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1915 Nickel Value

High 1915 nickel value shows the popularity of these old coins. Buffalo nickels are in demand.

Uncirculated 1915 Nickel Value

The appeal of the series and the large numbers of collectors assembling collections has driven values up. Certain date and mintmark combinations are especially elusive.

1915 nickel value is very strong for the branch mints of this year. The "D" and "S" mint Buffalo's are scarce.

The Philadelphia mint coin, although less in value is still a respectable $4 in circulated condition. The reality is all early Buffalo nickels are worth significant premiums.

Also consider the condition of your coins. The "Uncirculated" 1915 nickel pictured is highly prized by rare coin dealers because of condition.

Huge swings in value follow the better condition coins. There are "Grading" images below to help guide through this part of determining value.

The date, the mint that struck the coin, and very important- the condition. This combination uncovers how much your buffalo nickel is worth.

1915 S Mintmark Location

The small "S" located on the reverse indicates the coin was minted in San Francisco. The next in value is the Denver mint coin identified by a "D". And third place in value, the Philadelphia mint, did not use a mintmark.

Of the three mints that produced Buffalo nickels, the 1915 "S" is the one you are hoping to find.

1915 Nickel Value
 Condition of Coin
  1915 Nickel Value Updated 2024
1915 $4.12 $6.93 $16 $55
1915 D $15 $29 $64 $136
1915 S $30 $46 $189 $573

1915 Nickel Value of the Survivors

1915 nickel value is a balance between the numbers of collectors seeking the coin and the number of surviving pieces. Lets see how this balance of value is achieved by using the 1915-S, the San Francisco coin as an example.

Today's very high value of an "uncirculated" example and also the high value of the coin in "Good" condition indicates there are plenty of collectors searching for a relatively small number of survivors. Mint records show 1,505,000 produced, the fifth smallest mintage of the entire series.

Relying on mintage totals, the 1915-S has been considered a scarce coin since early on. Today more data is available. In 1985 two independent grading and authentication services began, NGC and PCGS. Instantly excepted by dealers and collectors, they grade and encapsulate your coins.

With the introduction of grading services came tracking the number of certified coins as to each date, mintmark, and condition. Although it is safe to say not all surviving nickels have been submitted to a grading service, and thus counted. However, in comparison to the totals of other dates, the 1915-S is indeed proving itself a scarce coin.

The numbers show less than 1000 have been certified in the "Uncirculated" grade. An amount that astute collectors and dealers have understood for a long time. And proving Buffalo Nickels are a popular series with a large interest all searching for a relatively small number of valuable 1915-S survivors.

Buffalo Nickel Value is Conditional

After determining the date and mintmark of your coin, the next step is judging its condition. It is not something to rush through, the difference in value from one grade to the next is often large.

1915 Nickel Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: A Buffalo nickel in this condition is in the top grade in both desirability and value. The coin was never used in circulation. Retaining its original surfaces with no signs of wear, and still bright with mint luster. The points of possible contact and the first to show friction are the Indian's cheek just under the eye and the hip of the buffalo.

1915 Nickel Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: This coin shows evidence of use and was collected from circulation before to much wear took place. A nice coin with abundant detail, although the hair braid is reduced and shows some loss of detail.

1915 Nickel Fine Condition

Fine: In this condition your coin is still valued and collected. Moderate, even wear over the entire surface is accepted. All the major design elements are visible. The buffalo is smooth on small portions of the head, front shoulder and hip. On the Indian, the hair just above the braid shows little detail.

Buffalo Nickel Good Condition

Good: Buffalo nickels have such a bold design that even in Good condition they are pleasing. The rim however has begun to touch the tops of the lettering on both the obverse and reverse and the date is faint but readable.

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