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1918 Nickel Value

The minimum 1918 nickel value is in a narrow $3.60 to $6 range. A good start and nice value, however with a closer look it's possible your Buffalo nickel is worth more.

Uncirculated 1918 Nickel Value

The 1918 date is of special interest to collectors because of the possibility of finding a rare over date. Additionally, mintmarks and higher condition also increase value. Upon close examination...

  • Worth two and three times more than Philadelphia minted nickels are the branch mint coins.
  • Next considering condition, your 1918 nickel value can easily rise into a $18 to $25 range if in nice condition... and even higher. The "uncirculated" 1918 nickel pictured is worth over $130, outstanding condition merits the strong price.
  • 1918 nickels are also known for the rare 18 over 17 date variety, discovered on some Denver minted coins. The bold and visually stunning error is in strong demand and the high $490 or higher value reflects its popularity.
1918 Nickel D Mintmark Location

The 1918 "S" listing is a coin minted in San Francisco, the "D" indicates Denver, and no mintmark was used by the Philadelphia mint.

Find mintmarks on the reverse below the mound along the rim. The four grade categories highlight values of better condition nickels. Also, how to identify the rare over date is covered in detail below.

1918 Nickel Value
 Condition of Coin
  1918 Nickel Value Updated 2024
1918 $3.68 $5.85 $19 $135
1918/17 D $491 $1,265 RARE RARE
1918 D $17 $46 $134 $329
1918 S $13 $41 $113 $661

1918/17 - D Valuable Over Date Buffalo Nickel

Obvious and easily detectible even on a heavily worn coin, this over date error is considered a necessary addition to any serious Buffalo nickel collection.

The rarity of the over date and strong demand from both dealers and collectors has pushed the value of a nice example to over $2000.

When viewed side by side the over date is clear. Notice the "squaring" of the 8, caused by the sharp upper corner of the 7 Also, the 7 has caused partial filling of the top and bottom, normally round centers of the 8.

With the aid of a magnifying glass, locating the D mintmark, judging condition and always the possibility of identifying additional rarity combines to make any 1918 Buffalo nickel an exciting coin to evaluate.

1918/17 Nickel Over Date

Condition is Important to 1918 Nickel Value

As you sort through these old nickels, separate nicer quality ones from the rest and compare them to the "Grading" images. Judging their condition accurately identifies coins with potentially higher value.

1918 Nickel Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: A sharp coin, appearing brand new. Collectors strive to own these rare coins. The uncirculated grade describes a nickel with no wear from use. As you rotate the coin under a light, wear would appear as breaks in luster, evident just below the eye of the Indian.

1918 Nickel Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: Slight reduction of details are noticeable. Design high points showing worn effects are the feathers, braid and hair on the obverse. Continue your examination on the reverse along the upper back of the buffalo. The separation of finer fur details is incomplete.

1918 Nickel Fine Condition

Fine: Once well rounded features are flattened in appearance. Places to study are the Indian's eyebrow, chin, and hair above the braid. Smooth spots have been created on the Buffalo's upper and lower legs, head and body, although a separation from one area to the next remains.

1918 Nickel Good Condition

Good: The top edges of the lettering next to the rim have joined and blurred the distinction, noticeable on both obverse and reverse. Also defining the grade are extensive flat areas of the head, shoulder and hip across the Buffalo.

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