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1893 Indian Head Penny Value

1893 Indian head penny value is within an affordable range attracting many collectors. Their demand however quickly raises the value of better condition examples to over $10.

Uncirculated 1893 Indian Head Penny

Collectors discovering Indian pennies find many dates of the series readily available and easy on the budget. The ample supply of heavily worn pennies surviving today is enough to meet market demand.

Finding better quality, lightly worn 1893 pennies with most of the original detail remaining is the challenge. Few were spared heavy use. Combine the scarcity of nice examples and serious collectors wishing to add these to their collections and the values of 1893 pennies in top condition is strong.

Condition of your coin determines value. No doubt your coin is a collectible, pennies from the 1890s are very popular and with good minimum value. Its condition and amount of detail remaining has the greatest impact on how much its worth. Pictured, and at the high end of 1893 Indian head penny value is an uncirculated example. An old penny with that never entered circulation and was never handled. An exceptional coin easily priced above $60.

Judging condition and "grading" Indian pennies continues after the value chart.

1893 Indian Head Penny Value
 Condition of Coin
  1893 Indian Head Penny Value Updated 2024
1893 $1.95 $4 $11 $60

Toned 1893 Indian Head Penny Value

In the coin collecting hobby collectors use the term Brown Uncirculated to describe a toned Indian penny without wear. Its color may appear as other old pennies but setting it apart is the absence of wear.

Toned and uncirculated these high condition Indian pennies are some of the hardest to detect as you search through you box of old coins. Copper soon after minting turns a reddish brown and if left unprotected darkens to the familiar brown of most pennies.

Heavy to moderately worn coins are easily recognized, however collectors closely examine well defined pennies judging them for signs of wear. Toned but uncirculated pennies are found in many old collections.

Today's collectors show a preference in popularity and value between toned and brilliant Indian pennies. Pictured on the left is an original never cleaned 1893 penny with mint red color, valued $460. The toned piece never entered circulation but turned a nice even brown losing the bright copper luster and now this 1893 penny is valued at $240. Both are scarce and always valued above any penny with wear.

Rare 1893 Indian Pennies

Added 1893 Penny Value Found in Accurate Grading

Judging a coin's state of preservation is known as "grading" by dealers and collectors. How well your coin has survived and the amount of wear determines its value. Noticeable features separating the varying degrees of possible wear are highlighted below. By comparing your coin to the images and determining its grade you can find an accurate 1893 Indian head penny value on the chart.

1893 Indian Head Penny Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: Shortly after minting this 1893 penny still in uncirculated condition was put away and never used. The highest parts of the design have not been disturbed by wear. Check the Indian's cheek, hair and ribbon below her ear and the tips of the feathers. If there is any wear, these areas show a smoothing to the surface and the original luster is disturbed.

Indian Head Penny Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: Sharply defined details, including the minor elements, define an Indian penny in "extremely fine" condition. Looking closely at the head band the letters in Liberty are fully separated from the defining lines of the band. Wear is present, however all parts are bold. Your coin should stand out as very pleasing to the eye and highly detailed.

Indian Head Penny Fine Condition

Fine: Noticeable are parts of the hair and headband have worn to the point of merging. Feather details are missing at the ends. Her cheek no longer is rounded. Despite this moderate wear your 1893 penny still has a pleasing look.

Indian Head Penny Good Condition

Good: Worn to a shallow relief with little detail remaining describes old Indian pennies in "good" condition. The area surrounding the eye is slightly defined. The headdress and feathers are worn smooth showing just an outline. Although the lettering and date are heavily worn they should be separated from the rim. Your 1893 Indian head penny value may be at the low end of the scale but it is still a popular collectible.

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