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1940 Dime Value

1940 dime value starts with the value of its silver content, approximately $2.26 today.

Uncirculated 1940 Dime Value

Mercury head dimes minted in the 1940's are avidly collected in the "uncirculated" grade. Pictured is an example of a very nice 1940 dime valued at $6.39 or higher, the result of the demand for coins in this top condition.

Collectors and dealers follow a process know as "grading" as they evaluate the condition of coins. With most old silver dimes surviving today in worn, circulated condition, a well preserved coin is the exception. Your coin is worth a premium if determined it is in better than average condition.

Also there are slightly different values placed on 1940 dimes depending on the mint producing the coin. Three locations, Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco struck dimes and mintmarks found on the reverse identify each.

Helping discover how much your 1940 dime is worth is the section below on grading. Images of dimes in different stages of wear, determine the condition of your coin.

1940 Dime D Mintmark Location

Interest in collecting Mercury dimes is high.

Collections are assembled by date and often include coins of the different mints that produced dimes for that year. In 1940 three mints, Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco struck dimes. An "S" mintmark for the San Francisco and "D" for Denver is found on the reverse. If your coin is without a mintmark, it was struck at the Philadelphia mint.

1940 Dime Value
 Condition of Coin
  1940 Dime Value Updated 5/27/2024
1940 $2.26 $2.42 $2.72 $6.39
1940 D $2.26 $2.42 $2.72 $7.49
1940 S $2.26 $2.42 $2.72 $8.08

Popular 1940 Dime Value

Mercury dimes are popular and the final bid of $104 at a David Lawrence Rare Coin Auction for this coin illustrates the demand. Nice uncirculated examples are eagerly sought. Minted in San Francisco the 1940 Mercury dime pictured is high end for the grade.

Higher auction prices of 1940-S dimes can be found, but there is solid support of $100 for the majority of these choice coins. Minimal marks, few nicks and abrasions is a must to approach choice $100 quality. Bright luster and a decent strike render an eye appealing coin, highly valued in today's market

Uncirculated Mercury head dimes from the 1940's were set aside by a growing number of coin collectors. Many are turning up now and are eagerly placed in today's collections.

Rare 1940 Mercury Dime

1940 Dime Value is Conditional

In their search for the right Mercury dime to add to their collection, collectors judge the condition of each coin, know in the hobby as "grading." Different stages and amounts of wear are separated and given a grade. Judge the quality of your coins, comparing them to the images and descriptions, giving an accurate value of your 1940 dime according to its condition.

1940 Dime Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: No wear is visible on the surfaces. Mint luster, the radiating shine, is unbroken. These dimes appear as brand new although toning is often present. Rotate your coin under a light, examine the cheek area for breaks in this luster. A 1940 Mercury dime in uncirculated condition is always in demand.

Mercury Dime Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: Even wear, but very light, is typical of this condition. All of the design details are very distinct. Upon close examination, flatness of once rounded details is evident. Dimes in extremely fine condition stand out as crisp and sharp in appearance.

Mercury Dime Fine Condition

Fine: Wear is noticeable covering the entire surface, diminishing the minor parts of the design. A blending of hair details on the obverse and a flattening of the design in the leaf details on the reverse. At this stage of wear your old coin still retains a pleasing look.

Mercury Dime Good Condition

Good: After many years of use the portrait is reduced to just an outline with little detail left. The rim on both the obverse and reverse is beginning to merge with the lettering. Worn almost smooth these dimes are at the low end of the 1940 dime value.

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