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Old US Penny Values are Rising

Demand is pushing old US penny values higher. Many collectors are now very advanced and have the funds to add to their holdings. They are in the process if upgrading their collections and discovering it very difficult finding truly nice coins.

What does all this mean to you? Prices have adjusted. Old US penny values are spiraling upwards. Certain pennies once considered common are actually very difficult to find and rare. Do you have any of the coins... these collectors are looking for?

From Half Cents to Large Cents to Indian and Wheat pennies, there are hundreds of rare dates, rare mintmarks and many different varieties avidly sought. Furthermore, collectors are keenly aware of the condition of old coins.

Most factors affecting value are easy enough to identify. The date of the coin is prominent, once you know where to look, mintmarks become easy to find. And although some varieties are obscure, most are identifiable. All of these are listed on the value charts. However...

The hardest to accurately determine is the condition of your old pennies. Known as "Grading". Each coin denomination has their own subtle grading points to follow. Important because values are often significantly higher from one grade to the next.

Follow the progression of this 1909-S penny as it circulated and went from freshly minted to tired and worn.

Lincoln Penny Grades Uncirculated to Good

Find your old US penny values below. Discover all the rare dates and mintmarks. Each series has its own grading images to help judge the condition and grade your coins.

Go to... Half Cent Values

Half cent values are $39 minimum.

All are scarce and enthusiastically sought by Half Cent specialists. With many rare dates and varieties, check your coin against the value charts.

Go to...  American Large Cent Values

The American Large Cent is scarce.

Minimum values range from $17 for the later years 1839-1857 to $100 or more for the very scarce early years. Should your coin be a rare date or even a well preserved large cent the value increases significantly.

Discover...  Flying Eagle Penny Values

Flying Eagle Pennies | Discover Their Worth

Valuable because they are so popular. Flying Eagle penny values are quickly approaching $17 each and rise depending on date and condition. 1856 through 1858 cents stand out as sought after collector coins because of the bold flying eagle design. And they represent the introduction of the modern small cent size.

Go to... The Value of an Indian Penny

The value of an Indian Penny is...

$1 to $2 dollars for common dates. With many advanced collectors perusing Indian pennies the rare dates are rapidly moving higher in value. Better condition coins are especially sought. Your box of old coins has never been more valuable.

Go to...  Lincoln Penny Value

Lincoln penny value is exceptional for the right coin.

A very popular coin to collect for both beginners and advanced collectors. Lots of rare dates and mints to discover and now the condition of the older coins is important. These better condition coins have very high old US penny values.

Go to...  2 Cent Coin Value

Today's 2 Cent Coin Value | Solid

A short series highlighted by a couple of rare dates and a rare variety. A careful look at your 2 cent coins is necessary. Examine your coins, compare them to the grading images and discover today's solid values.

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