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3 Cent Coin Values

The demand for these unique collectibles equals decent 3 cent coin values.

3 Cent Silver and Nickel Series

Issued in both silver and nickel alloys. The minimum value of the silver issue is $29 to $35 for a coin in "Good" condition. The three cent nickel piece follows closely at $11 each.

Where are the rare dates? You find them at the end of each series. These short lived series experienced declining mintages towards the end of production. Creating many rarities. True, the rare dates are elusive, however, better condition coins are also sought.

Tucked away for all these years, pay particular attention to the condition of your coin. It is the key to uncovering 3 cent coin values. Condition is often overlooked, see below for more about why "grading" is so important.

3 Cent Coin Values - Revealing the Details

Explore the important details of determining three cent coin values. How much are they worth?

Compare your coins to the images and click on the links to either the silver or nickel issues.

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Three Cent Silver Value

10 rare dates of 24 total, have starting values over $300. The potential is there for some exciting finds. Bring these little treasures to the desk. Match them to the grading images and value charts.

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Three Cent Nickel Values

The value charts reveal the 1879 worth over $38, and the 1880 higher at $47. A quick scan points to the one you are hoping to find, the 1885, a rarity, starting at $300 or more. Click through to the chart and separate the $11 dates from the more valuable coins.

Grading Discovers Value

Collectors and dealers always evaluate the condition of every coin, assign a "grade," and then place a value. You can do the same.

Avoid undervaluing your coins. Each series has images of coins in different conditions of wear. Compare your coins, find the closest match and determine its grade.

The 1855 three cent silver is an example of a $33 coin in "Good" condition, $60 in "Fine," but worth over $156 in "Extremely Fine" condition.

Old coins in the nicer conditions are highly sought. Use the grading images to help you become proficient at spotting the greater value.

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