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Half Dime Value - Moving Higher Yearly

A very desirable coin, your half dime value rises depending on the date, the mint that produced the coin, and how much wear and abuse it has received.

Half Dime Values for Bust and Seated Half Dimes

Scarce today, these small silver coins were often lost, many more melted for their silver content, and the majority of the rest simply wore out from use.

The earliest years 1794 to 1805 are all truly rare coins, most worth over $847. The years that followed also have their share of valuable half dimes, notably those of the mid 1860's.


Having a real affect on value, is the mint that coined your half dime. Since the survival rates of the different mints varies from high to very low the difficultly in finding an example for certain years when few are available, drives the value up.

And the hardest value to judge... condition. Often having the largest impact on these old coin values is its state of preservation.

A good example to illustrate the value change because of condition are the Seated half dime series.

Recognizing your coin is in better shape than "good" condition and closer to "extremely fine" is a difference between an $12 and $34 coin.

A US half dime is one of the more elusive pieces that could turn up in your box of old coins. The following are the minimum values dealer pay for the coins.

Half Dime Value
 Condition of Coin
  Half Dime Value Updated 2020
Flowing Hair Variety 1794-1795
  $1,029 $1,430 $3,408 $5,488
Draped Bust Variety 1796-1805
  $847 $1,760 $3,760 $9,440
Capped Bust Variety 1829-1837
  $39 $58 $100 $250
Seated Liberty Stars on Obverse Type 1838-1859
  $13 $21 $46 $122
Seated Liberty Legend on Obverse Type 1860-1873
  $12 $17 $34 $115

Follow the "Grading" images for each series, judge the condition, determine the grade and then an accurate value.

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Bust Half Dime Value

An historic and important US coin, Bust half dime values have steadily risen over the years. Scarce and in demand, the state of preservation is important to collectors. Judge your coins carefully using the grading images and discover how much they are worth.

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Seated Half Dime Value

Many rare and valuable date and mintmark combinations are found in this classic Seated Liberty half dime series. A slow and deliberate evaluation of dates, mintmarks and condition is necessary to determine an accurate value. Often with surprising and positive results. Check the grading images combined with value charts of this scarce US coin.

Half Dime Value Overview

Take a second look at your coins, determine the variety, date, mintmark, and also judge their condition carefully. You are more likely to find a higher condition coin than a rare date or mintmark. Discover the highest accurate value of your coins.

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