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1902 Morgan Silver Dollar Value

Your 1902 Morgan silver dollar value is a minimum of $30.94 Note: those minted in San Francisco are worth a large premium because of scarcity and collector demand.

Uncirculated 1902 Morgan Silver Dollar Value

An "S" mintmark on the reverse identifies these sought after coins. In 1902 the San Francisco mint along with the Philadelphia and New Orleans mints produced silver dollars, each identifiable. See the close-up image depicting the mintmark location just below the value chart to determine the mint that struck your coin.

Secondly, highly sought by collector are coins in top condition. The stunning 1902 dollar pictured is priced well above silver content because of its rare condition. Mindful of high values when found in these rare states of preservation, judge the condition of your old silver dollar with a critical eye. Evaluating condition, known as "grading" by collectors, is covered in detail further down the page.

Collectors and dealers adjust silver dollar values based on rarity of date, the mint that produced the coin and then condition. Popularity and demand within the Morgan dollar series, results in a remarkably wide range of 1902 silver dollar value. Scarcity of the "S" mintmark dollar is a classic example.

Mintmark Location 1902 Morgan Silver Dollar

Mintmarks are a small but important detail deciding 1902 Morgan silver dollar value. Finding your coin was struck at the San Francisco mint, identified by an "S" on the reverse increases its value immediately. Just below the ribbon tying the base of the wreath is either an "S" for the San Francisco mint, or an "O" indicating New Orleans. If none is found your coin was minted at the Philadelphia mint.

1902 Morgan Silver Dollar Values
 Condition of Coin
  1902 Morgan Silver Dollar Values Updated 5/27/2024
1902 $30.94 $35.69 $42.50 $64.31
1902 O $30.94 $30.94 $33.90 $60.82
1902 S $58.55 $98 $191 $478

Gem Quality Value of 1902 Morgan Silver Dollar

Gem classification as part of the condition and grade is significant to Morgan dollars as so few remain of this quality. It is these coins because of their stunning appearance that collectors avidly seek to add to their collections.

From a distance the presence of naturally accruing patina associated with silver is an attention grabber. Subtle golden toning highlighting the blue white luster enhances the finer details.

Close up this coin does not disappoint either. Passing the first requirement of mint state quality, there is no evidence of any wear. All surfaces still radiate with undisturbed luster. Additionally, placing the coin in solid gem quality is the virtual lack of contact marks. All combined, a rare condition for any Morgan dollar.

Brought to auction by David Lawrence Rare Coin Auctions, gem quality 1902 Morgan silver value reached $2599. This San Francisco minted coin is one of just a few known in top mint state condition.

Rare Gem Quality 1902-S Morgan Silver Dollar

Judge Condition to Accurately Value Your 1902 Dollar

Essential to finding highest accurate coin values is determining condition. By closely examining the surface and judging the amount of wear on your silver dollar reflect its "grade." Entries in the value chart are listed under these grade headings. And in the case of your 1902 dollar, if struck at the San Francisco mint, the many subtle grading details have a significant role.

1902 Morgan Silver Dollar Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: Highest 1902 Morgan silver dollar value is reserved for "Uncirculated" examples or also known as Mint State. Coins in this "brand new" condition are the highlights of collections. The minting process imparts a delicate frosty luster to the surface of coins. When titled, light on an uncirculated coin reflects in bright bands uninterrupted from rim to rim. Confirm your coin is uncirculated by examining Liberty's cheek and chin area, any wear across these high points shows as a break in luster.

1902 Morgan Silver Dollar Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: Wear has started to diminish small details of the hair just behind Liberty's ear and forehead. Further behind the ear the folds of the cap are now just slightly flattened. On the revere, small amounts of wear are visible on the tops of the wings, and obvious on the neck and breast feathers. Light overall wear defines an 1902 Morgan silver dollar in extremely fine condition.

Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Condition

Fine: Wear has reduced original design detail to the point of merging. All fine lines in the hair above the forehead have disappeared, replaced by large flat areas. Once rounded, the front of the neck and cheek below the eye are now noticeably flattened by wear and abrasions. Despite moderate even wear, lettering and rim are well defined giving your coin a respectable appearance.

1902 Morgan Silver Dollar Good Condition

Good: Showing extensive wear and reducing the design to just a few elements, these silver dollars are described as "good" condition. Although the rim is visible, both it and the lettering are flattened to almost level with the fields. The majority of Liberty is without detail. However the eagle on the reverse does show a few remaining feathers close to the legs. In this condition your 1902 Morgan silver dollar value is tied mostly to bullion silver price.

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