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1955 Dime Value

As a collectible, 1955 dime value begins with is silver content. Currently each is worth $2.06 as a start. Silver forms a strong base and collectability adds premiums. Of importance to Roosevelt dimes of the 1950's era is both date/mint variety and condition.

A step-by-step method identifies details to determine where on the chart each is listed.

1955 Roosevelt Dime - Obverse and Reverse

Steps Leading to Value:

  • Step 1: Date and Mintmark Variety - Each date and mint variety is collected as part of a set of dimes. Confirm variety and exact date.
  • Step 2: Grading Condition - A strong factor to value is condition of the coin. Images are used to compare and judge condition and place on chart.
  • Step 3: Special Qualities - Supporting premiums over silver value are collectors assembling sets of these vintage dimes. Certain qualities improve appeal of the coin and demand.
1955 Dime Value
 Condition of Coin
  Roosevelt Dime Values Updated 5/27/2024
1955 $2.06 $2.06 $2.06 $2.54
1955 D $2.06 $2.06 $2.06 $2.54
1955 S $2.06 $2.06 $2.06 $2.54

Following the steps below identifies and separates the 1955 dimes worth silver value from the premium coins sought by collectors.

Step 1: | Date and Mintmark Combinations Identified

Three Mint Varieties of 1955 Dimes to Recognize

Record low mintages, and still affordable is the notable distinction of 1955 dimes. All three mint varieties are part of the lowest mintages of all silver era Roosevelt dimes. Normally struck in huge numbers, only 45 million 1955 dimes were minted.

Important to separate the different mints, each is collected are part of a set.

1955-S Roosevelt Dime

"S" Mintmark on Reverse: San Francisco Mint Struck the Coin

1955-S Roosevelt Dime

1955 Roosevelt dimes minted at San Francisco is the fourth lowest date and mint variety of the silver series. 18,510,000 is the number recorded as struck. Collectors took notice and saved many.

These San Francisco dimes are identified by the "S" mintmark on the reverse. Inspect the base of the torch. A small "S" on the left side is the San Francisco variety.

1955-D Roosevelt Dime

"D" Mintmark on Reverse: Denver Mint Struck the Coin

1955-D Roosevelt Dime

Setting a record as the third lowest date and mint combination is the 1955 Denver variety. Striking 13,959,000 pieces. These are needed to complete date and mint variety sets of dimes. Many were set aside and are available today.

Confirm the Denver variety by the "D" mintmark on the reverse. A small "D" is found on the left side of the torch near the base.

1955 Roosevelt Dime

No Mintmark on Reverse: Philadelphia Mint Struck the Coin

1955 Roosevelt Dime

1955 Roosevelt dimes minted at Philadelphia went on to set the record as lowest mintage of the entire silver era. 12,828,000 is the number recorded as struck, circulation and proof coins.

A large number are available today meeting demand and providing an affordable low mintage coin as part of the Roosevelt series.

Philadelphia did not place mintmarks on coins in the 1950's. On the reverse, at the base of the torch, if the left side is without a mintmark, Philadelphia struck the coin.

Step 2: | Judge Condition by Comparing to Images of Grades

Collectible Grades Define 1955 Dime Value

1955 dimes are closely inspected for quality. Collectors are seeking the best coins to add to collections and judge the condition of each example. Grades are used to define each stage of condition as a coin progresses from new to heavily worn.

Images of grades are used to compare a coin and determine a close match, allowing to assign a grade. Points of interest are described and spot subtle points helping confirm condition.

Use a single light source to bring out small details when viewing your coins.

Mint State Grade

1955 Roosevelt Dime Mint State Grade

Mint State: No wear to the surface defines the Mint State grade. Once a coin becomes worn, luster is diminished and removed, areas of the design become dull, and loss of detail is evident.

A key area to judge condition of Roosevelt dimes is the ear and surrounding hair. Examine the 1955 dime imaged, notice the texture of the metal is consistent over the details of the ear and matches closely the hair above. No smooth areas are found on the raised edges of the ear or smoothing of the hair details. Fine lines remain in the hair and the ear is fully rounded on all details.

Overall, luster is unbroken on the forehead, cheek, and jaw.

Extremely Fine Grade

Roosevelt Dime Extremely Fine Grade

Extremely Fine: A slight amount of wear visible to the high points of design is an Extremely Fine grade dime. Most of the luster that gives the coin its shine is now worn and missing.

Roosevelt's ear is positioned central to the coin and is worn very quickly. The amount of wear to the ear helps indicate the grade of the coin. In the example image, the entire ear is sharply detailed. Upper edges of the ear are clear and inner lines are still visible. Hair surrounding the ear is well defined with most of the fine lines remaining.

Low Circulated Condition Examples

Silver Roosevelt Dimes in Low Circulated Condition

Low Circulated Condition: Value to these old silver Roosevelt dimes is supported by collectors. Crisp and sharp details remaining is the quality in demand. Moderate to heavy wear lowers condition and appeal.

Many small details are part of the design on Roosevelt dimes. Fine lines in the hair, raised and contoured facial features and bold lettering. Once wear has removed the majority of fine details the dime is now considered low condition.

Roosevelt's ear is showing heavy wear. All subtle detail is missing, the outer area of the ear is now flat without any raised edges. A large flat area is defining the hair and once contoured cheek and jaw are now flat and beginning to connect. The example coins are in low circulated condition.

How to Video: Grading Roosevelt Dimes

All silver dimes have a strong base value. Condition is one of the key parts to higher value. A description of subtle points about condition is needed to identify the grade and in-demand collector quality dime.

Video, Images and Descriptions | Grading Roosevelt Dimes

Step 3: | Special Qualities Enhancing Value

Record Setting 1955 Dimes

1955 stands out as a special year by setting low mintage records. Philadelphia mint struck the lowest number of dimes for the entire silver era. Denver is also notable as the lowest production year of the series. San Francisco striking 18.5 million pieces is the second lowest year. Additionally, 1955 is the final year of San Francisco circulation strike issues. In total, 1955 is the record low mintage year of the Roosevelt dime series.

Three Mint Varieties of 1955 Roosevelt Dimes

Headline news added to awareness and desire to obtain 1955 dimes. Production numbers of Philadelphia and Denver combined with the last of the San Francisco dime is a dynamic year of U.S. coinage. A well-received coinage year by collectors with increased demand because of uniqueness.

Value of 1955 dimes is held steady by the numbers saved when first issued. The news of low and ending production was featured in coin collecting journals creating a surge of obtaining an example. Saving large numbers at the time now supplies today's collector with an affordable historic silver dime.

Looking closely at your coins, those with just a touch of light wear or better condition are worth setting aside.

Collectible Roosevelt Dimes

The above are dimes in high condition. Note the lack of distracting marks and pleasing appearance with little to no wear to the surface. Eye appeal is a strong consideration to collectors. With aesthetics in mind, approach your coin with a future collector's point of view.

A nice, fully detailed 1955 dime is suitable as worthy addition to a set of silver era dimes and the special quality always in demand.


U.S. Mint. 1956 U.S. Mint Annual Report

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