Surprising US Coin Values

How high are US coin values? The range starts with old "wheat" pennies worth 2 cents each and expands to the elite rarities selling at auction in the millions of dollars.

For example, an 1804 Silver Dollar always creates headlines every time one appears at auction, only a few are known and are worth over 1 million dollars each. Another example is the stunning "Ultra High Relief" Saint Gaudens twenty dollar gold piece that routinely sets price records, $2.9 million in November 2005.

Rare 1913 Liberty nickels, surrounded with mystery and intrigue have been in the news for decades since their discovery and setting auction records when sold. These rarities and many others have sold above the million dollar mark with the list expanding yearly.

In between these extreme values are countless treasures found in boxes of old coins. Follow the image and text links below, leading to all US coin values.

Penny Values

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US Coin Values
Rare Pennies
Description Value
Half Cent
Large Cent
Large Cent
Indian Penny
Indian Penny
1909-S VDB
Lincoln Penny
Lincoln Penny
Lincoln Penny
Values Up-Dated 2015

Discover the common to rare US penny values.

Old half cents and large cents date back to very different times and are becoming scarce. Collectors are willing to pay large presidiums for coins in nice condition.

Indian pennies, now a very old coin are as popular as ever. Collections are started and the demand increases yearly.

Wheat pennies, always a popular and collected series their values keep marching upwards. Lincoln pennies are not for kids any more with values to prove it.

Half Cent Values | 1793-1857
Large Cent Values | 1793-1857
Indian Penny Values | 1859-1909
Lincoln Penny Values | 1909-1958

Nickel Values

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US Coin Values
Rare Nickels
Description Value
Three Cent Nickel
Shield Nickel
Liberty "V" Nickel
Liberty "V" Nickel
Liberty "V" Nickel
1913-S Type 2
Buffalo Nickel
Buffalo Nickel
1937-D 3 Leg
Buffalo Nickel
Values Up-Dated 2015

Have a look through your old nickels. It is a series of American coinage with a huge following of collectors forming a solid base to their values.

With a large variety of designs, nickels are always popular. The older Shield and Liberty "V" nickels are gaining in status and with higher values.

US three cent nickel are a little known series with its share of highly prized issues. It is the center coin in the above image.

Buffalo nickels, with such a bold design is an all time favorite. As an example, even those without dates are worth 10 cents each, amazing.

Three Cent Nickel Values | 1865-1889
Shield Nickel Value | 1866-1883
Value of Liberty "V" Nickels | 1883-1912
Buffalo Nickel Value | 1913-1938
Jefferson Nickel Values | 1938-

Half Dime Value

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US Coin Values
Rare Half Dimes
Description Value
Flowing Hair Type
Bust Half Dime
Capped Bust
Seated Half Dime
No Arrows
Seated Half Dime
Seated Half Dime
Seated Half Dime
Values Up-Dated 2015

Your Half dime value has quietly and steadily advanced in price.

Scarce today, these small silver coins are sought by dedicated collectors and dealers.

The early Bust issues are very rare and highly prized, followed by the classic Seated Liberty design, always a favorite.

Year after year their growing popularity pushes values higher.

A rare and important US coin, check to see how much your half dime is worth today.

Bust Half Dime Value | 1794-1837
Seated Half Dime Value | 1837-1873

Dime Values

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US Coin Values
Rare Dimes
Description Value
Bust Dime
Bust Dime
Seated Liberty Dime
Seated Liberty Dime
Barber Dime
Mercury Dime
Mercury Dime
Mercury Dime
Values Up-Dated 2015

With over two hundred years of US dime production and literally hundreds of date and mintmark combinations. Examine closely these small potential treasures.

Bust dimes are all historically important, Seated Liberty dimes are now highly sought and both series are experiencing pricing gains due to popularity.

Barber dimes, the center coin, if you find one in your box that is not heavily worn its value is $14 or more.

Mercury dimes are hugely popular and the silver Roosevelt dime is now showing premiums in some of the earlier years.

Bust Dime Value | 1796-1837
Liberty Seated Dime Value | 1837-1891
Barber Dime Value | 1892-1916
Mercury Dime Values | 1916-1945
Roosevelt Dime Values | 1946-1964

Quarter Values

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US Coin Values
Rare Quarters
Description Value
Bust Quarter
Seated Liberty Quarter
Barber Quarter
Barber Quarter
Standing Liberty Quarter
Standing Liberty Quarter
Washington Quarter
Washington Quarter
Values Up-Dated 2015

Find an old silver quarter in your box and the pace to higher values quickens. If your coin is older than a Washington quarter many collectors are very interested in adding it to their collection.

