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Bust Half Dime Value

The Bust half dime value starts at $39 for the more often encountered Capped Bust variety of 1829-1837.

Uncirculated Bust Half Dime

A classic valuable rarity, the earlier Draped Bust type is worth $847 or more.

Scarce and desirable are traits shared by all half dimes. Collectors treasure these early pieces of US history, creating a strong demand.

All dates are sought and special emphasis is placed on condition. Each coin is carefully judged of its condition and a "Grade" is assigned. With date and grade evaluated an accurate Bust half dime value is determined.

It is exciting to see how much your coin is worth on the chart, however if well preserved, it is genuinely a rare coin from the past. The "uncirculated" Bust half dime pictured is a stunning, very valuable and collectible coin. Compare your coins to the Grading images below.

Bust Half Dime Value - What Dealers Pay

True the highest values are reserved for choice higher grade pieces. None the less, solid, pleasing examples of all grades are avidly sought and collected.

Bust Half Dime Value
 Condition of Coin
  Bust Half Dime Value Updated 2020
Flowing Hair Variety 1794-1795
  $1,029 $1,430 $3,408 $5,488
Draped Bust Small Eagle 1796-1797
  $847 $1,760 $3,760 $9,441
Draped Bust Heraldic Eagle 1800-1805
  $1,045 $1,222 $1,794 $8,087
Capped Bust Variety 1829-1837
1829 $44 $65 $135 $242
1830 $36 $57 $117 $256
1831 $39 $59 $112 $267
1832 $38 $63 $107 $247
1833 $41 $60 $105 $307
1834 $42 $61 $115 $263
1835 $39 $58 $86 $336
1836 $39 $58 $98 $364
1837 $43 $71 $128 $336

The above are wholesale coin values. Computed from dealer's price lists and auction results.

Various wholesale factors are figured in to reflect closely the price you would expect to receive when selling.

If your coin is not listed above, it is seldom encountered. For additional reference... CDN publishes an extensive price guide, covering retail Bust half dime value in detail.

The Value of Your Bust Half Dime is Conditional

It seems these small silver coins were subjected to harsh treatment over the years. Many bust half dimes found today are bent, dented, holed, scratched or heavily worn.

Determine an accurate value of your coins by comparing their condition to the grading images.

Bust Half Dime Grading Image

As a coin circulates through commerce the fine details of the design wear away and merge. The degree of the wear separates one grade from the next and one Bust half dime value from the next.

In "Good" condition a completely flat outline of Liberty's portrait remains. As more detail of her face and hair emerge the grade is elevated to "Fine". The valuable "Extremely Fine" grade is distinguished by less wear evident on the high points with a rounding of the hair details showing.

Often the difference in value from one grade to the next is significant, and if you are not sure of the grade, help is available. Coin grading services are available to render a professional opinion of your coin's condition. These services authenticate, grade and encapsulate your coin, allowing you to receive the highest bust half dime value.

Bust Half Dime Value - Today's Conclusion

Flowing Hair Bust Half Dime Type
Draped Bust Half Dime Type
Capped Bust Half Dime Type

A dedicated group of collectors and dealers enjoy these numismatic treasures, forming a strong value base. There is always room for one more collector, you are off to a good start. Perhaps consider your box of old coins as the beginnings of a collection.

Historically significant, scarce, and with values trending upward, Bust half dimes are an important part of the hobby.

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