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Tips for Locating Antiques and Relics with a Metal Detector

By Michael Bernzweig

Finding antiques is as easy as heading out to your local antiques store or auction house and finding something you like. It can be even more fun (albeit more work) when you go antiquing with a metal detector and you're the first one to unearth a special treasure. But, where are the best locations to begin?

While you can go antiquing with a metal detector nearly anywhere, old public buildings can offer some particularly exciting finds. Here to tell us more about metal detecting around former public hot spots like these is Michael Bernzweig of Michael has been metal detecting since before his parents opened the store over 30 years ago! Needless to say he has a unique perspective, and a great deal to share.

Michael reminds us that while many of the ideas in this article may apply to your area, when treasure hunting on private property, you must always get permission. In addition, he reminds us that before metal detecting on public property, always be sure to check the current local and federal laws before starting your search.

Some of our favorite places to go metal detecting have always been old fields and public buildings. Places like former one room school houses in particular make excellent metal detecting sites given the types of antiques you can often find there. Unique finds that you might come across at older schools and fields are old coins and relics.

In the past, when a school was being built, the children and townspeople would get together to help erect these structures. You are sure to come away with some interesting older coins or other items like belt buckles, buttons and jewelry. Be sure to check out for more articles about finding relics for tips on selecting a metal detector specifically designed to find antiques and relics.

The other reason to search schools and public fields are that they're generally some of the oldest buildings and spots in the area. In some situations, you may know the building as somewhat modern, but it was common to rebuild on the same site should a building like this become damaged, or even outdated. As a result, if you do your research, you may find the site is actually much older than you think. This also means the antiques you could find will be older as well.

In addition schools served not only as places of education, they were also the town's meeting halls and social gathering spots. Clubs and towns people of all kinds met at schools, and, this kept these locations very active. Today, this means there's a higher likelihood of you unearthing antique jewelry, coins, and other treasures at these types of sites than others because they were former hubs of activity; so more people would have had the opportunity to leave things behind for you to find.

Other types of old buildings to consider searching include former bars and restaurants, drug stores, grange halls, and other popular places like these in your area. With a bit of research you can find some amazing locations for metal detecting antiques that may not even have been searched before! Just be sure to always get permission, respect the land, and pack out any trash you make or find, and you'll be ready for some antiquing fun with your metal detector.


About the author: Michael Bernzweig manages in Southborough, MA. He has written extensively on the subject of metal detecting since the mid 1980's. He has traveled world-wide in his pursuit of educating, exploring and advising others in the proper use of metal detectors. Outside of the business he enjoys mentoring students, being involved in the community and spending time with his family.

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