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1963 Quarter Value

$4.90 is the minimum 1963 quarter value. It is the underlining silver price raising the value of your coin to this level.

1963 Quarter Value
1963 Quarter -D- Mintmark

Other elements do contribute to raising the value higher, particularly the condition of your coin and finding the "D" mintmark.

Beginning with the mintmark. Two mints produced Washington quarters in 1963, Philadelphia and Denver. Those minted in Philadelphia are worth a small premium today because of lower mintage totals.

The next challenge is determining the condition of your old quarter. Commonly found with slight wear, check if your coin is in a higher more collectible condition. The adjacent picture is of a nice "Uncirculated" 1963-D quarter and because of the condition sought by collectors. Compare your quarter to the "Grading" images below.

A popular series with collectors and elusive in the higher grades, your 1963 quarter is worth a close examination.

"1963-D" on the coin value chart is a Washington quarter minted in 1963 at the Denver Mint.

1963 Quarter Value
 Condition of Coin
  1963 Quarter Value Updated 6/17/2024
1963 $4.90 $4.90 $4.90 $6.26
1963 D $4.90 $4.90 $4.90 $6.26

The image above the value chart is the reverse side of a Washington quarter, indicating the mintmark location. Judging condition and "Grade" is covered next.

1963 Quarter Value is Conditional

From brand new condition to very worn condition, is reflected in the examples. Line your quarters in a row, judge their state of preservation and assign each a "Grade."

As you proceed handle each coin carefully, keeping in mind, 1963 quarter value is highest for "Uncirculated" coins.

1963 Quarter Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: Untouched since being minted and no wear on its surfaces, a quarter in this condition is avidly sought by collectors and dealers. Admittedly few survive this nice.

1963 Quarter Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: The lightest of wear and abrasion begins to show in the hair and curls over Washington's ear. Minute details have disappeared and mint luster is absent from the neck and cheek. This quarter is worn, but very lightly.

1963 Quarter Fine Condition

Fine: Wear has begun to take its toll on this quarter. Flattened areas of wear cover Washington's hair and curls. Although the hair line along the forehead is visible.

Washington Quarter Good Condition

Good: All the important details show but very flattened by wear. The tops of the letters have begun to merge into the rim. Your 1963 quarter value in this condition is worth the underlying silver bullion value.

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Auction Results for Rare 1963 Quarter

Destined for an outstanding collection a near perfect 1963 Washington quarter crossed the auction block for $598.

DLRC Auctions sold the coin to a buyer of quality Washington quarters.

It is the vibrant blue and gold toning setting on mark free surfaces that puts this particular coin in a value class virtually by itself.

Value of 1963 quarters reached a new high. Examine your old coins and discover how much your 1963 quarter is worth.