Liberty reverse is the same on all Presidential dollar coins.

Insert of the case is a color graphic of the US Flag and Constitution. White printing on the insert describes the set. The plastic case is enhanced allowing an "edge view" of the coins. Found on the edge of the coins is the impressed inscriptions "E Pluribus Unum" and "In God We Trust" along with the date - 2007. These proofs are a Manganese-Brass clad alloy giving the coins their "gold" color.

Outer box, sized to fit the one plastic case, displays a graphic of Washington presiding over the assembly signing the United States Constitution. Design based on Howard Chandler Christy's painting. Reverse of box are portraits of the four Presidents featured on the proof coins. Within the box was included a folded Certificate of Authenticity. Value of the set is both in the coins and historical commemoration of the Presidents.

2007 American Legacy Proof Set and Package

2007 American Legacy Proof Set and Package | Value: $91.00

Proof coins of 2007 were available as a purchase option in the form of a distinctive American Legacy proof set collection. 16 coins comprise the set covering all denominations from the cent through Sacagawea Dollar, four Presidential Dollars, five State Quarters and two commemorative silver dollars.

Adding value to the set are the proof Jamestown 400th Anniversary and Little Rock Central High School Desegregation silver dollars. Both are distinctive in their fine detail, enhanced by the crisp and boldness of their proof striking.

Proof coins are of the same alloy as the circulating coins of the time. The two commemorative silver dollars are 90% silver.

Three rectangular plastic and two round plastic capsules hold the coins within the display case packaging. A black inset is used to highlight the coins within the rectangular cases with the Presidential case featuring an edge view to the coins.

Side panels to the package fold open and are illustrated with events and descriptions to the commemorative dollars. Once folded an outline of the White House is depicted in silver-grey on a black background. An outer open-end sleeve matching the White House image design holds the case.

The case is supported by a fold-out stand and the display spans 24 inches. Included is a Certificate of Authenticity including details of the set is found within a sleeve attached to the display.

The American Legacy annual proof set option proved popular with collectors and value is supported by the State Quarters interest and the large silver content of the commemorative dollars.

2007 State Quarter Close-Up

2007 US Mint proof set value includes five State Quarters commemorating statehood with their designs. Each design is rich with symbolic meaning. Building a nation and the difficulty of the task is overcome with tenacious efforts of millions of people as seen displayed on the quarters.


"Big Sky Country" is the theme of the Montana State Quarter. The vast area, terrain and struggle is vividly displayed within the design.

Central to the design is a very detailed, high in profile Bison skull. Hardship fell to many as Montana was first explored and settled. Bison as well as the settlers are rugged and resilient.

Montana's landscape forms the background to the design. In fine detail the Northern Rocky Mountains defining the western area of the Continental Divide are depicted. The eastern plains region is portrayed by the lower, well sculped area. Representing the watersheds that comprise Montana's topography is the riverway separating the two elements within the design.

Noting the year of statehood - Montana 1889 is above. 2007 was the year the State Quarter was minted. Sculptor Don Everhart; Sculptor- Engraver rendered the design.


Portraying the theme of "The Evergreen State" the Washington State Quarter features a bold and high in profile design of the landscape and resources of the state.

Mint Director Edmund C. Moy at the introduction ceremony affirmed the State's pride in Washington's natural beauty. With shorelines to the Pacific Ocean, Cascade Mountain Range, deep valleys, and forests.

Leaping from the waters is a finely detailed King Salmon. Vast waterways of Washington support the majestic fish and its migrations to the Pacific Ocean and back to spawn.

With the status as the highest peak of the Cascade Range; Mount Rainier towers in the background. Glacial snows and ice are detailed at the peak of the design. Representing the vast timber resources, a finely engraved forest lines the shore.

Washington became a state in 1889 noted at the top of the quarter. 2007 dated at the lower rim is the year of minting of the Washington State Quarter.


Celebrating its efforts at conservation of the Peregrine Falcon is central to the design of the Idaho State Quarter.

In fine detail the profile of the falcon renders the wing feathers and head in bold relief. A hunting bird and know for its speed, it was at one time on the endangered species list. Efforts in Idaho of eliminating toxins in pesticides have succeeded in reestablishing the bird and is no longer endangered.

The falcon is gazing over the states motto "Esto Perpetua" in Latin. Translation "May it be Forever"

Below is a textured outline of the state, Boise the state capital is represented by the star within the outline.

1890 dated at the top of the quarter is the year Idaho entered the Union. Completing the design - 2007 - under the design is when the quarters were minted. "E Pluribus Unum" (Out of Many, One) the US Motto is along the lower rim.


Wyoming's State Quarter symbolizes the states Wild West heritage. The Rocky Mountains and the High Plains drew those with a driving pioneering spirit.

Filling the central design is a bucking bronco and rider waving his hat; composed of a frosted silhouette in raised relief.

Theme of the quarter "The Equality State" recognizes Wyoming as granting women the right to vote. History was made December 1869 when Wyoming; at the time a territory; approved voting rights to women.

Above the design - 1890 - is the year of Wyoming becoming a state. Dated 2007 under the rider is the year of production and release of the coin.


Home to the location of joining the content of the United States, east to west, is a proud heritage and theme of the Utah State Quarter. "Crossroads of the West"

With a backdrop of Promontory Summit two locomotives pose at the linking of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads. The event was instrumental to established the 1,912-mile Transcontinental Railroad.

Featured in the center is the "Golden Spike" the ceremonial last spike used in completing the rail line.

Utah - 1896 - identifies the year of entry to the Union and at the bottom of the quarter - 2007 is the year of minting the coin. "E Pluribus Unum" (Out of Many, One) the US motto, completes the design.

2007 Utah State Quarter Design

Crossroads of the West: The Utah State Quarter

Taking place May 1869, the joining the Central to Union Pacific railroads is well depicted on the Utah State Quarter. Utah becomes the "Crossroads of the West".

Fine detail is engraved into both locomotives. Forward lights, smoke stacks, whistles, cabin and wheels are rendered true to the actual engines. These trains met where the track was joined in Promontory Utah leading to the naming of the "Crossroads of the West".

Imaged on the left is the Central Pacific locomotive No. 60, distinguished by the large cone shaped smoke stack. Union Pacific engine No. 119 is on the right with its easily identified tall cylinder smoke stack.

Forming the central design is the "Golden Spike". The ceremony included a gold railroad spike as the last spike needed to complete the rail line. The original gold spike now resides with Stanford's Cantor Arts Center. Inscribed on the original gold spike is the following: (May God continue the unity of our Country, as this Railroad unites the two great Oceans of the world).

Designer: Joseph Menna, Sculptor-Engraver

Continued Interest Adding to 2007 Proof Set Value

Introduction of the Presidential $1 Coin Program and the inclusion of the additional four proof dollars expanded the interest to annual set collecting.

2007 represents nine years into the State Quarters program. Collectors assembling sets of either the clad or silver quarters had options to add to their collections. Popularity of State Quarters and resulting demand did not diminish in 2007.

US Mint continued the high quality of the proof coins themselves and packaging along with the variety of new designs.

Additional value is found in the range of US history portrayed on circulation coinage designs - State Quarters - Sacagawea dollar - Presidential dollars are well represented by the high quality proof coins issued in 2007.

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