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1937 Nickel Value

Today the 1937 nickel value begins at $.70 cents each. The price is for a heavily worn coin, in what is known as "Good" condition.

Uncirculated 1937 Nickel Value

However, the 1937 nickel is famous because of an interesting and rare variety where the buffalo has only three legs. Find below a description and close up view to help identify this valuable coin.

Two more important elements change how much your buffalo nickel is worth. First mintmarks, they indicate the mint that produced the coin and are valued separately.

Secondly, consider the condition of your coins. The "Uncirculated" 1937 nickel pictured is highly prized by rare coin dealers and collectors because of condition. Huge swings in value follow the better condition coins.

An exciting year with many variables, such as date, mintmarks and the elusive 3 Legged variety contributing to 1937 nickel value.

1937 Nickel D Mintmark Location

The chart separates values according Condition and the Mints that produced the coin.

A listing of "1937-D" is a coin minted in Denver, they used a "D" as a mark.

An "S" is the mintmark used by the San Francisco mint. These two mints placed their mintmark on the reverse below the buffalo. The third mint to strike Buffalo nickels, Philadelphia, did not use a mintmark.

1937 Nickel Value
 Condition of Coin
  1937 Nickel Value Updated 2024
1937 $0.74 $1.04 $2.97 $17
1937 D $0.67 $1.30 $3.03 $19
1937 D 3 Leg $255 $361 $618 $1,666
1937 S $0.69 $1.34 $3.75 $20

Finding the 1937-D 3 Legged Buffalo Nickel

Notice the right front leg of the buffalo is missing!

A very distinctive mint made error once you have seen it, the 3 Legged Buffalo variety is popular with collectors and considered necessary to complete a collection. These are two powerful forces driving the value of the 1937-D 3 Leg Buffalo nickel.

The 3 Legged variety is found on nickels minted at the Denver mint. Locate the "D" mintmark, identifying the mint, below the buffalo under the "Five Cents."

Excessive die polishing is believed as the reason too much metal was removed causing the buffalo's leg to vanish. Before the mint realized the error a few thousand had been released into circulation.

Back in the day many of these now valuable nickels circulated freely, the result is 3 legged buffalo nickels are found today showing all degrees of wear. They can turn up in any box of old coins.

1937-D 3 Legged Buffalo Nickel

In the later years of the buffalo nickel series greater numbers of coins were saved, both from circulation and new from the banks. With many to choose from and many in better condition, collectors favor the high grade buffalos. It takes a very nice coin to break away from being worth a dollar.

Condition Determines 1937 Nickel Value

1937 Nickel Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated: A 1937 buffalo nickel in this condition stands out as a superior coin. It never circulated, therefore its surfaces show no signs of wear. Handle coins in Uncirculated condition by their edges to preserve their surfaces. Rotate the coin under a light, examine the cheek of the Indian and upper back of the buffalo for signs of wear, appearing as dullness on the high spots.

1937 Nickel Extremely Fine Condition

Extremely Fine: This coin shows evidence of use but was collected from circulation before to much wear took place. A nice looking coin with abundant detail, although the hair braid is reduced and shows some loss of detail, and on the reverse the small details along the buffalo's back have begun to wear.

1937 Nickel Fine Condition

Fine: Additional wear has reduced the major details and eliminated the finer points of design. Obvious loss of sharpness and an overall smoothness is evident on the entire surface of the coin.

Buffalo Nickel Good Condition

Good: The date is readable, however parts of the numbers are often merged. The rim is no longer separated from the tops of the letters. The roundness of the design to the buffalo has become flat on the hip, stomach, shoulder and head. This coin is at the low side of 1937 nickel value.

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