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1875 Nickel Value

High 1875 nickel value shows just how scarce these coins are. Your Shield Nickel, as it is known to collectors, is a rather elusive and historically important part of the first nickels minted by the United States.

Uncirculated 1875 Nickel Value

You own a valuable coin. Now, to accurately find out how much it is worth...

After the date is determined - condition - is what collectors and dealers turn their attention to as they value coins.

Known as "Grading" judging the amount of wear by comparing your coin to the "Grading" images below determines a true value. Each stage of wear is valued separately and the chart often shows a doubling of price for better preserved coins.

For example: The "Uncirculated" 1875 Nickel pictured is an outstanding high grade coin, and worth $250 or more.

1875 Nickel Value
 Condition of Coin
  1875 Nickel Value Updated 2024
1875 $29 $65 $121 $259

1875 Nickel Value is Conditional

Visit...  Video | Grading Shield Nickels

Video | Grading Shield Nickels

Your old nickel values often span a wide range depending on condition. The grading descriptions and images indicate major points of the coin design to observe as you evaluate the condition of your old nickel.

1875 Nickel Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: Radiating with the shine of a new coin, mint luster is still present over the entire surface. A Shield nickel in uncirculated condition shows no signs of wear. Check for breaks in luster on the high points of the design, the Cross, the frame of the Shield and the roundness of the leaves. Wear is indicated by a leveling of the design in these areas and loss of shine.

Shield Nickel Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: Typical of Extremely Fine condition is light wear on the leaves and across the top of the cross. The shield border is beginning to wear and loosing detail as well as the fine horizontal and vertical lines within the shield. Your coin still has a bold crisp look.

Shield Nickel Fine Condition

Fine: Moderate even wear depicts a nickel in Fine condition. Leaves surrounding the shield are bold and outlined, the cross is bold but each are lacking interior design details. The border of the shield, once full of detail is now smooth. Protected in the shield's interior, some of the fine horizontal and vertical lines are still visible. Lettering on both obverse and reverse is complete but weak. The stars on the reverse are worn flat, the center radiating line details are lacking from all but one or two stars.

Shield Nickel Good Condition

Good: Your 1875 Nickel value is at the low range for a Shield nickel in Good condition. Nearly worn smooth, only the major details remain in outline form. The date is often very weak but readable. Both the obverse and reverse rims have worn into parts of the lettering. Once a bold numeral "5" is now quite faint.

High 1875 Nickel Value

Shield Nickels carefully handled and well preserved since minted are avidly sought today by collectors wishing to add them to their collections. Coins in this condition, no wear, lustrous, with few abrasions are rare and selling coins at auction often brings strong prices.

Rare 1875 Nickel Value

David Lawrence Rare Coin Auction sold the "Multi-Color Gem" 1875 Shield nickel to a high bid of $423. Over mark free surfaces lay shades of rose, gold and blue toning placing the coin solidly in the avidly sought gem condition.

Careful handling has preserved the Shield nickel pictured in the center. Hardly a mark or scuff is evident on its lustrous surfaces. Old nickel collections have the potential of maintaining a coin in this type of original gem condition. Selling for $625 this coin exchanged ownership between a happy seller and a determined buyer.

A premium is often paid for coins with eye appeal, the choice and original "Light Gold Toning" is popular with many collectors of Shield nickels. Bidding took the value of this 1875 nickel to $310. Exceptional mark free surfaces, original luster with colorful toning pushes prices of these rarely found nickels far above the minimum uncirculated value.

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