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1897 Morgan Silver Dollar Value

Your 1897 Morgan silver dollar value is being pushed higher by active collector demand and rising bullion prices. Currently it is worth $26.11 .

Uncirculated 1897 Morgan Silver Dollar Value

With its large silver content as a start and collector demand for the New Orleans issue your coin has the potential for much higher value. Of the three mints striking silver dollars in 1897, those struck at New Orleans are uncommon to find today. Add in the huge popularity of these coins and the prices are above minimum silver value.

Here are key factors to consider in your coin values.

Mintmarks: Evident by the chart, 1897 dollars with the "O" mintmark are scarce today, fewer of the original mintage have survived relative to others. A close up image to help locate mintmarks is further down the page.

Condition: Next, the condition of your coin needs close inspection. If it is well preserved, with most original detail remaining, it is a valuable silver dollar. These nice condition pieces are tops on collector want lists. A desirable 1897 silver dollar in "uncirculated" condition, with no wear to its surface, is pictured to the right.

Discovering rare mintmarks and high condition all contributes to how much your old silver dollar is worth.

Mintmark Location 1897 Morgan Silver Dollar

Mintmarks do make a difference in value. As collectors assemble sets, most include examples from each of the three mints that produced silver dollars in 1897. Identified by mintmarks located on the reverse just under the ribbon, these different mints are "S" San Francisco, "O" New Orleans mint. The Philadelphia mint did not place a mintmark on 1897 silver dollars.

1897 Morgan Silver Dollar Values
 Condition of Coin
  1897 Morgan Silver Dollar Values Updated 4/8/2024
1897 $26.11 $26.11 $28.99 $53.10
1897 O $26.11 $30.37 $40.72 $913
1897 S $26.11 $30.37 $33.82 $68.29

Judge Your Silver Dollar Value as a Collector

To a serious collector of Morgan dollars adding an outstanding 1897-O to their collection is a milestone. While not scarce in circulated, worn condition finding a pleasing example in "uncirculated" condition is often a challenge.

Pictured is a coin that would fit well in a high end collection. Bright luster framed by blue and gold toning sets this coin apart. It is one of the scarce mint state survivors showing no sign of wear and few nicks and abrasions. An exceptional coin and ranking among the finest 1897 New Orleans silver dollars known.

Also a significant plus to collectors, this coin is exceptional in its quality of strike rendering a highly detailed Morgan dollar. View your coin again, now with the eye of a collector.

With so much in its favor, results at a David Lawrence Rare Coin Auction were a pleasing $1600 value, a nice outcome to both the high bidder and previous owner.

Rare 1897-O Morgan Silver Dollar

Details Raise 1897 Morgan Silver Dollar Value

Essential to highest accurate coin values is determining the condition of your 1897 silver dollar. By closely examining the surface and judging the amount of wear reflect its "grade." Entries in the value chart above are listed under these grade headings. Often an old silver dollar is common in heavily worn condition but scarce and valued much higher if significant detail remains.

1897 Morgan Silver Dollar Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: A silver dollar in "uncirculated" condition has never circulated through commerce, thus no wear has occurred to its surfaces. Your coin should exhibit a "like new" luster. Wear dulls this luster and affects the high points of Liberty's check, temple and hair. On the reverse the breast feathers and head of the eagle are subject to initial wear. If the luster is complete on both sides it assures the coin is uncirculated.

1897 Morgan Silver Dollar Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: Slight but obvious removal of design and metal defines a worn silver dollar in "extremely fine" condition. Mint luster is now gone from the large exposed areas, the field in front of Liberty and her face. Small details in her hair are now missing, most noticeable above her forehead and behind her neck. Also the folds in the cap show wear on the highest parts, the result of use and handling. This is a nice coin, with solid 1897 Morgan silver dollar value.

1897 Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Condition

Fine: Moderate wear and moderate loss of detail reduces Morgan silver dollars to the "fine" grade. Although wear is apparent, major design elements of her cap and hair curls remain bold and recognizable. However those original fine details are lost and replaced by flat areas.

Morgan Silver Dollar Good Condition

Good: Your 1897 silver dollar in "good" condition is well worn with most of the metal forming the high reliefs of design removed. Liberty's cheek and forehead have blended into one connecting with her hair and cap. The rim is almost gone, however the stars and lettering remain separate of the rim. Giving your coin character, some detail remains, large curls of hair behind the neck and a full "Liberty" in her coronet.

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