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Finding Rare Dimes

Let's discover the rare dimes in your box of old coins. The popularity of coin collecting today and demand from collectors has moved the value of these old coins to new highs.

Rare Dimes

Whole series of dimes, normally scarce, are becoming increasingly rare to find as most are quickly going into collections. Identify one of these avidly sought coins and you have a nice little treasure.

Additionally a large number of rare dates, mintmark and date combinations and scarce varieties, are found throughout all of US dime production including the current modern Roosevelt dime.

Other subtle differences in your coins such as its state of preservation often separates the common from the valuable rare dimes.

High grade coins with minimal to no wear are in the greatest demand and condition is often the deciding factor between a $1.79 silver dime and a $300 rare dime. Note: Values have been updated to reflect the 2020 market.

Historically Important Rare Dimes

Dime production began in 1796 and the early "Bust" dimes are some of the most sought after of all US coins. The entire series of this design type is rare.

Theses first classic colonial dimes (top image above) are of great interest and value to collectors.

Beginning in 1809 a new Capped Bust design was introduced and continued until 1837. Here again all are rare dimes being either scarce or rare with very few of the original mintage surviving until today.

A heavily worn example represents the condition of the majority of the dimes from these first two designs.

If you own a Bust dime with less wear and a greater amount of design showing it is the exception.

Collectors strive to add the finest condition examples to their collections. Many of these early dimes are scarce even in heavily worn condition and are often very rare in higher condition with few available.

The next series in the line of dime production is the Seated Liberty design. A long running series containing many date and mintmark combinations and always welcome by coin dealers.

Of particular interest are mint marked issues, check the reverse of your Seated dimes under the wreath for any mintmarks. Note: Mintmarks are small letters struck onto the coin identifying the mint that produced it. For example a coin minted in New Orleans would have an "O" mintmark, found on the reverse. Similarly, CC - Carson City | D - Denver | S- San Francisco. Coins without mintmarks were made at the Philadelphia mint.

Have a look at the value chart; representatives of each series are listed. Dates and mints are chosen to highlight some of the standout values within the series. We will pick up with the Barber and Mercury dimes series and a few modern rare dimes after the chart.

Classical Rare Dime Series

Note: All US dimes minted prior to 1965 are 90% silver with a minimum value of $1.79 .

Historically Important Rare Dimes
 Condition of Coin
  Rare Dime Values Up-Dated 2020
1796 $1,263 $2,847 $4,832 $11,600
1805 $403 $546 $1,528 $6,483
1807 $290 $546 $2,885 $3,556
Capped Bust
1825 $63 $105 $342 $1,029
1828 $32 $58 $272 Rare
1835 $29 $43 $176 $495
1837 $33 $78 $353 $839
1851 $14 $17 $73 $325
1856-O $16 $45 $114 $537
1892-S $51 $153 $174 $351
1895 $54 $198 $370 $488
1895-O $259 $585 $1,420 Rare
1897-O $48 $205 $266 $691
1901-S $55 $266 $320 Rare
1903-S $62 $285 $559 $715
1916-D $594 $1,530 Rare Rare
1921 $42 $104 $400 $777
1921-D $59 $161 $511 $940
1926-S $9 $25 $213 $811
1942/1 $249 $290 $428 $2,005
Silver $1.79 $1.79 $1.79 $2.21

True, there are many dates listed in this value chart, however if an old dime is in pleasing "Extremely Fine" condition or better the list would expand greatly.

Rare Barber Dimes

Rare 1895-O Barber Dime

Introduced in 1892 Barber dimes are popular with collectors today with many building collections of every date and mint. Branch mint issues of the Barber dime were often minted in far lower numbers the Philadelphia mint. Search the reverse under the bow of the wreath, you are looking for a small “S” “O” or “D.”

Greatest value is awarded to the 1895-O. This Barber dime is notable as having the lowest number struck, 440,000. An elusive coin since day one, a recognized rarity and a prized addition to any advanced collection. Imaged is a nice circulated example.

Rare Mercury Dimes

Rare 1916-D Mecury Dime

1916-D a very rare dime, few were minted and they have always been the highest valued Mercury dime.

Rare 1921 Mercury Dime

1921 is a semi rare coin even in lower grades. However if yours is in the condition pictured above with just minor wear the value tops one hundred dollars.

Rare 1921-D Mercury Dime

1921-D the Denver minted coin is also semi rare. But if it never circulated and is in "brand new" condition it becomes a coin rarely seen.

Rare 1942/1 Mercury Dime

Every Mercury dime is worth $1.96 and heavy with silver value. In a sense all are scarce and valuable with silver at $26.77 per ounce as of 9/21/2020 . They are fun to collect and many collectors are assembling sets of Mercury dimes covering every date and mint from 1916 through 1945. Collecting demand has produced some very high values for a few key dates.

Highlighting a rare Mercury dime minting error. In 1942 the mint produced an error where the "2" of the date is over a "1" and both numbers are dramatically showing. It represents an error coin that today’s collectors consider as a necessary addition to a complete collection of Mercury dimes. Not discover immediately; as many circulated freely in the past leading to the possibility one could turn up in any box of old coins.

Modern Dimes Worth Knowing

The Silver Years of the Roosevelt Dime

Beginning in 1946 the current Roosevelt design was introduced. The design remains current, however a major change accrued in 1965. All silver was removed from the alloy of US circulating coinage. Today's dime is a "clad" alloy of a copper-nickel over a solid copper core.

Older dimes of the series containing silver were quickly saved from circulation, although may turn up in your box of old coins. Separate any dime dated 1964 and before, currently 9/21/2020 they are worth $1.79 each and a nice find.

Rare 1970 Proof No S Roosevelt Dime
Rare 1983 Proof No S Roosevelt Dime

One more place to discover truly rare and valuable dimes are modern proof sets. Modern era proof sets started in 1968 when production was moved from the Philadelphia mint to the San Francisco mint.

All coins of these modern sets are struck with an "S" mintmark, or at least they are supposed to have a mintmark. In rare instances the mintmark is absent from some coins, most notably the dimes. Here are images of two rare dimes known to have this error of the missing "S."

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