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1931 Nickel Value

Today the 1931 nickel value begins at $10. The price is for a heavily worn coin, in what is known as "Good" condition.

Uncirculated 1931 Nickel Value

With a high minimum value it is an exciting find. And the value has the potential to rise even higher. You have found a scarce old Buffalo nickel, very popular with collectors and dealers.

A unique year for nickels, the 1931 was minted only in San Francisco and in small quantities. It is one of those "must have" dates to a collector.

And just to make it interesting, the condition of your coin further affects value. Place added emphasis on your efforts when judging condition. It is here you discover greater 1931 nickel value. Grading the condition of coins is covered in more detail below.

Starting with the value chart, let's go through these variables and discover how much your 1931 nickel is worth.

1931 Nickel S Mintmark Location

1931 nickel value is listed in four grading categories.

All 1931 nickels have the "S" mintmark on the reverse under the buffalo, indicating the San Francisco mint.

1931 Nickel Value
 Condition of Coin
  1931 Nickel Value Updated 2024
1931 S $10 $12 $26 $55

Why the 1931-S Nickel is so Valuable

As a date, the only example of a 1931 Buffalo nickel is the San Francisco coin. None were minted at Philadelphia or the Denver mint. To complete a nickel collection, either a yearly date collection or a date and mintmark set, all require a 1931-S.

Also, it is a genuinely scarce coin. With the second lowest mintage of the series, 1.2 million minted, it is sought by a huge collector base. Today's high value is always pressured upward by relentless demand.

1931 nickel value is strong and stable, the result of being a popular elusive date within a very popular series. Making a valuable discovery in your box of old coins, you are in a position to receive a high price if selling coins or keep it as a fortunate and rare fine.

Higher 1931 Nickel Value Depends on Condition

The next part of your value investigation is judging the condition of your buffalo nickel and determine its grade. As seen in the chart a difference in "Grade" produces a large swing in the 1931 nickel value.

Collectors and dealers judge the condition of old buffalo nickels very carefully. They are seeking the best preserved coins for either their collections or their customers. The system evaluates the coin and determines a Grade allowing for an agreeable value.

1931 Nickel Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: The ultimate grade to a collector. A nickel in this condition shows absolutely no evidence of wear, it appears brand new. Mint luster covers the entire surface of the coin.

Examine the high points of the Indian's cheek and front leg and hip of the buffalo for a dulling of luster, indicating wear.

1931 Nickel Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: Wear begins to show as a distinct absence of the original luster. The braid in the hair as well as the cheek of the Indian has flattened with loss of detail. Still sharp looking your coins is highly collectible in this grade.

Buffalo Nickel Fine Condition

Fine: Also a collectible grade for a 1931 nickel, the coin has a pleasing but worn appearance. A full bold date with legends separated from the rims, increases this grade from a lesser one. Design details are visible on both the Buffalo and Indian.

Buffalo Nickel Good Condition

Good: Buffalo nickels have such a bold design that even in Good condition they are pleasing. The rim however has begun to touch the tops of the lettering on both the obverse and reverse and the date is faint but readable.

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