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1940 Half Dollar Value

The minimum 1940 half dollar value is $12.25 - and it rises and falls with the price of silver.

Uncirculated 1940 Half Dollar Value

How well your old Walking Liberty half dollar has survived and the amount of wear to its surfaces determines if it is valued as a collectible or by silver content. Commonly found in worn condition at which point the value of a 1940 half dollar is based on the price of silver it contains. However, your coin becomes very desirable to collectors and dealers if considerable detail remains.

True premium value is found if your coin has avoided any friction and loss of detail to the high points of its design. A well preserved coin with no wear is described as "uncirculated" the same condition as when newly minted.

Pictured is a very desirable coin. It appears as it did the day it left the mint. Collectors eagerly seek old silver half dollars in this top quality and pay strong prices. Below the value chart are images of coins in different stages of wear to compare and better understand the condition of your old halves.

Two mints produced silver half dollars in 1940 and San Francisco is identified by the mintmark they placed on their coins.

Philadelphia the main mint did not use mintmarks. Check the reverse, close to the rim for the small "S" for San Francisco.

1940 Half Dollar Value
 Condition of Coin
  1940 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Value Updated 7/6/2024
1940 $12.25 $13.87 $16.80 $37
1940 S $12.25 $13.87 $16.80 $73

Superior 1940 Half Dollar Value

Pictured is an example of a coin in superior condition attracting top prices at a David Lawrence rare coin auction. The condition of the coin is rare. 1940 Walking Liberty half dollars are readily available in worn condition and in average uncirculated condition. Seldom in gem condition.

Eye catching radiating luster of exceptionally bright blue-white color is ones first impression. Also of note to collectors is a very strong strike during the minting process rendering the design in bold relief. Add to the superb luster and bold strike the unblemished portrait and fields and it is one of the nicest 1940 half dollars to survive.

Bidding set this 1940 half dollar value at $632 well above other uncirculated 1940 halves. The demand among collectors for the finest is strong in the popular Walking Liberty series. Judge your coins carefully to accurately determine silver coin values.

Rare 1940 Half Dollar

Condition Finds Rare 1940 Half Dollar Value

Once you identify date and mintmark, the condition of your half dollar is the main factor in pricing Walking Liberty halves minted during the 1940's. Collectors and dealers pay high premiums for coins in better than average condition. Each is evaluated and a "grade" is determined. Judging the state of preservation allows you to find an accurate value of your 1940 half dollar from the chart above.

1940 Half Dollar Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: Let's start with "uncirculated" condition, a very desirable and the highest valued condition. As the name implies it's a coin that has never circulated or has never been used, it does not have any wear. Your coin would appear as if freshly minted, although some toning is often present. Examine the highest parts of the surface, down the center of liberty from her head to foot, looking for signs of wear. If the coin has any rubbing the surface becomes dull.

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: Light even wear limited to just the high points of the design is typical of a Walking Liberty half dollar in "extremely fine" condition.

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Fine Condition

Fine: Loss of gown and hand detail down the center of Liberty is a half dollar in "fine" condition. From Liberty's head to her foot is now smooth and distinctly flat in appearance.

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Good Condition

Good: In the heavily worn "good" condition this old silver half dollar depicts Liberty as an outline. From her outreaching arm to her foot all details are now worn smooth, only major folds in the gown are evident. The once protective rim is now touching the tops of some letters and fading into the date. In this condition most 1940 half dollar value is its silver value.

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Walking Liberty Half Dollar Value Chart

Silver half dollars are collected in a wide range of conditions, from the high priced gems to pleasing circulated examples. The Walking Liberty half dollar series is avidly sought by collectors and rare coin dealers. Judge your coins with grading images and determine condition. Value charts list all date and mintmark combinations leading to an accurate value of your old rare coins. Becoming scarce, the early date Walking Liberty half dollars are beginning to break away from today's minimum silver coin value.

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