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1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Value

Pushed higher by bullion prices your 1921 Morgan silver dollar value is a minimum of $25.19 . And of higher value to collectors are those found today in top preservation.

Uncirculated 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Value

Note: Two designs were used in 1921: if your dollar does not match the image see Peace Dollar Values.

Quality of preservation is the key driver to realizing higher potential with your coin. Although a very old coin, 1921 Morgan dollars are available in large quantities in circulated, worn condition. Today's collectors focus on examples that are in the top range of "uncirculated" condition.

Pictured to the right is a gem uncirculated 1921 silver dollar. It is of the quality that commands a significant premium. Lustrous, no wear, few abrasions and eye appeal place it high on collectors want list.

Another consideration is the mint that struck your coin. Mintmarks were used to identify the various mints at the time, each is collected and valued separately. Below the value chart are sections covering both identifying mintmarks and determining condition. Accurate 1921 Morgan silver dollar value relies on these details.

Mintmark Location 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

Mintmarks placed on these 1921 dollars indicate the branch mint that struck your coin. Philadelphia the main mint did not use a mintmark, however look on the reverse above the DO in DOLLAR for marks indicating the other mints. San Francisco struck coins using an "S", and Denver used a "D" mintmark. Historically; 1921 is the only year the Denver mint produced Morgan silver dollars.

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Values
 Condition of Coin
  1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Values Updated 4/8/2024
1921 $25.19 $26.11 $28.99 $46.38
1921 D $25.19 $26.11 $28.99 $50.80
1921 S $25.19 $26.11 $28.99 $50.80

Top Quality 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Value

Special in many ways, the coin pictured is one of the finest survivors of all the 1921 silver dollars minted at the Denver mint. Of the over 20 million struck, this coin is one of just an elite few this nice. Also notable; it is the only year Morgan dollars were minted at the Denver facility, giving it extra collector appeal.

From a distance the radiating blue and white luster captures the eye highlighting the bold, well defined strike. Adding character, a slight amount of natural deep blue toning has developed along parts of the rim framing Liberty.

Close-up this stunning example displays why it is so special. Virtually no contact marks are seen and only tiny disruptions or abrasions to the delicate luster. A coin with extraordinary handling since the moment it was struck.

Drawing the attention of many collectors and dealers it reached a bid of $1600 at a David Lawrence rare coin auction. A price multiples above other uncirculated 1921 dollars. A special combination of great looks and preservation sets this 1921 Morgan silver dollar value high.

Rare 1921-D Morgan Silver Dollar

Judge Condition to Accurately Value Your 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

Follow along with the images and descriptions as a Morgan dollar begins to wear from freshly minted "Uncirculated" condition, to a very worn example in "Good" condition. By judging the different stages of wear, a "Grade" is determined. The greater the detail remaining, the greater your 1921 Morgan silver dollar value.

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: To reach "uncirculated" condition all original, as minted detail must remain. None has been removed due to wear. OK are nicks and abrasions from contact with other coins, this is normal due to the minting and storage process of silver dollars. Confirming the uncirculated grade is mint luster remaining on the entire surface, including her chin, neck line and hair below and above the ear. These areas are the first to wear and exhibit a dull and smooth texture once in circulation.

Morgan Silver Dollar Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: Once silver dollars begin to show slight wear their condition is graded as "extremely fine." Noticeable within the hair above Liberty's forehead and behind her neck, flattening is evident. Wear and loss of roundness also shows atop the folds of her cap. Your coin in this condition is still very sharp and crisp.

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Condition

Fine: Circulation has now reduced most of the finer design detail to the point of merging. Clearly visible, moderate wear describes silver dollars in "fine" condition. Liberty's hair both above and below the ear is noticeably worn with wide flat spots now replacing the original fine lines. Turning to the reverse, the leaves in the wreath are now very flat, most feathers in the eagle's neck have merged and the very tip of the wings lack any detail.

Morgan Silver Dollar Good Condition

Good: Noticeable, heavy wear has reduced the entire design to just a few elements. A silver dollar with extensive wear is designated as "good" condition. Wear has removed most detail leaving Liberty as an outline in low relief. Remaining are a few and now flattened hair curls showing behind her neck and ear. However the eagle on the reverse does show a few feathers close to the legs. In this condition your 1884 Morgan silver dollar value is tied mostly to bullion silver price.

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