Saint Gaudens Gold Coin Values

Saint Gaudens gold coin values have risen above $1,473 each. Containing nearly one ounce of gold, the price of the precious metal forms this high base value.

Saint Gaudens Twenty Dollar Gold Coin

Additionally, there are several rare dates and mint marks. For example, the 1908-S and 1925-S, when brought to auction, often trade for many thousands of dollars. The value chart highlights these rare coins.

Also, collector demand for "Uncirculated" examples of this majestic coin help raise the value above the minimum.

The St. Gaudens gold coin pictured, a lustrous coin, showing no signs of wear, is worth over $1,532 because of its condition.

Determining your coin is in this state of preservation quickly moves Saint Gaudens gold coin values higher. Further down the page, how to evaluate condition is covered in more detail.

Saint Gaudens Gold Coin Values and What Dealers Pay

Except for the rare dates, circulated and worn St. Gaudens are worth close to gold value. Reserving the best prices for Uncirculated gold. Examine your coins and the chart closely.

Saint Gaudens Gold Coin Values
 Condition of Coin
  Saint Gaudens Gold Coin Values Updated 8/12/2019
1907 $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,543
1908 $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,532
1908 D $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,543
With Motto Variety 1908-1932
1908 $1,488 $1,508 $1,557 $1,613
1908 D $1,473 $1,485 $1,510 $1,543
1908 S $1,780 $3,279 $3,653 $8,468
1909 $1,473 $1,485 $1,510 $1,543
1909 D $1,473 $1,485 $1,510 $2,298
1909 S $1,473 $1,485 $1,510 $1,532
1910 $1,473 $1,485 $1,510 $1,543
1910 D $1,473 $1,485 $1,510 $1,532
1910 S $1,473 $1,485 $1,510 $1,532
1911 $1,473 $1,485 $1,510 $1,532
1911 D $1,473 $1,485 $1,510 $1,532
1911 S $1,473 $1,485 $1,510 $1,532
1912 $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,532
1913 $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,532
1913 D $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,532
1913 S $1,473 $1,485 $1,510 $2,095
1914 $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,543
1914 D $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,532
1914 S $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,532
1915 $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,532
1915 S $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,532
1916 S $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,532
1920 $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,532
1920 S Rare Rare Rare Rare
1921 Rare Rare Rare Rare
1922 $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,532
1922 S $1,473 $1,485 $1,557 $2,275
1923 $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,532
1923 D $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,532
1924 $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,532
1924 D $1,780 $1,904 $2,226 $3,607
1924 S $1,603 $1,718 $1,860 $4,038
1925 $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,532
1925 D ** ** $4,052 $4,611
1925 S ** ** $3,380 $6,118
1926 $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,532
1926 D ** ** $9,152 $10,880
1926 S $1,780 $1,904 $1,961 $3,371
1927 $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,532
1927 D Rare Rare Rare Rare
1927 S Rare Rare Rare Rare
1928 $1,473 $1,485 $1,498 $1,532
1929 Rare Rare Rare Rare
1930 S Rare Rare Rare Rare
1931 Rare Rare Rare Rare
1931 D Rare Rare Rare Rare
1932 Rare Rare Rare Rare

The above are wholesale Saint Gaudens gold coin values. Computed from dealer's price lists with various mark-up factors figured in. They reflect closely the value you would expect to receive when selling.

Variations in value do occur subject to subtle grading points, collector demands and dealer needs. For more background information, see how value listings in the Coin Value Guide are determined.

St. Gaudens Values are Conditional

Collectors and dealers avidly pursue gold coins, searching for ones in the finest condition. They evaluate each coin in a process known as "Grading." As a coin circulates through commerce it progresses through different stages of wear and loss of detail, each is assigned a grade.

Most St. Gaudens gold is collected in the "Uncirculated" grade, accordingly these examples are worth a premium. Is your coin "Uncirculated," or slightly worn and in the "About Uncirculated" grade? Finding accurate Saint Gaudens gold coin values hinges on judging the difference.

An Uncirculated coin shows no signs of wear and no break in the luster. Rotate your coin at different angles, under a light, the luster radiates out from the center, covering the entire surface.

An About Uncirculated coin suffers from handling that quickly removes luster from the highest points of the design. This light wear has a slightly dull appearance. Compare your coins to the grading image.

Saint Gaudens Twenty Dollar Gold Coin Grading

The distinction between Uncirculated and About Uncirculated is subtle. Because of the expertise required to grade accurately, and the different Saint Gaudens gold coin values from one grade to the next, most are submitted to a grading service.

Collectors and dealers consider PCGS and NGC as leaders in coin grading services. Seek their advice. They both authenticate and grade your coin. The small fee you pay provides assurance you understand and receive the full value of your coin.

The prominence of NGC and PCGS within the collecting community is evident by touring a few sites. Check a few rare coin dealers' listings, look for those offering twenty dollar gold coins similar to yours. Their listings and prices include a notation of the NGC or PCGS assigned grade. Additionally, these coin dealers are potential buyers of your coins.

Finding the Valuable Mintmarks

Saint Gaudens Twenty Dollar Gold Coin Mintmark Location

Find the mintmark on the obverse, just above the date.

Three different mints produced St. Gaudens gold and mint marks were place on coins by the branch mints to indicate origin.

The Mint in Denver Colorado used a "D" mintmark, the San Francisco Mint in California used an "S".

The main mint in Philadelphia Pennsylvania did not place a mintmark on coins. Examine your coins, as the mintmarked issues often have higher values.

The popularity of the design drives Saint Gaudens gold coin values. This coin is always in demand by collectors. Handle your coin carefully by the edges to preserve its value.

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