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1920 Nickel Value

High 1920 nickel value shows the popularity of these old coins. Buffalo nickels are in demand.

Uncirculated 1920 Nickel Value

This date buffalo nickel is a nice early collectible year, any you find has good value. Also, these old nickels were minted at three different locations, each valued separately, with the Denver mint coin as the standout piece.

The Philadelphia mint coin, although less in value than the mintmark issues is still a respectable $1 or more in circulated condition. The reality is all early Buffalo nickels are worth significant premiums.

Also consider the condition of your coins. The "Uncirculated" 1920 nickel pictured is highly prized by rare coin dealers because of condition. Huge swings in value follow the better condition coins. There are "Grading" images below to help guide through this part of determining value.

The date, the mint that struck the coin, and very important- the condition. This combination uncovers how much your buffalo nickel is worth.

1920 Nickel D Mintmark Location

The chart separates values according condition and the Mints that produced the coin.

A listing of "1920 D" is a coin minted in Denver, they used a "D" as a mark. An "S" is the mintmark used by the San Francisco mint. These two mints placed their mintmark on the reverse below the buffalo. The third mint to strike Buffalo nickels, Philadelphia, did not use a mintmark.

1920 Nickel Value
 Condition of Coin
  1920 Nickel Value Updated 2024
1920 $1.80 $2.60 $11 $65
1920 D $9.10 $29 $124 $494
1920 S $5 $19 $115 $527

Finding the Best Coin Buyers

Buffalo nickels are highly sought by collectors and dealers, providing many buyers of your coins. And there are many possible ways to accomplish a sale.

Buyers of old coins are found through searching online, consigning to rare coin auctions, visiting local dealers. Also ads in numismatic periodicals and visiting coin shows.

Coin buyers have their specialties, among the many types of dealers, some buy everything from low to high value, other dealers buy selectively to service their collector clients. Sill others deal mainly in high value rarities.

Step one is determining how much your coins are worth. Next matching them to a dealer active in that market. Most dealers carry a wide inventory and are good potential buyers for the majority of coins. If you find some coins are very special, expensive rarities, or high end gold coins, finding a specialist is important.

Selling Coins describes the different types of markets, and the type of coins to match each market. Extra effort for sure, but finding the best coin buyers yields the best results.

Condition Determines 1920 Nickel Value

Collectors and dealers judge the condition of old buffalo nickels very carefully. They are seeking the best preserved coins for either their collections or their customers. The system evaluates the coin and determines a Grade allowing for an agreeable value.

1920 Nickel Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: A Buffalo nickel in this condition is in the top grade in both desirability and 1920 nickel value. The coin was never used in circulation. Retaining its original surfaces with no signs of wear, and still bright with mint luster. The points of possible contact and the first to show friction are the Indian's cheek just under the eye and the hip of the buffalo.

1920 Nickel Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: As a coin circulates friction begins to show as a slight loss of detail on the hair braid of the Indian and upper front leg of the Buffalo. Although wear is noticeable your nickel still appears sharp and crisp, and a desirable coin.

Buffalo Nickel Fine Condition

Fine: Once well rounded features are flattened in appearance. Places to study are the Indian's eyebrow, chin, and hair above the braid. Smooth spots have been created on the Buffalo's upper and lower legs, head and body, although a separation from one area to the next remains.

1920 Nickel Good Condition

Good: Buffalo nickels have such a bold design that even in Good condition they are pleasing. The rim however has begun to touch the tops of the lettering on both the obverse and reverse and the date is faint but readable.

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