Coin Values Moving with Precious Metals: Up-Dated 7/6/2020: Gold $1771 | Silver $17.97

Old Coin Value Increasing Yearly

Old coin value listed for all series. All dates and mints, with values. It is safe to say your box of old coins is worth more now than the last time you checked. Huge collector demand is putting serious upward pressure on values.

Other events are combining to increase the value of all your old coins. The rising value of precious metals affects old silver coins, those minted 1964 and before. Second, the modern design changes of quarters and nickels has caught the interest and developed many new collectors. Two powerful reasons to expect any old coin value to rise.

Find the old coin value of any series quickly by following the links below. Each contain individual value charts and specialized "Grading" images to help determine the condition of your coins. Also there is help identifying important varieties and where to find the location of mintmarks.


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Half Cent Values | All Half Cents are Rare
The minimum value of $39 is just a hint of how high certain Half Cent values can rise. Collectors that specialize in these rare coins continually seek additions to their collections. With the many different dates and varieties in the series, study your coins carefully. Note also, nicer "condition" coins demand even higher prices.

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American Large Cent Values
An American treasure collectors enjoy. Your large cent value starts at $16 for a coin in "Good" condition. Rare dates, varieties and condition cause values to range from a few dollars to thousands. Nice condition coins are highly prized, check yours with the grading images and then the values chart.

Discover...  Flying Eagle Penny Values

Flying Eagle Pennies | Discover Their Worth
Flying Eagle pennies are very popular today with cent collectors. Although only a short three years of production they are notable as the first "small" cents struck by the US. Because of scarcity they are collected in any state of condition from heavily worn to uncirculated, with minimum values quite high.

Go to...  Value of an Indian Penny

The Value of an Indian Penny | Very Solid
A coin everyone enjoys. Most are valued $1.28 each. However, the valuable early years are now worth $6 or more. Today collectors are building collections and searching for better condition examples. All of this adds up to strong demand and prices. Indian pennies are a solid old coin value leader.

Go to...  Lincoln Penny Value

Lincoln Penny Values | On the Rise
Surging interest in Lincoln pennies means rising values. Collectors are discovering many dates are harder to find and more rare than once considered. The first thirty years, 1909-1940 contain an abundance of rare dates. A quick look at the value chart shows a big change in how much your box of old pennies is worth.

Go to...  2 Cent Coin Value

2 Cent Coin Value | Stable
The 2 cent coin value is steadily increasing over the long term. Admittedly not the most popular coin, however those collecting the series are very serious. When the right coin is available and is needed for their collection, none hesitate to pay.


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Go to...  Three Cent Nickel Coin Values

Three Cent Nickel Value | A Special Coin
An odd denomination with a starting value of $10 in good condition. Because of the lack of acceptance of these coins, the last ten years of low production are the most valuable at $26 or more. Next is the state of preservation affecting your old coin value. Compare your coin to the three cent grading image, judge the condition then check the value on the chart.

Go to...  Three Cent Silver Value

Three Cent Silver Value
10 rare dates of 24 total, have starting values over $300. The potential is there for some exciting finds. Bring these little treasures to your desk. Match them to the grading images and old coin value charts.

Go to...  Shield Nickel Coin Values

Your Shield Nickel Value is High for the Right Coin
It is surprising how valuable some of these old "Shield" nickels are. Ten out of the nineteen different dates are valued at $20 or more. Also notice the old coin value chart shows a large jump in value as the condition of your coins improve. The condition and "Grade" of your coins is always important to value.

Go to...  Value of V Nickels

The Value of V Nickels | Common to Very Rare
The first few years of production are the most valuable, ranging from $9 each to hundreds for the rare 1885 Liberty nickel. With this series, the condition of your coins has a very large impact on value. For most dates the difference in value is from $1 in "Good" condition to $23 or more for a coin in "Extremely Fine" condition. Grade your coins carefully and compare to the value chart.

Go to...  Buffalo Nickel Value

Buffalo Nickel Value | How to Find the Rare Ones
From 10 cents each for Buffalo nickels without dates to values into the hundreds of dollars for better condition coins. The wide range of old coin value and the large number of rare dates are compelling reasons to evaluate your coins carefully. Also fun to hunt for in your box are the early Type 1 and 2 varieties, the 1918-D over 7 and the 1937-D "3-Legged" buffalo. All rare and valuable. The value chart lists all dates and rare varieties.

Go to...  Jefferson Nickel Values

Jefferson Nickel Values | The Top 13
Jefferson nickels first minted in 1938 and still minted today are growing in popularity. About thirteen different ones have started to rise in value. These top 13 cluster in the early years, include the "silver" issues and some more contemporary "dual mintmark" error coins. Search not only your box of old coins but your pocket change and look up the values on the chart.

