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1918 Quarter Value

1918 quarter value is identified by a few factors. Mint that struck the coin and condition of the piece are two of great importance.

Images help locate the different mintmarks. Grading descriptions and comparing to images help judge condition and decide a grade.

1918 Quarter - Standing Liberty Series - Obverse and Reverse View

Steps Leading to Value:

  • Step 1: Date and Mintmark Variety - Standing Liberty quarters have different values depending on the mint of issue. A 1918 quarter is closely inspected, identifying the mint variety.
  • Step 2: Grading Condition - These old quarters are often very worn. A subtle point often spots a better quality. Judging condition finds its place on the value chart and quality in demand.
  • Step 3: Special Qualities - Collectors underpin the values of old coins, collecting them in many ways. Certain qualities are in great demand supporting strong values.
1918 Quarter Value
 Condition of Coin
  Standing Liberty Quarter Values Updated 5/27/2024
1918 $17 $31 $47 $172
1918 D $28 $55 $100 $242
1918/7 S $1,283 $2,460 Rare Rare
1918 S $19 $28 $62 $246

Surviving numbers of 1918 quarter lead to scarcity. The above value chart shows better condition branch mint varieties are becoming high premium coins. Proceed with a few steps to an accurate value of your coin.

Step 1: | Date and Mintmark Variety Confirmed

Mint Issues of 1918 Quarters to Recognize

1918 is a high production year for Standing Liberty quarters. Three mints across the country struck over 32.6 million pieces, placing it second in total production for the entire series.

Availability makes 1918 quarters an excellent example of the early years of the series. Many collectors seek all three mint issues for the year and each variety is noted with different degrees of scarcity.

Date and mint combination are accurately identified.

1918-S Standing Liberty Quarter

"S" Mintmark on Obverse: San Francisco Mint Struck the Coin

1918-S Standing Liberty Quarter

San Francisco mint supplied coinage to the western U.S. A need for quarters required a record 11 million to meet demand in 1918. This number became San Francisco's highest yearly total mintage of the entire series. Abundant in numbers today, however, elusive in high quality.

San Francisco mint placed an "S" mintmark on all coinage it struck. At the foot of Liberty, to the left of the date, look for a small "S" placed next to the lowest star.

1918-D Standing Liberty Quarter

"D" Mintmark on Obverse: Denver Mint Struck the Coin

1918-D Standing Liberty Quarter

1918 is on record as the highest total mintage of the Denver mint for the entire Standing Liberty quarter series. Producing 7.3 million pieces to meet demand for circulating coinage. The majority of these quarters circulated for years, becoming very worn. Abundant are examples with difficult to read dates plus heavy wear. High quality coins with many fine details are elusive and in demand.

Denver is a branch mint and to identify its production placed a "D" mintmark all coinage. The mintmark is very small and located to the left of the date. Look closely on the partition next to the lowest star, a "D" is indicating Denver struck the coin.

1918 Standing Liberty Quarter

No Mintmark on Obverse: Philadelphia Mint Struck the Coin

1918 Standing Liberty Quarter

Throughout the Sanding Liberty quarter series, the Philadelphia mint struck the majority of coins for any year. 1918 saw a total of 14.2 million quarters produced. Although abundant today, the majority are very worn and lack crisp details. Often the date is hard to distinguish and Liberty is worn almost smooth. Collectors award premiums to scarce high condition examples.

Philadelphia in 1918 did not place mintmarks on its production. To confirm the variety, look to the left of the date on the side wall. If no mintmark is present, Philadelphia minted the coin.

Step 2: | Condition is Judged and Grade Determined

Grading Narrows 1918 Quarter Value

Collectors are selective in choosing a 1918 quarter to place their collection. After date and mint, condition of the coin becomes the important factor. Coins are examined and compared to standards of grades to define its condition as a grade. These grades identify the qualities and separate the value ranges.

As example, a Standing Liberty quarter grading Extremely Fine is expected by a collector to show fine detail with just light wear.

Beginning with a mint state coin shows all original detail helping recognize the effects of wear.

Mint State Grade

1918 Standing Liberty Quarter Mint State Grade

Mint State: A very high condition 1918 quarter is awarded top premiums. Those judged in Mint State condition become the elite. To reach Mint State grade the key element is - no wear - to the surface. A close inspection is needed to confirm.

Silver when first minted is a bright silver-white. Wear quickly dulls the shine to a grey-silver tone. Mint luster also covers the coin and disturbing its texture is an indicator to the presence of wear. Inspecting the folds of material covering the lower shield shows no dulling of the silver and no smoothing of texture. Additional high points are viewed to help confirm all areas of the coin are uniform in both shine and texture. Look down the center of Liberty for traces of wear.

Extremely Fine Grade

Standing Liberty Quarter Extremely Fine Grade

Extremely Fine: Light wear without removing fine line detail is defining a quarter in Extremely Fine grade. An overall soft-grey tone to the metal indicates luster is worn and a close look identifies small areas of smooth metal.

Fine detail across Liberty's chest is lost and fading. Details of the scarf crossing her mid-section remain although becoming faint.

Notice the neck-line to her gown is complete at the top and fine detail remains.

Fine Grade

Fine Grade Standing Liberty Quarter

Fine Grade: Once many of the small elements to the design are worn and missing, moderate wear defines the Fine grade.

Flatness is covering the center of Liberty. Her chest, mid-section, and right leg show distinct flat areas just beginning to connect. Inspecting the gown at the neck, the separation is very faint or missing in the center. Folds of the gown over the lower shield are clearly worn and merging with the shield.

A clear date is helping eye appeal and placing the condition in a strong Fine grade.

Good Grade

Standing Liberty Quarter in Good Grade

Good Grade: Loss of both fine detail and flatness of major design elements defines the Good grade. Liberty appears as a flat outline. Clear separations of the shield, scarf, and folds to her gown are missing.

Inspecting the neck area, Liberty's gown is worn smooth and there is no neck-line to the gown. Date remains readable, essential to identify the year and mint issue of the coin.

How to Video: Grading Standing Liberty Quarters

Small differences in quality and condition of 1918 quarters are reflected in large changes in value. Explore grading in detail with added images and descriptions.

Video, Images and Descriptions | Grading Standing Liberty Quarters

Step 3: | Special Qualities Enhancing Value

Lasting Standing Liberty Quarter Value

Future value of the Standing Liberty quarter series is promising. Many elements supporting values of coins are found with these old quarters. Popularity leads as a strong factor to both today's values and gives an insight to how they are potentially viewed as time goes on.

Close Up 1918 Standing Liberty Quarter

Popularity requires a certain level of interest by collectors to create demand and then the values they place on coins. Standing Liberty quarters enjoy many lasting qualities.

  • Appealing Design: A full figure of Liberty striding forward as the obverse design is considered one of the best renderings of Liberty on all U.S. coinage. Many collectors agree, demonstrated by their involvement.
  • Welcomed by the Public When Issued: Standing Liberty quarters replaced the Barber coinage currently in circulation. The public embraced the new design change by setting many aside keepsakes.
  • These Quarters are Available: Quantities are adequate of circulated examples and because of affordability, new and beginning collector find the series possible to collect. Rare and key dates trade with frequency yearly, an opportunity for advanced collectors.
  • Historical Time in U.S. History: Involvement in World War I and the expanding economy of the 1920's is within the mintage years of the series. A collection spans a permanent and lasing part of history.

Standing Liberty quarters; a unique and artistic design are also a 90% silver alloy. A precious metal coin in comparison to the non-precious metal quarters of today. They have lasting value in metal content, design, history, and collector demand.


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