Coin Values Moving with Precious Metals: Up-Dated 7/6/2024: Gold $2384 | Silver $31.03

Silver Dollar Values

Silver dollar values are on the move. Precious metals, gold and silver, are on the move. Collectible coins are on the move. As of 7/6/2024 with silver at $31.03 an ounce, all silver dollars minted prior to 1936 are worth a minimum of $28.31 each. Quite a bit higher than their bullion silver value.

Using a step by step method finds scarce to rare dates, varieties, and the important step of judging condition of your coin. Value charts list how much silver dollars are worth above base silver value.

Silver Dollars Representing the Different Series: Bust, Seated Liberty, Morgan, and Peace Dollars

Steps Leading to Value:

  • Step 1: Recognize the Different Series of Silver Dollars - U.S. Silver Dollars were minted in a variety of series and styles with overlapping dates. Identify the different series to begin.
  • Step 2: Date and Mintmark Variety - Scarce dates become important to value, along with Mintmark combinations are identified.
  • Step 3: Grading Condition - An important step is judging condition of your coin. With a close inspection and comparing to standards for the grade, judge condition and find potential value.
  • Step 4: Special Qualities - Silver dollars are examined for qualities adding or subtracting from value.

How to determine silver dollar values begins with identifying the series. Examine your coin and compare to the following images to find a match.

Note: Images within blue borders are Links to in-depth coverage of the different series.

Step 1: | Recognize the Different Series of Silver Dollars

Visit...  Bust Dollar Values

Bust Dollar Values | The Rare Early Years

The originals, early Bust dollars are colonial works of art. Worth hundreds or more depending on the date. Find one of these in your box and you have a treasure from history. A sophisticated collectible, take a peek at the value chart.

Visit...  Seated Liberty Dollar Values

Seated Liberty Dollar Values | Classic and Rare

A classic silver dollar but rarely encountered. With extremely low mintages and survival rates, all are rare. If yours is in nice condition it is easily worth in the hundreds. Compare it to the grading images and value charts, discover its true value.

Visit...  Morgan Silver Dollar Values

Morgan Silver Dollar Values | Popular

Every collector likes them; every collector wants one. Their popularity is immense. Worth over $28.31 each because of silver content alone. Check the grading images and value charts. Find a rare date, mintmark or a better condition coin and values start climbing.

Visit...  Peace Dollar Values

Peace Dollar Values | Waiting for Discovery

Although Peace dollars are in the shadow of their earlier cousins. Please, don't let that stop you from looking at your coins and determining value. Each is worth $23.88 because of high silver prices. Also, the series does have a few rare dates and varieties to add to the excitement. The value chart and grading images shine a light on these rarities.

Step 2: | Date Plus Variety and Mintmarks are Identified

High in popularity among collectors is forming sets of silver dollar by date. A date run of Morgan dollar is an impressive set. Large silver coins, iconic design, and a challenging pursuit. Key scare dates with limited numbers available are in strong demand with strong values. The different series of dollars are all known for elusive dates. Early era Bust dollars are all scarce, Seated dollars are close behind with the majority of dates infrequently encountered. Morgan and Peace silver dollar each have many common, scarce, and rare dates as part of the series. Date identity is very important to an accurate determination of how much silver dollars are worth.

Enter the different mints and their production of silver dollars. The mint that struck the coin is the next part to recognize.

Examples of Mintmarks Used On Silver Dollars

As mints were constructed across the U.S. one of their first priorities was striking of silver dollars. Philadelphia the first mint, struck all Bust dollars and the majority of the first decade of the Seated Liberty series.

By 1846 the New Orleans mint was in operation and coined a few Seated design dollars. Its largest contribution was the Morgan series with large productions in the millions per year.

Mintmarks now become important to the value process. Each mint, to identify its coins, used mintmarks, placing them within the design. As example, an "O" mintmark was used by the New Orleans mint.

San Francisco mint struck its first dollars in 1859 placing an "S" mintmark on coinage. Carson City mint is identified by the "CC" mintmark it used. Denver mint by 1921 was needed to coin sliver dollars and is identified with a "D" mintmark.

