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1895 Dime Value

1895 dime value spans a large range. A highly valued year because of low mintages and scarce remaining examples. Few have survived and most are heavily worn.

Verify the exact mint variety to accurately place a value. New Orleans issues are scarce in all levels of condition. Close examination spots mint variety and continues with judging condition. Following defined steps, confirms how much these vintage dimes are worth.

1895 Dime - Barber Dime Series - Obverse and Reverse View

Steps Leading to Value:

  • Step 1: Date and Mintmark Variety - With three different mints striking these 1895 dimes, all are scarce, and each valued separately, identify the exact issue.
  • Step 2: Grading Condition - A coin's condition and the amount of design remaining is a deciding factor to collectors when acquiring coins.
  • Step 3: Special Qualities - In today's market, there are just a few high-quality Barber dimes left. Identify the in-demand features that these old coins possess, resulting in their appeal.
1895 Dime Value
 Condition of Coin
Barber Dime Values Updated 7/6/2024
1895 $67 $204 $319 $485
1895 O $352 $870 $2,223 Rare
1895 S $34 $106 $160 $557

Listings on the chart are Wholesale, computed from averages of dealer listings, auction results, and completed sales with mark-up factors figured in. Use as a guide to establish a range.

Step 1: | Date and Mintmark Important to Identified

Narrow Value Range of the Scarce 1895 Dimes

The rare New Orleans mint 1895 dime is a key to the Barber series. Highly valued in all conditions, it is an important issue to identify. Mintmarks are part of U.S. coinage used to indicate the mint striking the coin. Branch mints during the series typically struck fewer numbers of coins than the main mint Philadelphia.

Small letters served as mintmarks. These are imaged with their locations on the field of the coin to recognize the different varieties of the year. All 1895 Barber dimes are scarce to rare with high premiums and strong collector demand. Mintmarks narrow the range on the value chart.

1895-S Barber Dime

"S" Mintmark on Reverse: San Francisco Mint Struck the Coin

1895-S Barber Dime

1895 dimes struck at the San Francisco mint are becoming a highly sought coin. Demand by collectors has placed a large premium on examples in all levels of preservation. Confirming and recording both date and mint variety is needed to find its place on the value chart.

All San Francisco dimes of the Barber series are identified by a "S" mintmark on the reverse. At the bottom of the coin, just above the rim, the "S" mintmark is the San Francisco variety.

1895-O Barber Dime

"O" Mintmark on Reverse: New Orleans Mint Struck the Coin

O Mintmark Barber Dime

The mid-years of the 1890's decade saw very low production of dimes from the New Orleans mint. In particular, 1895 dimes are recorded as the lowest mintage year of the series. Just 440,000 dimes produced, and assures notice by collectors. These elusive coins have become a key to the series and are highly valued in all stages of preservation. Important is grading condition in Step 2.

Accurately identify the New Orleans 1895 dime by the large "O" mintmark found on the reverse. Below the bow and just above the rim, a large "O" mark confirms New Orleans struck the coin.

1895 Barber Dime

No Mintmark on Reverse: Philadelphia Mint Struck the Coin

Philadelphia Mint Barber Dime

1895 Philadelphia dimes are a scarce and key issue of the entire Barber series. Correctly identifying the variety finds a highly sought collectible. Philadelphia struck the fewest number of dimes during the entire series in 1895, just 690,000. With well under one million minted and the status of lowest of the series by the Philadelphia mint, it has become a noted key to the series.

Closely inspecting the reverse identifies the valued issue. Looking along the lower rim, just below the bow, and between the ribbon ends, if the space is empty, Philadelphia struck the dime.

Step 2: | Grade Condition to Find Accurate 1895 Dime Value

High Condition Leads to High Value

When evaluating 1895 dimes, a close examination is necessary to judge condition and identify an accurate quality. Many examples remaining today of these early Barber dimes are in very poor condition. Finding key elements visible in the design spots an above average example.

In the grading process, surface condition is matched to images and descriptions of different grades.

Mint State Grade

Barber Dime Mint State Grade

Mint State: A top end Barber dime collection includes many coins in Mint State condition. As a result of no wear to the surface, these coins display complete and intact design elements. Their quality is further heightened by a shine of luster, indicating mint state grade.

The striking process imparts luster, which is a delicate texture of metal that forms as metal moves over and into recesses of the dies. When worn, the fine texture is quickly smoothed. Check the luster on Liberty's cheek confirming it covers the entire area. Comparing the neck, another delicate area, to the cheek, both have a lustrous sheen. If worn, the silver becomes dull, loses its luster, and typically changes color to a soft grey on the highest points.