Bust quarters, the earliest US quarter minted are scarce, any in nice condition are a $50 or more find. The Seated Liberty series are now sought by many collectors and the demand is raising values.

Although many rare dates and varieties are an important part of US quarter values, often it's the condition of your coin that really sets it apart. Higher condition, better preserved coins are always in demand.

Compare your coins to the images of quarters in different stages of wear. For each series a large impact on value is possible due to the amount of wear on a coin.

Bust Quarter Values | 1796-1838
Seated Liberty Quarter Values | 1838-1891
Barber Quarter Values | 1892-1916
Standing Liberty Quarter Values | 1916-1930
Silver Washington Quarters Value | 1932-1964

Half Dollar Values

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US Coin Values
Rare Half Dollars
Description Value
Bust Half
Seated Liberty Half Dollar
Seated Liberty Half Dollar
Barber Half Dollar
Barber Half Dollar
Walking Liberty Half Dollar
Walking Liberty Half Dollar
Walking Liberty Half Dollar
Values Up-Dated 2015

All silver half dollars are worth $6.31 because of high silver content and values climb upwards from there. The first to look for are rare dates, these are found in every series, commanding high values and always needed by collectors

Second, as with all collectibles the condition of your old half dollar is important. The starting silver value is quickly left behind if you coin is in well preserved condition.

The value charts for each series list each date and further separate values depending on the amount of wear. Just below the values is a section on "grading" the condition of each coin.

An accurate value is determined by the combination of date, the mint that produced the coin and condition. All is covered within each series of half dollars.

Bust Half Dollar Value | 1794-1839
Seated Liberty Half Dollar Value | 1839-1891
Barber Half Dollar Value | 1892-1915
Walking Liberty Half Dollar Value | 1916-1947
Franklin Half Dollar Value | 1948-1963

Silver Dollar Values

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US Coin Values
Rare Silver Dollars
Description Value
Bust Dollar
Seated Liberty Dollar
Seated Liberty Dollar
Morgan Silver Dollar
Morgan Silver Dollar
Morgan Silver Dollar
Peace Silver Dollar
Peace Silver Dollar
Values Up-Dated 2015

Silver dollars are Popular, Popular, Popular. The entire group, Morgan Dollar, Peace Dollar, Seated and Bust dollars, are all valuable. A large and majestic coin, inspect yours carefully.

Your box of old coins if it yields an old silver dollar, for example an old Morgan dollar is valued at a minimum of $20.24 . Each coin is close to one ounce of silver, finding a few easily adds up to over $100.

Peace dollars another likely coin to find is of similar minimum value. The chart to the right highlights values of earlier dollars and examples of rarities.

Each of your coins must be judged individually as to date, mint that struck the coin and its condition.

Bust Dollar Values | 1794-1803
Seated Liberty Dollar Values | 1840-1873
Morgan Silver Dollar Values | 1878-1921
Peace Dollar Values | 1921-1935

Gold Coin Values

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US Coin Values
Rare Gold Coins
Description Value
$2.5 Gold
$2.5 Gold
Five Dollar Gold
Five Dollar Gold
Ten Dollar Gold
Ten Dollar Gold
Ten Dollar Gold
Twenty Dollar Gold
Values Up-Dated 2015

An American numismatic treasure, gold coins are one of the most popular of collectibles. Who doesn't want to own a US gold coin?

Gold coins are scarce, most are rare, and all US gold coin values are climbing higher. Many collectors specialize in assembling gold coin collections and the demand they place on these scarce coins is huge. Values have risen yearly.

All US gold coins are heavy with the precious metal forming a solid base to their values. Add to this minimum value the collectible factor, plus their true rarity, and you have a coin that needs careful examination to determine an accurate value.

Liberty 2.5 Dollar Gold Coin Values | 1840-1907
Indian 2.5 Dollar Gold Coin Values | 1908-1929
Liberty Five Dollar Gold Coin Value | 1839-1908
Indian Five Dollar Gold Coin Value | 1908-1929
Liberty Ten Dollar Gold Coin Values | 1838-1907
Indian Ten Dollar Gold Coin Values | 1908-1933
Liberty Twenty Dollar Gold | 1849-1907
Saint Gaudens Twenty Dollar Gold | 1907-1933

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