Visit...  Modern Jefferson Nickel Values

Today's Modern Jefferson Nickel Values
New era nickels are collected in top condition. It is in Mint State preservation added premium value and higher prices are found. Important to compare your coins to the condition images to separate the worn from those with no wear.

Half Dimes

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Go to...  Bust Half Dime Value

Bust Half Dime Value
A historic and important US coin, Bust half dime values have steadily risen over the years. Scarce and in demand by collectors and dealers, the state of preservation is important to collectors. Judge your coins carefully using the grading images and discover how much they are worth.

Go to...  Seated Half Dime Value

Seated Half Dime Value
Many rare and valuable date and mintmark combinations are found in this classic Seated Liberty half dime series. A slow and deliberate evaluation of dates, mintmarks and condition is necessary to determine an accurate value. Often with surprising and positive results. Check the grading images combined with value charts of this scarce US coin.


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Go to...  Bust Dime Value

The Valuable and Collectible Bust Dime
Here is a small coin with a large $27 minimum value. The earlier Draped Bust Variety 1796-1807 has a starting value of $346 in "Good" condition. All are rare and very desirable to collectors. A coin worth checking to see if you have a rare date or one in rare condition.

Go to...  Seated Dimes Value

Seated Dimes Value Increasing
A dime series spanning five decades. Lots of rare dates and varieties with subtle design changes. Your old coin value ranges from $11 to $13 or more for a coin in "Good" condition to hundreds of dollars for many of the rare dates and varieties. As always, better condition coins are worth large premiums.

Go to...  Barber Dime Value

Your Old Barber Dime Value is on the Rise
Many rare valuable dates and mintmarks are found in the Barber Dime series. Also, it is worth checking the condition of your coin very closely. The difference in value of a better condition coin is shocking. The 1893-O is a $24 coin graded "Good" and rises to $120 if the condition is "Extremely Fine". Discover old dime values on the chart.

Go to...  Mercury Dime Values

Many Mercury Dime Values to Find
One of the most popular and widely collected coins today. Rare and valuable dates are scattered from the beginning to the end of the series. A key element, the condition of your coin, is a major driving force to value. Compare your coins to the grading images, determine their condition and check the old coin value chart.

Go to...  Roosevelt Dime Values

Silver Roosevelt Dime Values
The value of silver pushes the 1948-1964 silver Roosevelt Dime either up or down in value. There are a few exceptions that are worth more than their silver content, mostly in "Uncirculated" condition. One strategy is to hold them for their silver value and save them for the future.


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Go to...  Bust Quarter Values

Early Bust Quarter | Classic and Rare
With a starting value of $53 and quickly rising into the thousands. All are rare and collectible. Avidly sought by dealers to meet the demand of collectors. The condition of the coin is critical, grading must be precise to determine an accurate value. Check the old coin value chart and grading images.

Go to...  Seated Liberty Quarter Values

Seated Liberty Quarter Values
The Seated Liberty quarter is a long running series with many rarities. Study the old coin value chart closely for rare mintmarks, dates and varieties. Because of the large differences in value, grading is important. The specialized grading images highlight the difference between grades. Discover the value of your coins.

Go to...  Barber Quarter Values

High Barber Quarter Values
Collectors are building collections and increasing the demand for these coins. The minimum value $4.34 is for heavily worn coin. Check the value listings, there are many higher valued coins in the series especially in the early years. As always the condition of any coin is important in determining value.

Go to...  Standing Liberty Quarter Values

Standing Liberty Quarter Values | Strong Demand
Everyone agrees it is a beautiful coin. Easily one of the most popular coins collected today. Both traits combine to making the Standing Liberty quarter a valuable coin. The old coin value list points to the rare dates and varieties.

Go to...  Washington Quarter Value

Silver Washington Quarters Value | Rising
Their value is tied closely to the price of silver. However, a few rare dates and mintmarks stand out if found in high condition. Compare you coins to the grading images and separate then by condition. Follow your coins value on the silver charts and check for rare dates and mintmarks.


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Go to...  Bust Half Dollar Value

Bust Half Dollar Value | Discover Their High Values
Early halves, those minted from 1817-1836 have a minimum value of $47 in "Good" condition. Half dollars minted earlier are very rare and worth substantially more. The old coin value chart lists and clearly separates the rare dates and varieties indicating the coins worth investigating further.

Go to...  Seated Liberty Half Dollar Value

Seated Liberty Half Dollar Value
The long running Liberty Seated Half Dollar series features many rare dates and mints. Many of these old coins quickly surpass the $33 to $40 dollar starting value. Examine your coins for date, mintmark, and condition. The value guide and grading images help identify the value of your coins.