Lustrous shine also remains on the high relief portions of mint state dimes. Closely examine Liberty's prominent brow. Metal along the high contour of the brow remains brilliant, with no dulling or smoothing.

Tilting a mint state coin under a light displays bright bands of luster flowing across its surface. These are exceptional coins with a high value.

Extremely Fine Grade

Barber Dime Extremely Fine Grade

Extremely Fine: A Barber dime in Extremely Fine condition is defined by light wear appearing only on the highest points. Small, high relief details remaining visible are important in determining the grade.

Coins with just a light amount of circulation wear are appealing to collectors. These are a great place to start when putting together collection of the series. A high-quality dime must have fine details that are both visible and distinct. Within Liberty's hair is a ribbon displaying the letters "Liberty". In order to achieve the Extremely Fine grade, both the top and bottom edges of the ribbon remain visible. Only minimal wear is shown by the ribbon's strong, defined edges.

The overall appearance of the silver is now a soft grey color tone. Light wear on the surface has removed the original bright luster. Looking closely, a thin curl of hair in front of the ear is plainly visible. This minor detail wears quickly and, when visible, identifies the coin's excellent collector grade.

When looking at the entire coin, the design has a clear, detailed "look." Confined to just the high points, small patches of wear are discernible, while the coin's fields are lightly worn and have a slightly smooth texture.

Fine Grade

Fine Grade Barber Dime

Fine Grade: A Barber dime in Fine condition is one that has had some wear but still shows many small and prominent details. These coins initially appear to be worn, however when judged closely, a majority of the principal design survives.

The leaves of the Laurel wreath display plenty of detail, and the design of Liberty's hair over the forehead is clear on a quality condition coin. Identify, all upward-pointing leaves are fully outlined and well-defined. Although the lower leaves are blending with the hair, a few minor details separate the leaves and hair.

A distinguishing feature of the Fine grade is that all letters of the word "Liberty" are visible on the ribbon within the headband. This lettering detail is frequently weak, with some letters only partially visible, notably the "ER". A dime with bold, clear lettering is a choice Fine grade coin.

Next, examine Liberty's ear; it has developed noticeable flatness as a result of wear. Importantly, enough detail remains to recognize the ear from the cheek. A somewhat worn coin with a defined ear, merging only at the top with the hair, qualifies for the collectible fine grade.

Good Grade

Barber Dime in Good Grade

Good Grade: Barber dimes in good condition have been widely circulated and have only a few design features left. Importantly, a strong outline of the design remains, with a few, faded central details.

The design of the Barber series is notable for its distinctly raised portrait of Liberty. All of the small details have worn away, but there is still a good outline of the portrait. Having the portrait well raised from the field, with no areas of blending, adds to the grade.

Eye appeal is enhanced by the presence of a prominent date, and all letters along the rim are full and separate. The absence of any blending with the rim confirms the grade. Despite the amount of wear, a good condition Barber dime shows no widespread fading into the fields of the portrait and letters. Although the overall impression is worn, it is not "worn out."

How to Video: Grading Barber Dimes

Increased accuracy in assessing conditions and identifying higher-quality dimes. Small details are examined in detail.

Video, Images and Descriptions | Grading Barber Dimes

Step 3: | Special Qualities of a Scarce Year

In High Demand all 1895 Barber Dimes are Valuable

Three separate coins are part of the special 1895 year in the Barber dime series. All represent scarce varieties and very high values.

The early era of Barber dimes, those minted 1892 to 1899 feature many high demand and scarce dimes throughout these years. Setting 1895 just above other years is all three varieties are very difficult to obtain in all states of preservation.

Worn and Valuable Barber Dimes

Philadelphia issue 1895 dimes are noted as the lowest mintage year of the mint and all are important to collectors. Values are strong.

San Francisco minted over 1.1 million 1895 dimes, however the numbers remaining today are scarce and these are proving difficult to find in nice pleasing condition.

New Orleans issue 1895 dimes are a standout key to the series. Many levels of demand are placing extreme pressure on the scarce remaining numbers. Date and mint collectors represent a large number of collectors pursuing the variety. Add in the dedicated theme collectors specializing in New Orleans issue coinage and an increase in demand develops. Next, a strong demand is created by the very serious collectors specializing in only the rare issues of coin series. Collectors developing sets of just the very rare varieties. A huge demand is focused on the 1895-O Barber dime.

Historical importance of very low mintages, early era of the Barber series, and focused demand on key issues combine as strong special qualities of any 1895 dime in all conditions.


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