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1919 Nickel Value

Your 1919 nickel value is part of the higher priced early dates. A well circulated 1919 Buffalo nickel is worth close to $1.90.

Uncirculated 1919 Nickel Value

The branch mint issue 1919 buffalo nickels are rather elusive, any you find has good value. These old nickels were minted at three different locations, each valued separately, with the Denver mint coin as the standout piece.

Next, how much wear and abuse your coin has endured plays an important role in the 1919 nickel value. Examine each carefully, how well the coin has survived determines how much it is worth.

The "uncirculated" example pictured and is high on the want lists of collectors and rare coin dealers.

With a respectable starting value the 1919 Buffalo nickel is a nice little treasure to find in your box of old coins.

1919 Nickel D Mintmark Location

Buffalo nickels in 1919 were produced by three mints.

Mintmarks placed on the reverse of the coins identify the mint of origin. The value chart separates the listings of "S" for San Francisco and "D" for Denver. No mintmark indicates the main mint in Philadelphia.

1919 Nickel Value
 Condition of Coin
  1919 Nickel Value Updated 2024
1919 $1.93 $3.79 $11 $56
1919 D $16 $52 $160 $669
1919 S $10 $37 $179 $509

Selling Coins for High Value

Key to receiving the best price when selling coins is your research and preparation towards understanding an accurate value of your coins.

Take your time. The long term trend of prices is up, Buffalo nickels are very popular with large collector interest and strong demand.

Other highly collectible, and possibly in your box of old coins, are Lincoln pennies, especially the early years through the 1930's. Also Indian cents, Mercury dimes, Walking Liberty and Franklin Halves. Any US quarter minted before 1965 is made of silver and valuable.

Examine all, comparing them to the different value charts for each series and you can quickly spot valuable date and mintmark combinations.

Next, it does take a little time reviewing the "Grading Images" but the difference in value because of condition is often surprising. It is this combination of judging condition and value charts that leads to an accurate value.

Prepare well and you avoid under valuing truly rare coins and can now sell with a solid expectation of price.

1919 Buffalo Nickel Value is Conditional

To complete your value investigation is judging the condition of your buffalo nickel and determine its grade.

As highlighted by the chart a difference in "Grade" produces a large swing in the 1919 nickel value.

1919 Nickel Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: A Buffalo nickel in this condition is in the top grade in both desirability and value. The coin was never used in circulation. Retaining its original surfaces with no signs of wear, and still bright with mint luster. The points of possible contact and the first to show friction are the Indian's cheek just under the eye and the hip of the buffalo.

1919 Nickel Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: Wear begins to show as a distinct absence of the original luster. The braid in the hair as well as the cheek of the Indian has flattened with loss of detail. Still sharp looking your coins is highly collectible in this grade.

1919 Nickel Fine Condition

Fine: Also a collectable grade for a 1919 nickel, the coin has a pleasing but worn appearance. A full bold date with legends separated from the rims, increases this grade from a lesser one. Design details are visible on both the Buffalo and Indian.

Buffalo Nickel Good Condition

Good: The bold design is still evident on a nickel in this condition. It is the appealing trait of the series. The date and rims are the clues to the grade, rims worn into the legends and an almost smooth date are what keep this coin from a higher grade.

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