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1945 Half Dollar Value

The minimum 1945 half dollar value is $10.53 and it rises and falls with the price of silver.

Uncirculated 1945 Half Dollar Value

Realize the starting value is for an average circulated half dollar that has wear to its surfaces. Your coin is part of the Walking Liberty series of half dollars and those dated in the 1940's are common compared to earlier dated silver halves.

Your coin is avidly sought by collectors willing to pay high prices for the right coin. And with 1945 half dollars it is the condition of the coin that first determines value.

The coin pictured to the right is an "uncirculated" example. Easily trading in the collecting community for $35 to $45. It is scarce and valuable because no wear is present on its surfaces. An old half dollar bright and fresh as the day of minting.

There is more to silver coin values. Also of importance is the mint that struck your coin, identified by a mintmark used by the various mints. As you examine your coins the key factors are, first, if your coin is in "uncirculated" condition, the price goes up. And second, the value of your 1945 half dollar increases further if minted at the Denver or San Francisco mint.

Listings on the chart separate the value of your old half dollar by the different mints that struck coins.

1945-D is a coin minted in Denver, "S" indicates one minted at the San Francisco mint. Mintmarks placed on the coins were used to identify each mint and are either a small "D" or "S." The Philadelphia mint did not use a mintmark on Walking Liberty half dollars. Examine the reverse in the space close to the rim before "Half Dollar."

1945 Half Dollar Value
 Condition of Coin
  1945 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Value Updated 6/17/2024
1945 $10.53 $13.04 $15.79 $34
1945 D $10.53 $13.04 $15.79 $36
1945 S $10.53 $13.04 $15.79 $46

Colorful 1945 Half Dollar Value

Once a Walking Liberty half dollar is determined as "uncirculated" condition it is now judged for other qualities. Not all uncirculated halves are valued the same, exceptional coins with quality surfaces and no blemishes are valued much higher.

To the right is a 1945 half dollar reaching a price of $214 at a David Lawrence rare coin auction. Exhibiting all the necessary features to place it among the best condition 1945 halves in existence. Brilliant luster surrounded by red and orange toning, fully struck and contact marks so small a magnifying glass is needed to detect.

Serious collectors appreciate coins of this quality and form collections containing coins of this quality only. If your coins are part of a collection assembled years ago and well cared for since, judge each carefully.

Rare 1945 Half Dollar

Better Condition Results in Higher 1945 Half Dollar Value

Collectors strive to add nicer condition halves to their collection and generally fewer of these old silver half dollars survive in better condition. To accurately place a value, each are judged and a "grade" is resolved. Dealers and collectors both use the terms found below. Compare your coin to the images and descriptions, finding the grade and 1945 half dollar value.

1945 Half Dollar Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: A coin without wear is considered as "uncirculated" condition. Viewing you coin under a light, slowly rotate it, the shine and luster is continuous from edge to edge. Circulation renders the tops of the designs dull by removing the delicate luster. Look for this running down the center of Liberty. If you can confirm your 1945 half dollar is uncirculated it is at the high end of value.

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: An old Walking Liberty half dollar in "extremely fine" condition has lost only a small amount of design detail due to wear. The luster of a new coin is gone but the overall look is still well defined and pleasing. Light flattening is visible on Liberty's head, the uppermost folds of her gown and just above the date. Separation of the branches she holds is still complete.

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Fine Condition

Fine: Notable to "fine" condition is the continuous flatness extending from Liberty's head to her foot. And on the reverse is a wide smooth area from the eagle's head along the chest to the leg. On both sides once rounded designs have worn away, there is noticeable flatness to branches and leaves, the sun and its rays, and along the folds in Liberty's gown.

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Good Condition

Good: Heavy wear and overall flatness to the coin define the "good" condition. Rims have begun to connect to the tops of the lettering and starting to obscure the date. Areas of "In God We Trust" are becoming faint. The center of Liberty is flat with no details. In this condition the typical 1945 half dollar value is based on silver content.

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Walking Liberty Half Dollar Value Chart

No surprise here, the large size and stately design insures Walking Liberty half dollars are one of the favorites with collectors. Value chart listing all dates and mintmarks, including more on 1945 half dollar value. Compare your coins to images in the section "how to grade Walking Liberty Halves" and accurately discover how much your old half dollars are worth. Becoming scarce, the early date Walking Liberty half dollars are beginning to break away from today's minimum silver coin value.

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Preparing to Sell Silver Coins

Silver Walking Liberty half dollars are in demand by dealers. These old coins are very liquid in the coin collecting market. There are always buyers interested in purchasing your coins. Receive the highest price by separating the collectable from the bullion priced pieces. For more info see the Sell Silver Coins article.