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1918 Half Dollar Value

Your 1918 half dollar value is $13.77 but quickly increases if your coin is in better than average condition.

Uncirculated 1918 Half Dollar Value

How well your old Walking Liberty half dollar has survived and the amount of wear evident determines if it is valued as a collectible or by silver content. Commonly found in heavily worn condition at which point the value of a 1918 half dollar rises and falls with the price of silver. However, your coin becomes very desirable to collectors and dealers if considerable detail remains.

The coin pictured is exceptional, one that has never circulated and received any wear to its surfaces, and a silver half dollar valued above $650. Images to compare your coin and judge its condition are further down the page.

Also of importance is the mint that struck your coin, identified by a mintmark used by the various mints. The date, followed by the mintmark and finally, condition determine rare coin values. Discover how much your 1918 half dollar is worth.

1918 half dollars were produced in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco.

The different mints are identified by mintmarks, "D" for the Denver mint and "S" used by the San Francisco mint. Denver mint coins have proven the elusive ones to find, and a nice treasure if yours is the "D" mintmark. Those without a mintmark where struck at Philadelphia. Examine the reverse along the rim at the eight o'clock position, if the mark is present it's small and occupying the space just under the branch.

1918 Half Dollar Value
 Condition of Coin
  1918 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Value Updated 5/27/2024
1918 $13.77 $18.82 $132 $666
1918 D $13.77 $54 $212 $1,190
1918 S $13.77 $18.82 $123 $562

Rare 1918 Half Dollar Value

Stunning in appearance and value. The rare 1918-D Walking Liberty half pictured was bid to a final price of $6,152 at a David Lawrence Rare Coin Auction. Stunning luster, the first impression is enhanced by surfaces free of wear and only a few insignificant abrasions.

Early halves of the Walking Liberty series remaining today are commonly found with extensive wear. Special care is required over the years to preserve coins in high quality gem condition and few of the era received this treatment. Collectors now out number the few surviving gem 1918 halves and the opportunity to add one to their collection demands strong bidding.

A determined collector now owns a prized silver half dollar with a combination of popularity, rarity and strong visual appeal.

Rare 1918 Half Dollar

1918 Half Dollar Value is Conditional

Accurately value your 1918 half dollar by comparing to the grading images and finding the closest match. Values depend on determining your coin's condition, collectors judge old silver half dollars carefully before deciding how much they are worth.

1918 Half Dollar Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: If your coin was put away long ago before any wear from circulation took place it is in "uncirculated" condition and at the top of 1918 half dollar value. Typically toning has begun to cover parts of the coin, but the original luster is unbroken by wear. Examine Liberty's outstretched arm and rear leg, if the luster is missing because of wear, indicating the coin is circulated, these areas appear dull.

1918 Half Dollar Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: Evidence of some wear but remaining bold is a coin in "extremely fine" condition. Showing the greatest amount of design loss is the area through the center of Liberty. Folds in her gown have worn smooth over the area of her leg. Once rounded features, the branches, sun rays and Liberty's face now are flattened slightly from circulation.

1918 Half Dollar Fine Condition

Fine: As the Walking Liberty half circulates a thin unbroken line with complete loss of detail develops extending from Liberty's head to her foot above the date. Such a coin is in "fine" condition. Recognizable are the branches in her arm, and folds in her gown, there is still a depth to Liberty's figure.

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Good Condition

Good: Heavy wear and overall flatness to the coin define the "good" condition. Rims have begun to connect to the tops of the lettering and starting to obscure the date. Areas of "In God We Trust" are becoming faint. The center of Liberty is flat with no details. In this condition the typical 1918 half dollar value is based on silver content.

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Walking Liberty Half Dollar Value Chart

Silver half dollars are collected in a wide range of conditions, from the high priced gems to pleasing circulated examples. The Walking Liberty half dollar series is avidly sought by collectors and rare coin dealers. Judge your coins with grading images and determine condition. Value charts list all date and mintmark combinations leading to an accurate value of your old rare coins.

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