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1900 Indian Head Penny Value

Not a date commonly found anymore, your 1900 Indian head penny value is $1.55 per coin, even with heavy wear.

Uncirculated 1900 Indian Head Penny

Minimum value is quickly left behind if your coin is in reasonably nice condition, and only just moderately worn. One of the important factors used by collectors to value old pennies is their condition. The adjacent image of an "uncirculated" 1900 Indian penny shows all the original detail of the design as minted. How does your coin compare?

Rarely does an uncirculated coin survive, one without any wear to its surface. The number available today is such that value is a minimum of $45. Note: the value of a 1900 Indian penny is well over a hundred dollars if the coin is approaching the quality of the one pictured.

Top condition coins are understandably the rarest to find of any given date, however Indian pennies are very popular and worn but pleasing examples are widely collected. Looking closely at your coin, if some of the finer detail of a ribbon on her neck is visible your 1900 Indian head penny value is double the minimum. Follow the "grading Indian pennies" descriptions below.

1900 Indian Head Penny Value
 Condition of Coin
  1900 Indian Head Penny Value Updated 2024
1900 $1.55 $3.00 $8 $44

Auction and Long Term 1900 Indian Head Penny Value

True it is a rare occurrence, but suppose your coin closely resembles this conditionally rare 1900 Indian penny. Bright reflective golden surfaces describe your penny and upon close inspection with a magnifying glass only a few small nicks are evident. Then your box of old coins has offered up a remarkably rare and valuable Indian penny.

For a hundred plus year old coin to remain today in untouched and wear free condition is amazing. Further, the coin in the image is well struck, original in color and is virtually mark free. These examples are very desirable to collectors and easily trade over $100.

Auction records show David Lawrence Rare Coin auctions sold this coin for $431. Bidding was strong and confirms the popularity of high quality coins. 1900 Indian head penny value continues to rise over the years.

Rare 1900 Indian Penny

Accurate Value by Judging the Grade of Indian Pennies

It is fascinating how small subtle changes in a coin’s surface cause large swings in value. As you examine your coins closely, small differences involving the amount of wear becomes apparent. A few of your old coins are certainly in better shape. By following the images and descriptions below, it is noted, a clear "Liberty" readable within her headband confirms a condition worth double the minimum 1900 Indian head penny value.

1900 Indian Head Penny Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: Desirable because no wear disturbs the surface. This penny despite its age is in like new condition and rising to the high end of 1900 Indian head penny value. Toning may appear as a dark redness and brown, however no parts of the design have been worn from contact. With a magnifying glass examine her cheek and the tips of the feathers for wear. Minting imparts a certain grain to the surface of coins, wear can appear as a somewhat glossy or smooth area and sometimes with dullness to the area.

Indian Head Penny Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: Sharply defined details, including the minor elements, define an Indian penny in "extremely fine" condition. Looking closely at the head band the letters in Liberty are fully separated from the defining lines of the band. Wear is present, however all parts are bold. Your coin should stand out as lightly worn but still highly detailed.

Indian Head Penny Fine Condition

Fine: As you begin to focus on the slightest of details, noticeable are parts of the hair over her eye and headband have worn to the point of merging. Once small and light feather details are now missing at the ends. Her cheek has flattened from wear and is no longer rounded. Despite this moderate amount of time in circulation your 1900 penny still has a pleasing look.

Indian Head Penny Good Condition

Good: Although virtually no detail remains within the design a complete outline of the feathers, her face and neckline is separated and raised from the background. Lettering is distinct as well as the date. All other parts of the design are now worn away. However value does remain, your coin is still enjoyed by many young collectors.

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