Go to...  Barber Half Dollar Value

Your Barber Half Dollar Value is on the Rise
A new age of collectors are discovering the Barber Half. Their demand is driving prices higher. In "Fine" condition they are worth $40 or more. The value of old coins is truly surprising. Evaluate you coins using the grading images and check the coin value charts.

Go to...  Walking Liberty Half Dollar Value

Beauty and Walking Liberty Half Dollar Value
No surprise here, the Walking Liberty half dollar is one of the favorites with collectors. The right coin at auction can reach hundreds of dollars. The series is covered in detail with grading images and old coin value charts.

Go to...  Franklin Half Dollar Value

Franklin Half Dollar Value Rising With Silver
When the value of silver is rising so does the Franklin half dollar value and the reverse is true. Most of the demand is for Uncirculated coins, with just a few circulated dates worth more than silver value. However it is still worth checking your coins on the value charts and their silver value.


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Go to...  Bust Dollar Values

Bust Dollar Values | Rare Early Years
The originals, early dollars are colonial works of art. Worth every bit of $550 or more depending on the date. Find one of these in your box and you have a treasure from history. A sophisticated collectible, take a peek at the value chart.

Go to...  Seated Liberty Dollar Values

Seated Liberty Dollar | Classic and Valuable
A classic silver dollar but rarely encountered. With extremely low mintages and survival rates, all are rare. If yours is in nice condition it is easily worth over $225. Compare it to the grading images and value charts, discover its true value.

Go to...  Morgan Silver Dollar Values

Morgan Silver Dollar Values | Popular and Valuable
Every collector likes them, every collector wants one. Their popularity is immense. Worth over $16.40 each because of silver content alone. Check the grading images and old coin value charts. Find a rare date, mintmark or a better condition coin and the values start climbing.

Go to...  Peace Dollar Values

Silver Dollar Coin Value | Waiting for Discovery
Peace dollars are in the shadow of their earlier cousins. Please, don't let that stop you from looking at your coins. Each is worth $13.83 because of high silver prices. Also, the series does have a few rare dates and varieties to add to the excitement. The value chart and grading images shine a light on these rarities.

US Gold

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Go to...  Liberty $2.5 Dollar Gold Coin Values

Liberty $2.5 Dollar Gold Coin Values
All US gold coins are scarce and this series is no exception. Small mintages, and widely circulated, resulting in few surviving until today. Almost a one- eighth of an ounce of gold also underlines the high minimum value.

Go to...  Indian $2.5 Dollar Gold Coin Values

Indian $2.5 Dollar Gold Coin Values
The $2.5 Indian is the smaller version of the five dollar gold Indian. Featuring the Incuse design and minted for a short period, it is eagerly collected. Examine your coins closely, condition is the key to finding higher old coin value.

Go to...  Liberty Five Dollar Gold Coin Value

Liberty Five Dollar Gold Coin Value
Always in demand with stable values. Liberty gold coins span decades with many scarce and rare dates. Discover your Liberty five dollar gold coin value.

Go to...  Indian Five Dollar Gold Coin Value

Indian Five Dollar Gold Coin Value
With a unique Incuse design collectors either appreciate them greatly or consider them unattractive. However their values in uncirculated condition indicate a huge demand. A short series with a few rarities, a loyal following and high minimum values. Check the values of your coins on the chart.

Go to...  Liberty Ten Dollar Gold Coin Values

Liberty Ten Dollar Gold Coin Values
Many rare dates and mints to discover. Liberty tens are a rare and historic coin. Few exist in well preserved condition. Study the details of your coins carefully to find their true value.

Go to...  Indian Ten Dollar Gold Coin Values

Indian Ten Dollar Gold Coin Values
A very "modern" design attracts many collectors. They seek better condition coins. Almost a half ounce of gold keeps the minimum value in the hundreds of dollars. However, the high condition coins command the largest premiums.

Go to...  Liberty Twenty Dollar Gold Coin Values

Liberty Twenty Dollar Gold Coin Values
Huge in size, classic in style and high minimum values. Every collector would like to own a US twenty dollar gold piece. The series abounds with rare dates and mints. Compare your coins to the grading images to find the highest value on the chart. A huge old coin value.

Go to...  Saint Gaudens Gold Coin Values

Saint Gaudens Gold Coin Values
A true American coin. Large and majestic, very popular with collectors. Always in demand, nicer condition coins attract great minimum values. The gold coin value chart highlights the premiums paid for rare dates, mints and condition.

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