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1937 Quarter Value

The 1937 quarter value is $4.68 each, it's the starting value for a coin in "Good" condition.

1937 Quarter Value
1937 Quarter -S- Mintmark

There is a chance it goes even higher. Let's check for mint marks and the condition of your quarter.

Three different minting facilities, Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco, produced Washington quarters in 1937.

The two most valuable and the "keys" to the date are the Denver and San Francisco coins, worth over $20 each in better condition.

These two issues are avidly sought by collectors and premiums are paid by dealers. The "D" or "S" mintmark is found on the reverse.

Now add to this, a better condition coin, and your 1937 quarter is worth considerably more.

Values are listed separately on the coin value chart by date, mintmark and condition.

1937 Quarter Value
 Condition of Coin
  1937 Quarter Value Updated 4/22/2024
1937 $4.68 $4.68 $5.60 $41
1937 D $4.68 $4.68 $21 $74
1937 S $4.68 $4.68 $28 $118

For example, "1937-S" is a Washington quarter minted in 1937 at the San Francisco mint, and prices are given for different stages of wear, known as "Grading." And for a better understanding of Grading, see the section below.

1937 Quarter Value is Conditional

From brand new condition to very worn condition, is reflected in the examples. Line your quarters in a row, judge their state of preservation and assign each a "Grade."

As you proceed handle each coin carefully, keeping in mind, a 1937 quarter is worth more in "Uncirculated" condition.

1937 Quarter Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: Untouched since being minted and no wear on its surfaces, a quarter in this condition is avidly sought by collectors and dealers. Although few survive this nice, inspect yours closely.

Washington Quarter Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: Washington quarters first show signs of wear on the cheek, hair and curls. The detail of the hair begins to merge and a slight diminish to the roundness of the cheeks occurs. Still a very sharp appearing coin.

1937 Quarter Fine Condition

Fine: Wear has begun to take its toll on this quarter. Flattened areas because of wear cover Washington's hair and curls. Although the hair line along the forehead is just visible.

Washington Quarter Good Condition

Good: The portrait of Washington is smooth from circulation, but all essential details remain. The obverse and reverse rims of a 1937 quarter are normally still well defined, but beginning to merge into the lettering.

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Auction Appearance Value Over $2,500

What was described as a Superb Gem 1937-S Washington Quarter sold for $2,588. Heritage Auction Galleries held a sale that made two people happy, the seller for the high price, and the new owner of a condition rarity 1937-S quarter.

A very desirable combination of, a sharp strike, attractive toning, and the stunning preservation of the coin, that deserved such a price. Few on this level remain today and demand such a high 1937 quarter value.

Your 1937 quarter is worth further study. Dealer inventory and rare coin auction descriptions are very informative giving an insight to the value of old coins.