Value charts list the dates along with mintmark varieties. Collectors complete sets of coins with examples from each mint for each year. Huge differences are known in the availability of certain date and mint combinations. Each series covers the mints, mintmarks, and how to identify.

🔎Refer to Step 1 above; image links to match your coin. Visit the series page for value charts and details on how to value your old silver dollar.

Step 3: | Grading Condition | Silver Dollar Values are Conditional

Surface condition of silver dollars is the next part to value. Collectors strive to improve their collections with nice condition coins, examining each closely. Different stages of wear are designated a "Grade". The condition of a silver dollar and the amount of wear to the surface is compared to images of grades. As wear progresses, parts of the design are lost and the stages are assigned a grade. Because of the different designs and wear patterns, each series is graded individually.

Silver Dollars in Grades: Mint State, Extremely Fine, Fine, and Good Grades

Mint State Grade: A coin still free of wear, with luster from the minting process remaining, and few marks to the surface is the top condition. Mint State coins are defined as no wear to the surface. A close look at the high points is needed to detect absence of smoothing and loss of luster to the metal. Liberty remains without any dulling on high areas in the example.

Extremely Fine Grade: Silver dollars with a slight amount of wear on high areas are within the Extremely Fine grade. Wear is just beginning to remove fine lines, such as in hair detail and smooth the fields of the coin. A few strands of hair are merging on Liberty of the Morgan dollar.

Fine Grade: Wear removing many small details, defines a silver dollar in Fine grade. Major details remain recognizable. Judging Peace dollars, Liberty's hair is smooth in areas but a separation remains of her hair line from her forehead and face. Lettering along the rim is distinct, and the rim bold, helping judge the coin as Fine grade.

Good Grade: Heavy wear covers all parts of the design on a dollar in Good grade. Major design elements are flattened and merging. Hair has blended with Liberty's face on the Morgan dollar example. Most fine line detail is worn smooth defining the Good grade. Only the deepest parts of the relief remain.

Determine a grade of your silver dollar by comparing to images of standards, videos, and descriptions.

How to Video: | Grading Morgan Silver Dollars

How to Video: | Grading Peace Silver Dollars

🔎In Step 1 above; image and text links lead to series pages of in-depth grading coverage. Close-up images and descriptions of grades are used to judge condition. Additional video helps to identify many subtle points to grading coins.

Step 4: | Special Qualities Enhancing Value

Collectability is one of silver dollars greatest special qualities. A large size coin begins impressive. Designs of U.S. dollars are majestic when rendered in large sizes. Any spoilers to diminish their beauty, even if subtle, are taken serious by collectors.

Mint state grade dollars with their high values must meet strict standards of: no wear to the surface. They are also evaluated for their eye appeal.

Type Set of Silver Dollars: Seated Liberty, Morgan, and Peace Silver Dollars

A mint state collection of just three coins represents a type set of special coinage. Bright, even luster on each shows the designs to their full potential. No distractions, such as large marks or stains in color to the surface reduce the quality of the set.

Additionally; collections of dollars are often centered around special varieties within a series. Morgan dollars have an active collector base focused on Carson City dollars. Obtaining an example of each year struck at Carson City is a challenge to complete. Many of these sets are of circulated grade coins and an understanding of scarcity and grading is needed.

Circulated, worn coins have a few standout qualities to recognize. Silver tones over time, changing color, if left unprotected turns a very deep shade of charcoal. A circulated grade is judged by the appeal of toning along with the amount of wear to the surface.

Eye Appealing Silver Dollars and Low Eye Appeal Example

First dollar in the row is a lightly circulated example noted for the pleasing light toning. Second, a Morgan dollar, is also lightly circulated. It combines pleasing color, traces of mint luster within the legend, and the fields behind the portrait are clear of marks and nicks. The third is a comparison example quickly noted for scoring lower eye appeal.

Each series of silver dollars is evaluated for special qualities strengthening value. Avoiding excessive marks to the surface and deep toning, obscuring design details, puts any silver dollar ahead of others. Eye appeal is recognized as part of value.

🔎Match your coin to the image links in Step 1 and visit; how to determine in-depth silver dollar values of your coin.

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