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1925 Nickel Value

The 1925 nickel value ranges from $1.80 for a well circulated coin to over $525 for the rare 1925-S Buffalo nickel in "Uncirculated" condition.

Uncirculated 1925 Nickel Value

This date buffalo nickel is rather elusive, any you find has good value. Also, these old nickels were minted at three different locations, each valued separately, with the San Francisco mint coin as the standout piece.

Next, condition plays a huge role in the 1925 nickel value. Examine each of your coins carefully, the amount of wear or lack of it determines how much it is worth.

The nickel pictured is a very nice "uncirculated" example and is eagerly sought by collectors and rare coin dealers who are willing to pay a premium.

With a high starting value the 1925 Buffalo nickel is a nice little treasure to find in your box of old coins.

The chart separates values according Condition and the Mint that produced the coin.

1925 Nickel D Mintmark Location

A listing of "1925-S" is a coin minted in San Francisco, they used an "S" as a mark. A "D" is the mintmark used by the Denver mint. These two mints placed their mintmark on the reverse below the buffalo. The third mint to strike Buffalo nickels, Philadelphia, did not use a mintmark.

1925 Nickel Value
 Condition of Coin
  1925 Nickel Value Updated 2024
1925 $1.79 $4.64 $15 $44
1925 D $10 $28 $106 $317
1925 S $4.77 $16 $170 $525

How Much is Your Box of Old Coins Worth?

Trying to value your old coins may seem like a big challenge, but there are step by step ways to break it up into manageable stages.

Date and Mintmark: A good way to start the valuation process is separating your coins by series, buffalo nickels from Lincoln pennies and so on. Now with a date and mintmark chart begin to further divide common date and mintmark combinations from the higher value ones.

Rare Varieties: Include in your hunt special care to identifying higher value rare varieties. For example in the Buffalo nickel series are two popular varieties, the 1918 over 17 and the very popular three Legged 1937-D. Many more are found in other series and listed in the value charts.

Condition: Evaluating your coins and judging their condition is next and takes a fair amount of examination to accomplish. However it is well worth the effort. Many moderately scarce date and mintmark buffalo nickels quickly become rare, valuable and collectible coins when found in a higher grade.

By following this process your box of old coins becomes a manageable group to value. The less expensive coins are easily separated from those needing further study and an accurate picture of overall value begins to emerge.

Condition Determines 1925 Nickel Value

Of the many variables considered as you value your old nickel, accurate "grading" its condition is one of the more challenging. Compare your coins to the images, and with a little study, it is possible to identify those in the valuable, higher grades.

1925 Nickel Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: This grade is reserved for a coin that never entered circulation. No wear is evident on its surfaces. Buffalo nickels in this condition do not show friction from use on the high points of the Indian's cheek and on the reverse, check the top of the Buffalo's head for any signs of wear.

1925 Nickel Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: Slight reduction of details are noticeable. Design high points showing worn effects are the feathers, braid and hair on the obverse. Continue your examination on the reverse along the upper back of the buffalo. The separation of finer fur details is incomplete.

1925 Nickel Fine Condition

Fine: Also a collectable grade for a 1925 nickel, the coin has a pleasing but worn appearance. A full bold date with legends separated from the rims, increases this grade from a lesser one. Design details are visible on both the Buffalo and Indian.

Buffalo Nickel Good Condition

Good: A well worn coin defines this example. The date is readable although a merging of numbers is typical. Further wear of the rim, merges it into the lettering of the legends. Only major details of design remain on the obverse and reverse, producing a distinct flattening of appearance.

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